In this episode of Higher Density Living, Suzanne Worthley and Jason Rigby discuss the secret to empowering empathy. She is the author of the Confident Empath. Join them as they talk about her personal story and tough experiences growing up. She’ll share how she lost her financial stability and recovered from family traumas.

Deeply impacted perceptions of security and self-worth. Watching people lose their belongings taught her the importance of empathy. This experience made me determined to never be vulnerable again. It taught me to always be in control and take responsibility for everything to stay safe. It coincides to Free Will and self-responsibility.

But no one wants to take responsibility. People constantly give and seek comfort in playing the victim. We need compassion and empathy.

This made you see how this belief system was bad and affected your life. In her valuable experiences in life, Suzanne exemplifies the importance of empathy, often regarded as a profound understanding of others’ emotions and experiences, holds immense power in navigating our interactions and relationships. Suzanne Worthley, a notable figure in the realm of holistic healing and intuitive wisdom, has been a guiding force in unlocking the potential of empathy, empowering individuals to harness its transformative abilities.

Worthley’s journey into empathy began with her own personal experiences and a deep sense of connection to the energies surrounding her. Through her work, she emphasizes the importance of understanding empathy not merely as an emotional response but as a powerful tool for personal growth and healing.

To make sense of the energies, she harness the power of perspective in chaos. She explained the gravity of “chaos” be seen as the unraveling of ingrained societal norms and patterns that have been imposed on us as humans for a long time. It’s a concept that can be interpreted in numerous ways. However, without taking the time to study and muster the courage to step back and observe, it might appear as if everything is in disarray and beyond control.

To illustrate further, it is the breakdown of the matrix, the established program of our belief systems engrained within and without the spirit and understanding of the human condition. To muster the existence of feelings, to break free from the program of dogmas and belief system we must embrace empathy.

When someone says they’re an empath, they might be referring to their ability to sense or feel what others are experiencing. But, there’s a big difference between saying you’re an empath and actually being empathetic. When we truly empathize with others, we show compassion, without judgment, and respect their choices. These are distinct categories, and it’s remarkable that individuals like you are shedding light on this distinction. Many people claim to be empaths without realizing the harm it can cause in their relationships. Take control of your emotions and feelings. Don’t let religion or social status affect you.

Worthley examines the “savior program”, a popular self-help program for preaching prosperity. This program, whether it takes the form of military, medicine, finance, or religion, holds a paramount role that everyone seems to have embraced. Regardless of what the savior program represents, be it a societal ideal or an institution, its impact is immense. There’s a desire ingrained in people to emulate the archetype of Prince Charming. We’ve repeatedly engaged with this concept of the savior program countless times, and it remains a dominant force.

To escape from this contraptions, she advocates the need to cultivate self-awareness to effectively channel empathy. To understand and respond to how others feel, we need to know our own emotions and reactions. Worthley often teaches about self-reflection, mindfulness, and embracing vulnerability. These help enhance empathic abilities.

Suzanne Worthley

(Official portrait of Suzanne Worthley from her website)

Moreover, Worthley emphasizes the significance of boundaries in nurturing empathy. Empathy lets us connect deeply with others, but setting boundaries stops us from taking on their emotions. Worthley encourages a balance between understanding others and taking care of oneself.

In her workshops and teachings, Worthley explores various techniques to strengthen empathic abilities. These include grounding exercises, visualization, and energy alignment practices. By adding these practices to your daily routine, you can strengthen your ability to understand others’ feelings and stay emotionally stable.

Additionally, Worthley emphasizes the role of empathy in fostering harmony and connection within communities. When people understand and empathize with each other, conflicts can be resolved. This helps relationships become stronger.

You are able to feel the oneness of the world

 – Suzanne Worthley, 2023

Suzanne Worthley’s work helps people use empathy to transform their lives. Her teachings inspire us to know ourselves better. We learn to appreciate the power of empathy and understand its role in a caring world.

Worthley shares her insights and practices, empowering individuals to embrace empathy. She shows that empathy is not a vulnerability, but a remarkable strength. It can heal, foster understanding, and create profound connections with others and oneself.

True empathy is gifting others’ energy with no conditions attached to it. Empathy is an act of honoring other people.

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