Welcome back to Higher Density Living! For this episode we take a snappy discussion about the theories of Jesus Christ. The unknown years of Jesus (also called his silent years, lost years, or missing years) generally refers to the period of Jesus’s life between his childhood and the beginning of his ministry, a period not described in the New Testament. Jesus Christ has always been the side canon in the story of christianity. In the end, we learn that enlightenment, the true appreciation of knowledge and love, will always destroy the hierarchical order of religious institutions. Little is known about the life of Jesus Christ after childhood. We learn many things about his iconic life after age 30.

This episode follows up an intensive analysis and review of Nicholas Notovitch’s book entitled “The Lost Years of Jesus”. The life of saint Issa , or Jesus, as formalized by Nicholas Notovitch. This research is backed by rigorous corroborations to testify Notovitch’s reputation as well as legitimacy as a scholar. Despite all the unnecessary flak and outrageous intellectual dismissiveness, Alex and Jason have proven the ignorant and dogmatic snobbery of religious academia to be open minded. This episode also gives a brief background on Nicholas Notovitch Nicholas was a Crimean and a Russian aristocrat, known for his 1894 book claiming that during the unknown years of Jesus, he left Galilee for India and studied with Buddhists and Hindus before returning to Judea. Notovitch’s claim was based on a document he said he had seen at the Hemis Monastery while he stayed there. What’s inherently unique about Nicholas is despite his religion.

Just because a person doesn’t share your canonical views means having a warrant to be ostracized. Notovitch is a well respected individual, a decent aristocratic intellectual, regardless of his unorthodox views in Christianity.

Higher Density Living has no dogma, only the truth prevails in the universe. Let us join Alex and Jason as they discuss Jesus and the Judeo-Christian faith.

Show Notes:

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2:36 – This is part 2 podcast for the lost years of Jesus. Alex and Jason briefly review the last episode.
3:00- Alex discusses intellectual humility and professionalism in writing. Book writing should be driven by the force to contribute new information and knowledge rather than a “thing that sells” good.
3:31- There should be a balance between commercial success and building intellectual foundation.
3:57- You always gotta do the research for yourself.
4:09- Alex and Jason discuss Nicholas Notovitch. The famed Russian scholar on Jesus Christ.
4:30- Who or how do you get to be designated as Aristocrat? Alex and Jason define aristocracy in context.
5:00- Notovitch was born at the outset of the industrial revolution.
5:28- Alex discusses the historical significance of the Industrial Revolution.
5:33- The secularization of technological developments in a society.
6:00- At the time of the Industrial Revolution, it was common to challenge the status quo dogma.
6:43- It is important to understand that Notovitch wasn’t just a journalist, a one hit wonder. He doesn’t deserve the fraud of intellectual snobbery . He actually wrote many political books regarding Russia’s foreign affairs at the time. Prejudice is not a good basis of assumption.
7;10- Jason sharing his upcoming theory regarding Notovitch’s visit to the Hindus.
7:27- Jesus Christ is probably the most well known public personality in the world. He is number one just based on religious followers and dedicated writings.
8:19- The bible is still, at this time and age, the all time best selling book.
9:03- Alex and Jason explain the life of Saint Issa. The etymology, the myth, and the story.
9:41- In many cases across scholastic and religious studies, Jesus is being named by his legendary character, not by his individuality as a human being.
10:27- Constant exchange of information and human interaction can ultimately change cultures.
11:02- Alex and Jason on westernization as a “global” culture.
12:39- Fortunately for Nicholas his grim accident is a golden opportunity to learn and gain his spiritual health. He breaks his leg to slow down his physical adventure and then shifts to a more holistic spiritual journey.
13:28- We found enlightenment in the Hemis monastery.
14:00- The Tibetan region bordering the Hindu mountains hosts many ancient monasteries. The locus of Novotich’s own recording of scriptures.
15:09- Nicholas Notovitch had a starked intellectual and scholarly transformation from the domains of politics, war, and history into the religious studies of Jesus Christ.
16:25- It’s all about proving yourself to be trustworthy. Notovitch had proven himself enough to earn the respect of the monastery.
16:46- Again, it’s all about the essence of understanding in order to know love and respect.
17:07- Bottomline is Nicholas earned the respect of Monks and Buddhist wisdom.
17:33- Jason discusses the antagonistic polarity of Westerners vs Eastern philosophy.
19:02- Hindu culture is so diametrically opposed to the perceived imagination of westerners. Everything is enforced by security measures due to their historical record of constant defense against invasions and repelling wars.
20:05- A lot of dogmatic, narrow minded westerners don’t know how to respect with Hindu institutions.
21:19- Western civilization is a ruthless, crusading movement that spreads destruction due to their indifference in belief and culture. Alex and Jason on a discussion regarding Iconoclasm and extreme catholic schism.
22:09 – We shed light to the modern context of religious dogmatism. The same old problems and errors exist.
22:56- Religion basically operates under the successful and powerful influence of European monarchies.
24:00- Everything gets extinguished in a conquest of religious, political hegemony of European culture.
25:19- Why does hate always have an automatic response against valid criticism? Alex on the question of hypocrisy and understanding to Nicholas Notovitch. He has no clear intention of ruining the church or criticizing Jesus Christ. He is simply investigating life to find more details and relevance.
25:36- Final topic for today’s episode; Alex and Jason on defamation.
26:02- The point is many relevant output has been benefited by Nicholas’s effort to unravel the mysteries of Jesusn Christ. Had it not for him we would not understand Christianity in full detail.
27:58- There are certain corroborations that are meant to be gifts.
29:29- People of dogma should soon realize the repercussions of their smear, bold, and negative dismay towards open society.
29:37- Come back to the next episode as Alex and Jason go deep into the other parts of the book. The unknown life of Jesus Christ.
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