For this short episode, we take a quick look at a very refined image of the infamous shot by Sergio Loaiza, the best High Resolution Scan of an “extraordinary” UFO picture. The picture, now obtained to the Costa Rican national archives, was shared by United Kingdom-based UAP Media which covers unidentified aerial phenomena. The photo was originally taken in 1971 in an aerial shot giving it an eagle eyes view above and the result .

It was only later when they pulled out the negatives for an analysis that they noticed a strange object in the air, UFO is approximately measured at between 120- 200 feet across in diameter, a juggernaut compared to Sergio’s twin engine commander survey aircraft.

Sergio’s astonishing detail mesmerizes viewers that even prompt challenges the authenticity against computer analogy. We come to a more sensible realization that by disclosing images like this, we become more accepting of the inevitable fact of Alien existence and their long history with mankind.

Let us join Alex and Jason as they revisit some discussion on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Show Notes :

1:00- Is this the best UFO photo ever? Leaks on a new Costa Rican image brew viral controversy online.
1:19- Alex makes a brief historical background on the image. It is a thrilling shot taken by Sergio Loaiza, a former pilot of a twin engine Aero Commander F-680 aircraft tasked to map and survey the topographic features of Costa Rica from above.
2:08- The photographic machine was a “100 pound engine” camera. Further details are classified to public knowledge. We can only speculate the lens technology and how much aperture it can hold in capturing clear cut images.
3:04- Something has slipped through the cracks. Sergio captured a quicksilver, metallic disk near the shoreline Costa Rica.
3:42- The flying saucer is unlike any revealed amateur shots of a UFO. This is an amazing, not to mention rare, opportunity to chat a million to one chance to capture a shot of a passing UFO off-coast.
4:16- The spacecraft, just like Sergio’s airplane, flies in parallel direction to the Earth.
4:59- Alex illustrates the sizable gap between the UFO and twin engine airplane.
5:17- Alex on the technical specifications of the spacecraft. The UFO is approximately measured at 120- 200 feet across (diameter) given the latitudinal expanse.
5:52- Is there a reason for the sudden disclosure of the photo? Why does the Costa Rican national archives just decide to disclose the aerial photograph 52 years after inception? Alex and Jason talk about the obvious government interest in classified UAP incidents.
6:30- The time has come to embrace the natural reality of alien co-existence. People must learn how to “understand” the importance of life across the universe.
7:11- Stay awake and aware. Chances are you’re gonna see extraordinary things.
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