To continue the multi-part series of the Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, we take this episode as an opportunity to tackle more about Nicholas Notovitch’s miscellaneous adventures during his lifetime. Notovitch was a Russo-Crimean aristocrat and journalist, known for his 1894 book “The Unknown Years of Jesus Christ” claiming that during unexplained events of Jesus in the Bible, he left Galilee for India and studied with Buddhists and Hindus before returning to Judea.

This episode will also tackle other lesser known translations of his famous book and see how the rendering of words bends the perspective or idea of Notovitch’s religious research work. With Alex and Jason, we dissect those sources into meaningful conversations.

In direct parallels with Jesus Christ to the Roman government, or Saint Issa towards the Jews, Notovitch has developed his consciousness evolution through understanding the salient features of creational laws. The firebrands of his critics and naysayers are as much of a catalyst for his change and meaning contributions to the life of Jesus Christ. As said in previous episodes we have tackled slanderous theories that opposed Notovitch’s intellectual efforts and we have even made an entire episode discussing the life of Nicholas Notovitch himself. But this episode sheds light on the issue of control, slavery, and passion for greed. We suffer the same circumstances of Jesus and Notovitch’s time.

We live to suffer all these history of slavery because we simply don’t have a mental understanding, as collective, of own internal power. We don’t recognize the threats to our Free Will.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe.

Show Notes:

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2:46- A recap from previous episodes; Alex and Jason sum up the historical profile of Nicholas Notovitch.
3:32- On the flip side, Nicholas was a war respondent reporting on the ground news to the public and the government press of Crimea during his heydays.
4:05- Notovitch found his big break over the mountains of the Hindu Kush where he expressed his labor for enlightenment and pursuit of higher wisdom.
5:41- Jesus can be an allegory for the reincarnation of the indivisible Creator, the infinite force of Oneness, into a body of men to represent the knowledge necessary to be learned.
7:21- There is a buddhist interpretation of a messiah.
8:00- Alex discusses the etymology of the word “soul”. It is often misconstrued as the intangible manifestation of the human being.
8:18- Creation is pure energy.
8:33- Alex and Jason discuss the trifecta of the mind, body, and spirit complex.
8:43- For Buddhism, the “anatta” or the soul is the perfect thing to preserve beauty. There is a personification of the universe itself, an encapsulated entity.
9:35- Just because someone understands Creational laws does not mean they deserve to be targets of dogma.
10:11- Jason on the importance of understanding historical context to about an hagiographical idea of what the people were thinking during the time.
10:36- Stories are good, but realism is of little to no value in lessons learned. Stories are part of a conscious understanding and that is all that matters.
11:27- A person that carries full understanding and love to their passions can carry the soul of the universe.
12:03- Quick Trivia: Universe means one song. And just like the simple fact of life, we go in one directional pattern towards growth and positive consciousness evolution.
13:38- There is great power behind these allegories.
15:37- Alex on the totalitarian fallacies of dogma. The belief system of an institution, as this channel reiterates over time throughout episodes, is NOT the truth.
16:58- There is no shortcut to evolution. There is no magic bullet to instantly save you from all the problems of growing, learning, and evolving. It takes time to evolve.
17:46- You are the only one who can take down your own barriers.
18:20- Jason criticizes the bottomless greed and power of the elite. What is behind the driving force of this pursuit?
19:24- Technology is often weaponized as a tool to gain more power.
20:35- Humanity, at its core, always strives to use nefarious means to take control and enslave others.
20:59- A lot of people got emboldened by power.
21:20- We live to suffer all these history of slavery because we simply don’t have a mental understanding, as collective, of own internal power. We don’t recognize the threats to our Free Will.
22:07- If you think you can easy-peasy evolution through conquest. Then you’re wrong. Evolution is a SLOW and careful process.
22:18- Be careful to take the path towards self service to self. You can leach-out your own energies instead of gaining them.
23:19- Stay tuned for the 4th canon of Jesus Christ as Saint Issa.
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