This podcast episode is culled from Curt Rowlett’s 2006 blog titled My experiences in the Bermuda Triangle. Curt was a USN merchant marine and a coast guard serving for more than 15 years. Opening up a salvo of anecdotes and eye witness accounts of seamen, naval officers, and aircraft pilots. The two part podcast focuses on another case study of human encounters with advanced alien spacecraft. This time around we can see the convergence zone of earth and its parallel counterparts through transdimensional parts condensed by the peculiar region of the bermuda triangle. Unidentified phenomenon is not limited to airspaces; it can also manifest on the high seas. The world around us offers vast places to explore.

This episode continues with the flight of the ghost rockets conducted during the summer of 1985. We entail Curt and his private crews gone to a submerge private venture to investigate acoustics radiated by unidentified naval vessels. In order to achieve this, they went out to test a revolutionary sonar technology capable of detecting aerial and oceanic anomalies. Following this operation, Curt decided to pursue his independent research to enlighten his curiosity on ghost rocket anomalies. He filed a narrative paper and submitted it to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) for the public release of his report and has gotten the attention of the history channel’s tv series the UFO Hunters featuring his experiences in the Bermuda triangle. As with the previous series, this episode reaffirms too many incidents fitting the same description. There is no coincidence as conspiracy comes with consistency as we reach into knowing the truth. The government cannot hide secrets so rightfully for public information.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss unidentified ballistic devices and high-tech military equipment.

Show Notes:
0:39 – Jason discusses the perks of having over-the-ear headphones. Proper seal and noise cancellation are indispensable features for professional podcasters.
1:04 – Alex and Jason discuss the power of cinematic sound effects. Surrounding dolby sound FX brings magic to movies.
4:39 – Back to Bermuda Triangle part 2: The flight of the ghost rockets.
5:50 – Connecting the dots. Alex points out the same timeline as plejaren vessels too off from earth. AUTEC may have encountered spacecrafts, not ghost rockets, in the Andros island. The plejaren may have occupied the andros island and oversee the operations in AUTEC technologies.
6:54 – Future guest for HDL. Chris Williamson from the love island podcast.
6:57 – There are weird contrails left by the flight pattern of ghost rockets. The rockets emitted weird smoke particles unlike any conventional aircraft.
7:56 – Artificial mass disruption of electron cloud particles can change the field of view. Deliberate intervention of chemical particles can charge up when they come into contact with sunlight.
8:00 – Alex explains the chemistry and physics behind “ghost rocket” contrails.
8:36 – Jason laid down the technical specifications of a “ghost rocket”.
8:51 – Nobody will launch rainbow water rockets at a hundred feet in length.
8:58 – Given the structural dimension of its length and weight. Ghost rocket must require a high demand force in order to move its mass.
9:16 – Curt never figured out with 100% certainty whether the rocket was a classified US nuclear submarine or a revolutionary surface destroyer testing in that area. AUTEC had never given any official disclosure of the ghost rockets.
9:48 – Risk assessment is everything for the US military.
10:05 – Jason shares his radioactive experiences working with military operations. Non-destructive inspections (NDI) is a forensic methodology of the US Air Force to investigate system-wide maintenance of military equipment and materials.
10:24 – Female USAAF officers are common handlers for NDI.
11:58 – There are many ghost rockets incidents in the world. Among famous sightings were found in Sweden and northern europe.
12:39 – New viking ships; Alex previews us future content topics.
13:30 – There is the stillness and ‘opaqueness’ of seafaring. That is why people can tend to be addicted to sea travel because it is so peaceful.
14:29 – How many people have committed suicide in open water?
15:18 – Unpacking Curt Rowlett’s independent research on the ghost rocket phenomenon. He backtracks the known location of flight patterns made by ghost rockets.
15:57 – Curt explains an “electron fog”; the convergence of two ghost rockets.
16:02 – The mysterious disappearance of Flight 19.
16:27 – Alex and Jason decode the meaning of electronic fog.
16:53 – Curt Rowlett’s publication was released in 2007 to the National UFO Reporting Center.
17:25 – Jason breaks down the UFO Hunter featurette of Curt Rowlett’s encounter. The crew revisited Andros and re-created the ghost rocket trajectory through digital animation.
18:40 – Jason cites an anecdote from one of Curt’s seamate. A night watch almost gone wrong unnoticed. A long cylindrical white object in parallel position went right above the USCGC Sweetgum. It was gigantic, the eye witness estimated the object was around 100 feet in length.
19:18 – Alex and Jason discuss the physical interaction of that encounter.
19:35 – Alex discusses why there was a white diffusion going on as the unknown object slipped past the naval vessel. For it to diffuse itself means the energy is so potent leaves a couple of inches pass the material hull.
20:40 – Analyzing between these incidents, the vivid description of the Billy Meier case, and other related phenomena, there is a connection going around that can let us see through the bigger picture. Even the Ra material tells something about the Bermuda Triangle.
21:24 – Alex connects the relation of the Bermuda Triangle with the Law of One Ra material. The investigation of the pyramid energy may symbolize the literal bermuda effect made possible due to a large pyramid beneath the water. This situation can allude to a change in the space time continuum, hence, marking a shift from earth to parallel worlds.
22:00 – The undersea pyramids were destroyed during the great atlantean war.
23:22 – AUTEC still exists and mysteries are left unresolved.
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