Welcome! Higher Density Living looks into the origins of Jesus Christ from the perspective of unconventional wisdom. Jesus represents a character that is reflective of both positive and negative orientation, which precludes a reason for the many references of channeling among popular literature. A notable quote from this source material wonderfully captures the novel thesis:

He says this he said I believe it restores the full radical passion and revolutionary power of Christ’s real path here’s this real path. He said that this combines the deepest mystic mystical absorption in the divine with the most absolute and selfless work for justice and compassion in the world and people.” – Son of Man, Andrew Harvey (1998)

This episode bases itself from Andrew Harvey’s “the son of man the mystical path to Christ” brings us to a path of understanding on how to be human. “The glory of being human is the chance to co-create and co-participate with god. “Jesus always said “you have the power inside of you”, this is an honest take that removes all institutionalized dogma made by the church to neutralize complete enlightenment of christian faith. Actually, two of the biggest human institutions placed mankind in a perpetual state of fear; the Church and the State. These amalgamations of power and system of hierarchy have pin down human evolution to its fullest potential. Both want you to always look towards the future, be afraid of your past and don’t live in the present.

The relationship between the people and nature is always disrupted by the influence of power. This is the grand strategy of the Church making you live according to constricting. Jesus tells us we can have that ability and power to live outside human laws made to preserve material power and false hierarchy.

It is a classical story of corrupted power against pure love. Consistent with the logic of unity and oneness, Jesus guides us to live a “fearless” life with courage and compassion. People should live in a state of truth in order to remove the monstrosities of Ego. Fear doesn’t NEED to exist because fear is allowed through ignorance.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they wander to an unconventional narrative of Jesus Christ. This is a refreshing take on Christian religious culture.

Show Notes:

0:33 – Alex and Jason introduce the topic for today’s episode. We will focus on answering many questions regarding Jesus.
0:46 – Higher Density Living podcast will incorporate channeling and extraterrestrial perspective in the study of Jesus. His character resembles both positive and negative orientation.
1:13 – Alex talks about the Billy Meier case. It is important to take note of other peoples’ perspectives.
1:26 – Pragmatics is the unnamed agreement of human organization. Alex explains his concept of effective public communication.
1:51 – Alex on the projection of power through positive influence.
2:21 – Jason talks about “Son of Man: The Mystical Path to Christ” by Andrew Harvey.
3:39 – Jesus was a fourth density being brought up during a time of great religious turmoil that broke apart worlds.
3:54 – Jesus was teaching about the wisdom of self-empowerment and self-responsibility for everything is a part of creation that could be found within the self.
4:00 – The Romans found Jesus’ preachings as heretical against the Roman catholic institution.
4:14 – The Church was a revolutionary institution against classical ideals of Greco culture. Many Roman priests were suppressive against the open teachings of Jesus.
5:11 – It is not a disaster but a liberation from manipulation of religious superstition. Jason talks about the historical criticism against Jesus gospels.
5:46 – Creational laws are strictly prohibited under Roman common law.
6:31 – Many religious experts study Jesus from a dogmatic point of view.
7:21 – Jason talks about the “Myth Cleansing” process concept of Andrew Harvey. He proclaims that Jesus emerges in his gospels/teachings, and not for any dogmatic ascension.
7:45 – Jesus essentially triggered a massive upheaval within the roman catholic church.
7:56 – Alex and Jason made comparative statements of Jesus to other popular guru/sages throughout history.
8:38 – Alex talks about the power of negative orientation.
8:53 – You must unbag the dogmatic burden of the church in order to free yourself from being an orphan of false faith.
9:46 – Textbook theology does not help to ascend your enlightenment in positive growth. Alex and Jason against the conventional wisdom.
10:21 – It will only grow in power as courage, intelligence, and unstinting enactment of sacred laws. Jason will discuss the historical rendering of Christ based on radical compassion.
10:32 – Jesus basically acts according to the laws of love and light.
11:13 – Jesus resurrected the unseen practices of Oneness. He brought up a radical treatment of love, compassion in order to revive the long lost messages of self-responsibility and service to others. For context, remember how suppressive was the roman empire during Christ lifetime.
11:35 – We basically had the same predicaments in today’s world order. Alex talks about the neo-orwellian politics happening in the modern age.
11:55 – Free yourself up from the dogma. See the world for what truly as it is, do not put up sugar-coating to sanitize your reality.
12:04 – Have humility and fearlessness at the same time.
12:49 – A historic lesson to look upon. Jesus tells the roman soldiers to unbag their packages and free themselves from the shackles of militarized culture and blind obedience to the Roman emperor.
13:34 – Fearlessness happens when you recognize the truth.
13:47 – When you live in a state of “Truth” the ego becomes irrelevant.
13:53 – Live outside the basis of dogmatic laws.
14:03 – Alex explains the “grand strategy” of the institutional church to control thoughts, command free will, and bend peoples lives in accordance with dogma.
14:24 – Do the thinking happening for yourself! Alex and Jason reiterate the fundamental importance of full responsibility in Free Will.
14:36 – “You can only liberate yourself from fear if you don’t think of the past and the future with fear in mind.”
15:00 – Jason debunking the conventional narratives of the holy family.
16:29 – All people are born equal. There is no hierarchy. The hierarchy is simply falsehood.
16:59 – Belief is often the most prescribed mantle to hide the ignorance of Free Will. Having a belief to control you instead upbringing yourself closer to enlightenment.
17:43 – Alex explains how expressive forms of art, such as literature in the form of simple parables, can uplift positive learning experience.
18:44 – Jesus as the “inspiring one”. No pun intended. He has given tacit engagement to his audience and followers how to lead by example of love.
19:10 – Alex explains the Ra social memory complex translation of “Yahoshua”. We learn that incarnation happens in a prophetic sense. It is destined for a re-cycle of life.
19:53 – The Ra group had trouble understanding the logic of wisdom. Rather they explain to have great understanding and compassion to fulfill perfection.
20:19 – Having a lack of balance between universal love and universal understanding gives martyrdom.
20:55 -Jesus lived his life in radical empowerment through love and understanding of other people.
21:40 – Everything you see in the cosmos above you in these heavens. Whatever you want to call them all of that energy. Everything is all inside of you. You just need to choose to unlock it.
22:20 – “The glory of being human is the chance to co-create and co-participate with god.” We need to co-exist with Creation because there is no ordeal of hierarchy between you and nature.
22:46 – There is no separation, only unity.
22:55 – The message of Creation is all about collaboration of love, understanding, and wisdom as fundamental principles of universal unity.
23:29 – Alex and Jason discuss “Emmanuel” or Jesus Christ in the context of the Billy Meier material. Billy was the reincarnation of Jesus according to the original manuscripts of the Billy Meier case.
24:50 – The character of Emmanuel was written by Judas Escariot. This shatters the taboo of historical canon.
25:39 – Cleansing the antagonistic image of Judas. Actually there are two identical Judas in the story (Escariot and Iscariot). Alex and Jason dismantle the moral politics against Jesus and his followers.
27:16 – Jesus can simply be a potential fourth density being.
27:44 – Not one person on this planet has the responsibility to change another person. ONLY YOU have the power to be responsible for yourself.
28:00 – The power of Creation sits beside people that gives us the ability to fix all problems.
28:32 – Jesus is always more ready to forgive than judge people. Jesus did not expel or punish people by their sins, but rather, every action is made to renew love in order to draw people back to a loving community.
29:11 – “In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma. The path of choices you’ve made leads to your destiny.”
29:29 – Having service to self and service to others balance the mindset. It stops the chain of illogical thinking.
29:37 – “In forgiveness we allow ourselves to take a pause for a moment, to reflect and understand other people”.
30:00 – We have no right to cancel/ostracize other people solely on the basis of judgment.
30:28 – We need to recognize the value of human life.
30:31 – Comeback for part 2.
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