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Are You Falling for Stupid Spirituality? Part 1

Stupid Spirituality

Have you ever fallen into the trap of ‘Stupid Spirituality’? In this episode of Higher Density Living, we examine the pretentious and overtly misunderstood views on the practice of occultism, disguised under the image of spirituality. This practical ‘mindset’ can be magnified through plain ignorance, mindless bashing, and criticism among pseudo-intellectuals in the spiritual community. […]

Exploring the Law of One on Service to Self vs Service to Others

Service to Self and Service to Others

In this episode, Alexander and Jason discuss self ascension. Ascending beyond the self requires the recognition that one’s individual identity is not separate from the whole. The Law of One teaches that the ultimate goal of spiritual evolution is to merge with the Creator and become one with all that is. This requires a shift […]

Three Mantras To Connect Deeply With Spirituality

Spiritual Takeaways

Spirituality is the fundamental path of life and evolution. It’s an unseen path that connects us with our deepest consciousness block and helps us find meaning attached to different actions and thoughts we perform.   Spirituality is the ESSENCE OF BEING. It is said that knowing Creation and its laws is spirituality. The moments, experiences, […]