Higher Density Living

Reflecting on Life and Ra with Guest Scott McCaig

Welcome back to Higher  Density Living. This is the first featured episode with Alexander McCaig and featuring a very special guest, Scott McCaig, the father of HDL’s co-host Alexander McCaig.  This episode features an eclectic discussion about the worldviews of Scott, his personal experiences in life, and knowledge sharing about the hidden information of the […]

Cosmic Insights and Practical Reflections in Life

Welcome back to Higher  Density Living.  This is the first major collaborative episode with Mark Snider from Ohio Exopolitics podcast, and Alexander McCaig of Higher Density Living as they break boundaries beyond the contextual understanding of the Billy Meier material vast content and topics.  In this episode, Mark and Alexander dive into the harsh and […]

Are You Meditating WRONG? The Surprising Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results!

Welcome back to Higher  Density Living. In this episode, Alexander and Jason discuss the essence of meditation. This episode underscores the enduring importance of meditating internal growth and learning, which persist regardless of external outcomes. Regardless on the setbacks in the external, internal progress contributes significantly to personal development and resilience. The statement delves into the profound […]

Hidden Agenda? Stanford’s Top Secret Research EXPOSED

This is the third episode on the discussion of Alexander’s thesis on the Non-Locality of the Mind. In this episode, we shift our focus towards Stanford’s most peculiar and prestigious psychological research, a deep learning towards the inner working of our minds. The extensive research conducted by the Stanford Research Institute between 1972 and 1992. […]

Analyzing Existence: Alexander McCaig’s Guide to Your Holographic Mind!

We welcome the Ohio Exopolitics podcast host Mark Snider with Higher Density Living co-host, Alexander Ramsey McCaig, the contemporary expert in the Billy Meier material. This joint episode re-captures an in-depth discussion of the holographic mind.  In the Age of Aquarius, the complex concept of love has its direct relation to neutrality. Love encompasses various […]