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The Quantum Mind: Exploring Non-Locality in Consciousness!

It’s evident that we’ve often overlooked crucial details or misrepresented facts. It’s frustrating to realize our errors, but it’s essential to acknowledge them. When others call attention to these mistakes, it’s a wake-up call that our understanding is flawed. We can’t expect to build meaningful relationships if we fail to recognize our shortcomings and make […]

Woke to Awakened: Cory Katuna’s Guide to Breaking Free

Cory Katuna is a vibrant and influential figure in the world of personal development and spiritual growth. As an IPC-trained professional coach and the co-founder of The Light Touch, Cory has dedicated her career to facilitating transformative experiences. Through her work, she offers a range of impactful mentorships, retreats, and workshops, including the popular Breakthrough […]

Cracking the Orgone Code: Insights Into the Ancient Energy Concept

This episode revisits the orgone energy as tackled in previous episode of Higher Density Living. We welcome a special guest, Isaac Layzell is a recurring subject matter expert regarding the Orgone Energy.  The subject of Orgone energy, along with its discussions and associated content, is frequently relegated to the back burner. This episode endeavors to […]

Analyzing Existence: Alexander McCaig’s Guide to Your Holographic Mind!

We welcome the Ohio Exopolitics podcast host Mark Snider with Higher Density Living co-host, Alexander Ramsey McCaig, the contemporary expert in the Billy Meier material. This joint episode re-captures an in-depth discussion of the holographic mind.  In the Age of Aquarius, the complex concept of love has its direct relation to neutrality. Love encompasses various […]

Unmasking Your Shadow: Healing Archetypal Wounds with Greg Schmaus

Welcome back to Higher Density Living! Joining us today is Greg Schmaus, CEO of Healing 4D and a versatile wellness expert. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Shamanic Energy Healer, and Licensed Massage Therapist, Greg has developed “Healing the Mind,” a holistic 21-day mental health program. Greg’s unique approach blends physical and mental health, guiding individuals […]