Welcome! Higher Density Living has come to the height of its Law of One Ra material series, a long running podcast theme of the channel, conducts an exclusive interview of the only living channeler of Ra material, Jim McCarty, the scribe of Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert. Probably the most important job tasked to make sure every word is transcribed properly in the books.

This special podcast episode narrates the humble beginnings of the Ra Material channeling group by the sole survivor of the trio, Jim McCarty, who did the transcription during the channeling sessions of Carla and Don with Ra. Having full knowledge as the scribe he laid detailed documentation of the events during the time and even gave exclusive insights to this interview. We learn that Ra couldn’t tell you these things because it requires voluntary free will contact as the most important aspect of meditative channeling. This exclusive close up examination of Jim McCarty delivers a list of laundry issues, experiences, and more nuances from the previous episodes of Law of One.

This episode also highlights how social memory complex manifest itself in the Ra material: Walking the circle of one that Ra gave us but other groups other groups that have conscious channeling they may try to channel through the same entity that has a positive contact and mimic the positive contact for a while. – Jim McCarty, 2022

There is an expansive discussion in regards to actual experiences of mixed contact with other Ra channelers. Jim describes how the spectacle of the Ra contact came into its fruitful endeavor of success with the collective energetic trail of the trio. Ra essential provides a firewall to protect the meditative channeling. The creator provides a wall through which prevents negative entities from passing information detrimental towards evolution.

It sees a familiar algorithmic system repeating itself infinitely.Everything is learning and knows how to learn. That is how the creator interacts with itself and its creation. Ra said that individual perception of what is occurring has a very strict focus on that event by not looking at it in the sense that it is there to harm you, but as a teaching opportunity for you to GROW. We are all under the singular consciousness of oneness. Meditation is your way to find your path towards the Creator and path towards evolution.

As always, Ra and the teachings of this channel reminds us to love one another in open understanding. Make love in all of our thoughts, words, and deeds. Only when love is above all else can we graduate from lower densities into higher density of existence. Let’s join Alex, Jason, and Jim as they discuss the Ra material for Higher Density Living.

