The concept of deep state had been the prevailing narrative in Higher Density Living. It has become a social, cultural, as well as political zeitgeist of contemporary politics. Past episodes ranging from White Sands incident to the Lonnie Zamora incident, there is colossal evidence of government projects and hinting at many related activities serving the national security interest of the US government to exploit technology and power. For instance the spacecraft, as described by past documentations of Dr. Daniel Fry, creates an entirely new propulsion mechanism where flight signature does not go against the force of gravity and speed of sound. It blends through the environment, you can imagine what crazy stuff we can do and create using efficient aerodynamics. Feel the scale and brevity of the subject matter.

Despite these grand schemes of things. Higher Density Living aspires to expose, disclose, and spread awareness of legitimate extraterrestrial phenomenon. Many isolated individuals like Lonnie Zamora and Dr. Daniel Fry had tried and failed, but their works are remembered and celebrated today. Declassified alien information remains consistently accurate through space and time. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause.

This podcast series will focus on different bureaucratic offices, military agencies, and government operations so bitterly kept from public knowledge. There are two new introductions of special government programs particularly the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group or AOIMSG and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force or UAPTF, which connects old incidents and new stories for seamless continuation of UFO phenomena. Alex and Jason will discuss a bunch of related recent incidents, technological research and development, government agency reports concerning UAOIMSG findings.

Fresh declassified public releases are up for discussion in this episode. Alex and Jason discuss human flight, mechanisms related to aircraft power based off of UAOIMSG findings. We learn better ways of alternative flight and other shenanigans of hindering US governmental programs, activities, and projects devoted to hiding alien knowledge from the public. It is infuriating how much tax money is kept from public transparency.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss UFO phenomena, Alien technologies, and secret government programs in this episode.

Show Notes :

1:14 – The spiking oil hike in automobile industries.
2:28 – Capital siphoning through OnlyFans and other social media outlets.
3:00 – A sneak peek at TARTLE’s Metaverse podcast series.
3:46 – Alex and Jason talk about offshore finance. On the emerging third internet economy.
4:23 – Exposing the technical vulnerabilities of the US military to intercept Alien phenomena.
4:40 – A potential cesspool of funding; Alex and Jason marvel at the idea of unknowns and lack of credible governmental transparency. The unknown knowns.
5:00 – An inflation for bloating military bureaucracies.
5:35 – Alex deconstructs the petty excuses of government funding and the allocating process to understand extraterrestrial life.
6:23 – On the collective consciousness of the government. Alex and Jason in the context of a single political entity.
6:40 – A fight or flight situation for extraterrestrial discovery.
7:07 – The global public is not ready for extraterrestrial enlightenment.
7:18 – The future decay of sovereignty and nation-state systems. Alex and Jason on a borderless future world.
7:56 – Alex and Jason on biological weapons proliferation in the civilian domains of warfare.
8:26 – Alex and Jason informal outsourcing of illicit activities and business models. On the unhealthy profit margins of American pharmaceutical companies
9:10 – Avarice of power and wealth. Hollywood is wired with hedonistic lifestyles.
9:17 – The steroid culture of Hollywood action stars.
10:30 – Repurposing MCT oils to avoid inflammatory side-effects of steroids. A good absorbent material for the meat suit.
11:34 – Mankind has lost his biological prime. Jason discusses the ideal man back in the post Ice age period.
12:50 – Preliminary Assessment Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Alex and Jason discuss the concern of government agencies and military bureaucracies regarding UFO sightings.
13:15 – The expansive United States intelligence community
13:45 – A preliminary examination of UFO aerial dynamic flight.
14:31 – Everything is uniquely identified
14:39 – Alex discusses the satellite-radio activities and communication transmission of alien spacecraft in human aerospace.
15:26 – The real fuel-cost of hovering aircrafts. Alex and Jason discuss jet fuel and its unsustainable and highly combustible energy for flight.
15:56 – Converting gasoline fuel into the power of speed.
17:29 – Alex discusses the aerodynamics of human flight.
18:00 – The secret appointees of the US government. Alex and Jason in the informal offices of government agencies.
18:23 – Underwater and sub-surface solution for alternative travel.
18:34 – Alex eloquently explains hydrodynamics of subsurface ocean travel.
18:55 – Creating speed without physical drags. Alex proposes a much more efficient method of converting medium space into volatile energy signatures.
19:17 – Jason discusses signature management of aircraft take over and communication refraction .
20:00 – The lack of scientific explanation for UFO character flight signatures.
20:18 – Advanced life doesn’t create waste. It doesn’t create waste signatures.
21:36 – There are humanoid alien hybrids living among government institutions, agencies, and systems.
22:34 – The existence of genome splicing and cloning in the early 1980’s.
23:35 – The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force or UAPTF. Alex and Jason discuss the mission reports.
24:16 – US military grand project to interdict the origins of unidentified aerial phenomenon.
24:58 – