Welcome! Higher Density Living has come to the height of its Law of One Ra material series, a long running podcast theme of the channel, conducts an exclusive interview of the only living channeler of Ra material, Jim McCarty, the scribe of Don Elkins and Carla Ruekert. Probably the most important job tasked to make sure every word is transcribed properly in the books. Just as night follows the day, this post-discussion will tackle many positive outtakes we learned from the previous hour-long Jim McCarty interview.

This two part post-podcast episode explores some afterthoughts and relevant insights from our host, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby, for nuance perspectives of Higher Density Living podcast in the Law of One/Ra Material. This second post-show episode highlights the importance of value. You can imagine the structure of Creation itself as manifest. You are PART and PARCEL of Creation. A living artifact of a social memory complex interacting with individual units of the mind, body, and spirit of all people.

Jim McCarty has opened up a wonderful, and insightful, perspective of looking into the practical lessons of the Ra contact. This final post-show wraps up the entire Jim McCarty special episode as we delve into several interesting remarks and analysis made by the scriber of Ra contact.

We cannot stress enough appreciation for Jim’s role in the Ra contact to make the entire group effort materialize into a fact we can study, learn, and access today. The legacies of Don, Carla, and Jim will live to newcomers spreading light, love, and learning. This is the advocacy of the Higher Density Living podcast. We are all part of Creation itself.

Let’s join Alex, Jason, and Jim as they make a post-discussion on the Ra contact.

Show Notes:
0:00 – Welcome back to Higher Density Living.
0:35 – Alex and Jason talk about white magic and black magic.
1:09 – Setting up the topic for the last post-show.
1:31 – Everything is the fabric of Creation.
2:03 – We as differentiating factors are conscious beings who make choices. Everyone and everything has a free will.
2:11 – We are all part of Creation itself.
2:18 – Animal wildlife are second density beings.
2:21 – Beehive mentality is a good concept to understand Creation. We are part and parcel of Creation.
3:05 – Alex discusses the beehive mentality. This metaphor helps us better understand collective work in process.
3:24 – The collective knowledge is the survival of the hive itself.
3:36 – A bee in itself has a role but has no infinity.
4:28 – We are all one. Regardless of any political ideology it is irrelevant to the Oneness of creation.
4:50 – When you remove your biases you get love.
5:25 – Jason goes into detail of Jim McCarty’s learning of chakra and love in fourth density beings.
6:02 – Once a civilization passes the 51% threshold of its entire population to higher density evolution then there is enough structural transformation as a collective to move forward.
6:43 – Love is all about internalized feelings and emotion. Chakras pushes the energy outward to remove biases and distortions.
7:47 – Love and Light is the fabric of Creation itself.
8:10 – You literally have the power of a universe just at the tip of your fingertips.
8:29 – Creation shoves love out. It is the raw primal energy of the universe encapsulated within random acts of kindness.
8:39- Creation invested cosmic powers in your thoughts and actions.
8:58 – Your Free Will is an alignment of light energy made through words, wisdom, choices, and sharing, actions of service to others
9:19 – The Quadrivium concept; the basis of all essence in this universe are defined by their geometry and mathematical appropriation/or balance.
9:52 – Focus light is the concentration of thoughts.
10:05 – Direction of focus can be necessary for existing mind, body, and spirit complexes.
10:31 – Alex explains the net positives of the amount of group work goes into the law of density or law of squares. Doubling can be either individual multiplication of thoughts or the aggregate knowledge of collective thinking.
11:12 – Ra always left a message of love and light with the infinite creator with the readers/audience.
11:39 – Just imagine the literal gap of evolution between third density and sixth density beings.
12:05 – Ra gave us precision. These are what we carry forward. Every choice was completely conscious in itself.
12:43 – Love is so hard to practice with ego by our side. But it is so easy to imagine the conceptual understanding of love.
13:00 – Everybody understands consciousness. But living the choice, living the law of one, and removing the distortion that you are is the hardest thing to do in this world.
13:30 – There is a lot of meditative formats to practice the law of one.
14:27 – Higher Density Living open for Q&A. Check Alex and Jason’s email down below the shownotes.
14:50 – Continue the love and light of the creator.
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