Show Notes:
0:00 – Welcome back to Higher Density Living. This is a remarkable episode for the channel and the entire Law of One podcast series lineup.
0:36 – The entire HDL Law of One podcast episodes were entirely conceived and centered among three individuals that participated in the channeling.
0:49 – Please welcome the special guest, Jim McCarty.
1:37 – Jim explains this role within the Ra material channeling group.
2:02 – Jim narrates the historical origins of the group. How the group was formed and what institutions influenced them.
3:50 – There was a sense of scientific skepticism on the part of Don and dubiousness to Carla.
4:34 – The turbulent 70’s; Jim explains how Carlo gave full devotion towards extraterrestrial channeling by letting go of her social life.
4:59 – The original channeling group disbanded when Don, Carla, and Jim arrived at the scene to do Ra Material channeling.
5:26 – Carla had special skills to communicate and understand fourth density planet theory.
5:37 – Don has been investigating UFO phenomena for 25 years. He had a pursuit to answer the celestial existence of this universe, are we alone in this universe? How big is the universe?
5:44 – The humble beginnings of the Ra Material group.
6:34 – Jim McCarty joined Don and Carla in december 23, 1980.
7:23 – Ra instructed the group to document the meditation process to have a survivable legacy. The Law of One is with us today.
7:31 – Three is the minimum number for any type of extraterrestrial contact/channeling. The division of labor is necessary to make things work.
8:44 – The Ra Material contact was a free will contact.
9:08 – Based on the material, a connection between one entity and another entity through physical intercourse has an essential transfer of another spiritual energy to create a hybrid unity between both entities.
9:14 – Are you saying that the 3 you were a part of this event to drive the energy altogether?
11:59 – Don and Carla got into the first sight of the public eye. The Ra material group had gotten interviews across local news outlets.
13:00 – Ra suggested an environmentalist approach to respect the natural world around us.
14:00 – Ra also requires pre-existing knowledge, enlightenment, and awareness to pursue the kind of demonstration a channeler decides to ask for further information and share knowledge.
14:21 – In addition, Ra also requires some physical exercise to muster the demonstration.
14:43 – Having love means an act of service to others.
15:28 – Alex inquiries on how to properly understand the law of squares and doubling.
16:37 – Ten people would equal a thousand and twelve.
16:52 – Doubling is essentially having twice the number of energies in participating entities. There is a dyad in Law of One.
17:30 – Carla had a pre-existing disease when she did the meditation process. Jim narrates her positive enlightenment to commit the service of love and light to others.
17:49 – Carla’s contemplative approach towards her illnesses was her motivation to pursue meditative healing through the channeling of Ra.
18:19 – Positive and Negative polarities are balancing factors. Every good thing has its equal negative counterpart.
20:02 – This is really funny. The negatively oriented Entity is still highly respectful of the law of free will right? but they use it to their advantage to do essentially a service to self harm.
20:43 – Jim discusses the alternative technique; On conscious channeling and mixed contact experiences from other channeler groups.
22:40 – Jim addresses the issue of mixed contact methodology. There is a possibility to lose the contact if you cannot channel yourself in the circle of other groups; there are transient questions
23:16 – You are asked transient questions in order to realize the channel.
24:19 – There is a rapid tendency for “disconnection” between Ra and Jim’s group. Particularly, Don has a bad record for redundant errors during conscious encounters with Ra.
24:44 – Important things are principles that are good now and forever.
25:34 – The alignment, or active consciousness and understanding, become the code to connect with Ra. The group discovered how essential was a line of questioning to extract knowledge from Ra.
26:31 – Jim believes that there is a correlation of transient inquiry during meditation that has paradoxical points with the narrowband contact with Ra.
27:27 – Jim prescribes a counter clockwise (circular) formation of a channeling group.
28:00 – Ra provides a wall of light to protect the circle of channelers from external-negative oriented interference.
28:29 – Jim narrates the transitive removal of Carla’s physical, mental, and spiritual trance to Ra in order to complete the circuit of energetic trail within the triad.
30:40 – Carla had a huge vocabulary that became helpful for Jim to transcribe the messages.
31:05 – Alex learned that there was a mathematical balance to the statements pronounced by Ra.
31:21 – Alex draws the patterm of mathematical consistency within the Law of One statements of Ra.
31:27 –
32:08 – Ra has always a universal concensus of choosing the best words to illustrate the thoughts and ideas of Law of One material.
32:29 – The term “understanding” is a central idea to environment of third density beings according to the Ra material. Understanding is not necessarily possible in this density they always the use of word.
33:00 – Alex on the preferred language to push an “ideological” framework for the Law of One. The wisdom of Ra is deducible to scientific knowledge and ethical logos of human thinking.
34:18 – The pivot to Jason. He ask into the detail of Jim’s role as the scribe of the group.
34:33 – Jim McCarty elaborates the nuance of his job as the scribe. It was a humbling experience that such invaluable knowledge generated by Ra is aligned to his typing skills to write down the most important ideas every brought for humanity.
35:13 – Jim utilized three tape recording machines while he systematically run down an entire channeling session. The group made sure there are back up plans for each session to increase the survivability of the tapes.
35:21 – Carla has negative influence on the electromagnetic equipments.
36:18 – Every questions were essential. There was no bad apple among each channeling session with Ra.
36:42 – What is the silver specs? Jim explainings the “deafining” effects on the ears whenever a channeler come into direct contact with higher density entities. Much like a “blinding” light effect to project signals to lower density beings.
39:20 – Jim McCarty explains his definition of “Oneness” according to the teachings of Law of One.
39:35 – Everyone and everything is part of the infinite creator.
39:46 – Oneness of one massive thought made up of all of essential values of everything. We are part and parcel of evolution.
39:51 – We’re all inextricably interlinked because of this creational energy that runs through us.
40:05 – All of creation is created by the power of Oneness in order to understand itself more better.
40:16 – Every free will choice teaches more about itself. It reveals more about the creator.
40:34 – The singular consciousness of oneness functions like a bee hive mentality. It seems like a familiar algorithmic system repeating itself infinitely.
41:08 – Everything is learning and I know how to learn. That is how the creator interacts with itself and its creation.
41:31 – Alex asks the conscious decisions of Jim McCarty to understand the information being translated by his channeling group.
42:19 – Ra suggests balancing exercises for channeling groups.
42:38 – Mistakes are catalysts for positive change.
43:50 – You become the creator as you balance your thoughts and actions all the way living life.
44:00 – If an individual sees something negative is occurring, have a very strict focus on that event not to look at it in the sense that it is there to harm you but to use it as a teaching moment. And then equalize the energy of it by recognizing the antithesis or the negative or positive attribute as what is occurring allows you to move to a more creational equalized state.
44:40 – Everything is for growth, for the advancement of the mind, spirit, and body.
45:30 – Ra suggested that everything has a chance to learn.
46:28 – HDL and Jim talk about fourth density love. Love is all about service to others and understanding of other selves.
47:45 – Getting into the practical applications of light in the context of Ra Material by Jim McCarty.
48:21 – The light of wisdom shines eternally beyond material knowingness. It is available to people that’ve opened up their heart chakra.
49:09 – Radiant energies need to come through for love and light to make work with Creational towards a sense of higher density living.
50:15 – Most of us abuse enlightenment through misalignments, obfuscation,ignorance, or not paying attention to the evolutionary catalyst of accepting creation.
51:07 – There are retrospective ways to have a practical process of loving and understanding to grow. Jim discusses his massive lifestyle, spiritual, and mental adjustments during the quarantine settings.
51:55 – Feel every nook and cranny of your environment as living entities of Creation. Love your home as you love other people.
53:03 – Jim opens up his nostalgic feelings to go back into meditation.
55:20- It is confirmed there is a corroboration between the Billy Meier case and the actual channeling group of the Ra Material.
56:15 – Is there a possibility of federations/confederations of higher density civilizations with open awareness and understanding to the infinite knowledge of Creation?
56:22 – There are other communities “out there” with familiar social memory complexes much similar to humankind.
57:00 – Orion negative entities are break away groups of plejaren species .
58:01 – Jim recommends other supplementary and relevant literature/ study materials for students of Law of One.
59:04 – Jim put out the Bhagavad Gita as a sourceful addition to the Law of One.
59:39 – The only way to achieve peace is to understand it first.
60:10 – On Troy Caldwell and the adventures of soul baking.
62:05 – Jim’s parting words for the younger and newer generations of students, learners, and followers of Law of One.
62:39 – It is okay to channel by yourself. The tricky case is channeling externally with other people.
63:30 – You need to determine what spiritual path you’ll take in your journey towards growth and evolution
63:58 – Prayer is the way we talk to the creator and meditation is the way we listen to the creator
64:36 – Meditation is always the way forward.
65:18 – We learn about the confederations three advice: meditate, meditate, and meditate.
67:00 – Find something each day to make as your morning offering.
67:26 – Jim provides us websites, online sources, and accessible outlets to reach out and learn the Law of One. Everything here is free.
68:58 – Closing remarks: We thank Jim and his group for making the Ra material available for everybody in this world. Thank you for listening to us.

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