This episode is culled from Curt Rowlett’s 2006 blog titled My experiences in the Bermuda Triangle. Curt was a USN merchant marine and a coast guard serving for more than 15 years. Opening up a salvo of anecdotes and eyewitness accounts of seamen, naval officers, and aircraft pilots. The two-part podcast focuses on another case study of human encounters with advanced alien spacecraft. This time around we can see the convergence zone of earth and its parallel counterparts through transdimensional parts condensed by the peculiar region of the Bermuda triangle. Unidentified phenomenon is not limited to airspaces; it can also manifest on the high seas. The world around us offers vast places to explore.

This episode tells the experiences of Curt Rowlett’s passage in the Andros islands. The Sweetgum USCG was tasked to conduct littoral missions in the seventh district of Miami, Florida down to Andros Island in the Bahamas stumbling unintentionally to a trans-dimensional gate shrouded by thick clouds of volatile weather and condensed vaporized ocean current. What they found was something more than meets the eye. Parallel worlds exist through open trans-dimensional gateways. The Plejaren told this concept through the implicit description, that these phenomenons are actually parallel worlds opened up by alien spacecraft.

These gateways are an unorthodox way to “abduct” native earthlings to extraterrestrial spaces. Towards the end we close the chapter by mentioning several Cryptozoic creatures in the Bahamas which might explain some natural causes of the influence of dimensional alien portals to mixed up and alter genetic mutations of earth’s natural wildlife or, better yet, are these loose descriptions of alien creatures gotten lost through one of the parallel dimensional gates? Stay tuned to higher density living and find out more.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss the distortion of time and space.

Show Notes:
1:00 – Higher Density Living podcast advocates freedom of information and government transparency.
1:37 – The bermuda triangle controversy. An urban myth home to countless stories
2:25 – Brief back professional ground of Curt Rowlett. He spent 15 years in high seas and round navigation in the pacific and caribbean waters.
3:07 – We look at where the source comes from. Higher density living dismiss prejudices on sources as conspiracy theories. Look at the facts and sources first before generating biased assumptions.
3:33 – Jason shares many associated phenomena, events, and historical significance in the bermuda triangle.
3:50 – The sources for Curt’s article; the invisible horizons and the bermuda triangle by charles berlitz
4:00 – The bermuda is a hotbed for many passersby. Jason talks about the innocent tourist and professional communities surveilling precariously.
4:03 – There are spherical or “orb-like” manifestations swirling in the bermuda triangle.
4:30 – But when it comes to mariners and aircraft pilots unusual magnetic anomalies affected navigational instruments and electrical systems
4:47 – The actual ocean floor is always flowing. Having negative influence on the atmosphere can trigger volatile signals that can disrupt avionic and navigational instruments.
4:50 – Alex explains hydrothermal events.
5:03 – Alex basically explains the natural science behind the turbulent weather conditions in the bermuda triangle.
5:48 – Planes are based on magnets and atmosphere.
6:10 – The disappearance of ships is a distorted time and space phenomena. Could the bermuda triangle pass as a gateway to unearthly realms?
6:38 – The distortion of time and space can manifest in the psychological domain. Revisiting the forces of illusion and delusion.
7:30 – Alex discusses the disgruntled piracy in the Bermuda triangle. Not too many treasures to seek, but a lot of traps to watch out for.
8:10 – Alex explains the pre-deluge era and the probability of having the same naturally positive charge particles to power up alien technology in the Bermuda triangle.
8:32 – People and things don’t get lost but only transported to the other side of the earth.
9:20 – Jason disclaims the naysayers. The people that have experienced weird anomalies in the bermuda triangle aren’t dumb enough to make themselves fools. There is credibility behind the narrative.
9:56 – Eye witness accounts are educated people.
10:28 – Jason talks about the massive Russian propaganda program to derail the moral integrity of the United States of America.
11:35 – Alex and Jason talk about the sweetgum USCG cutter incident.
11:49 – Jason briefs us with the mission objectives of the 7th naval coast guard district. The jurisdiction covers the south eastern seaboard all the way down to the bahamas.
12:24 – Coast guards have complete spatial, navigational, and situational awareness in their respective maritime jurisdiction.
12:38 – There were zero readings on navigational instruments, even satellite feedback, when Curt and his crew got lost in navigational space.
13:14 – There is absolutely no doubt about the possibilities of parallel worlds to earth. Although unlike the natural world of earth, parallel worlds have fluctuating landscapes and much more volatile elements than earth.
14:00 – Jason narrates the transmuted time and space navigation of USCG sweetgum. Lost in trance as it passes through the transdimensional gate.
14:58 – Plejaren told us before that sophisticated and technologically advanced spacecraft can create time dilation field effect through its anti-gravitational propulsion system.
15:40 – The endeavor is to know the anomalies as knowable objects in this universe. Governments should invest in the possibility of science not deciding against it.
15:58 – The government is obsessed with tactical advantages and the benefit of cost, never the risk to grab opportunities.
16:38 – The germans designed their military technology through the aid of combining alien hardware and human software systems.
18:00 – Naked pursuit for hegemony and power acknowledges nobody and nothing.
18:20 – Jason reiterates the great power politics of strategic weapons.
20:00 – There were multiple UFO aircrafts that were made by the luftwaffe.
20:28 – Alex and Jason speculate the alternative outcomes of world war 2.
20:48 – We cannot just dismiss the fact that aircraft technology totters from the antiquities of the 1940s to achieving a level of modern capabilities.
21:03 – In less than 30 years since 1938. Militaries and civilian space agencies have designed intercontinental ballistic missiles having global satellite targeting capabilities and unlimited broadband communication. We came from a V-2 rocket to a HGM-I Titan ICBM.
21:56 – Fact: The US government colluded with former nazi scientist and policy experts to handle its military and foreign affairs.
22:23 – Jasonb narrates Curt’s post coast guard career. A quick insight on radio acoustics of Curt’s day-job to the AUTEC base.
22:41 – What is the purpose of AUTEC to develop torpedo retrieval boats? Something fishing is going on for designing such unscalable and covert underwater operations.
23:20 – There are unimaginable sonar capabilities used by private military companies. What are they using this for? Would such capabilities be considered excessive for purposes of civilian oceanography?
23:39 – Alex explains how sonar technology works. It is amazing how material technology progresses so much faster than human evolution.
24:47 – The tongue of the ocean or TOTO, the sonar nickname for classified deep sea sonar tech.
25:00 – Unpacking the popular myths of bahamas.
25:39 – The cryptozoological appearance of a chickcharney. A bipedal bird-like man legendary creature that wanders in remote islands of bahamas.
25:40 – A chimera sea monster, the Lusca as hybrid tyrant of carribean seas.
26:22 – Tune in for the next episode as we tackle more cryptozoology and ghost rockets for part 2.

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