Welcome back to Higher Density Living! For this short episode, we take a snappy discussion about the theories of Jesus Christ. The unknown years of Jesus (also called his silent years, lost years, or missing years) generally refers to the period of Jesus’s life between his childhood and the beginning of his ministry, a period not described in the New Testament. Little is known about the life of Jesus Christ after childhood. We learn many things about his iconic life after age 30.

This begs the question. Why does no one talk about his detailed biography? What happened to Jesus in the early adolescent period of his life? A lot of theorizing and informed speculation has surrounded Jesus since he came up with his first sermon from the Temple. In this episode, Alexander and Jason analyze some particular gospel passages.

They discuss the most popular seven theories. Many of these theories tackle esoteric, and often unorthodox to western religious interpretation, the account of his ascendancy as a messiah. Orientalist rendering of Jesus Christ has always been the side canon in the story of christianity. In the end, we learn that enlightenment, the true appreciation of knowledge and love, will always destroy the hierarchical order of religious institutions.

Let us join Alex and Jason as we revisit some discussion of the Son of God in this episode of Higher Density Living.

Show Notes:

0:45- Welcome to the return of Higher Density Living.
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1:30 – Revisiting the Son of God. The Man, the Myth, and the Legend.
1:55- The lost years of Jesus Christ. What happened from age 13 to 30?
2:53- Alex and Jason on the possibilities of life. Where does Jesus go? What is the gap of the story?
3:43- Alex provides background context on various theories about the life of Jesus Christ.
4:35- Alex and Jason debunking the first theory; Jesus’ trip to Japan.
6:00- There is a seven-year loophole to debunk the claim of Jesus’ visit to Japan. The sheer distance alone is impossible for any mode of traveling at the time.
6:20- Alex discusses the geographical impossibility of travel from Jerusalem to Japan.
7:24- Alex and Jason discuss the historical Silk Road.
8:25- Second theory: Jesus visited the British Isles.
8:36- Is Jesus Christ part of the Arthurian Legend? Jason Rigby show us signs of Jesus in ancient coin artifacts from the British Isle.
10:05- There might be some deliberate intent to use Jesus as a powerhouse for regimentation
12:09- The theory of Nicholas Roerich. This theory suggests that Jesus traveled to a Tibetan monastery near Kashmir to study preaching and philosophy.
12:30- We go back to the Buddhist redemption of Jesus Christ.
13:52- There is a compelling parallelism of Gospel teaching to that of Buddhist teachings.
14:58- The Life of Saint Issa. Alex and Jason on Nicholas Notovitch.
15:29- Jason on the monastery influence of Jesus in the Essenes.
15:47- Jesus made a hiatus in Nazareth as an active carpenter. He may have learned to build faith by building homes for everyone.
16:29- Where did Jesus go? Alex and Jason rationalize the consistent narrative with the Holy Bible.
17:38- There are many evident scriptures telling about Jesus’s siblings.
18:16- Enlightenment, the true appreciation of knowledge and love, will always destroy the hierarchical order of religious institutions.
18:13- A russian corroboration is at hand. What does the Russian orthodoxy tell about Jesus Christ?
19:00- Stay tuned for the next episode; Tackling the unknown life of Jesus Christ.
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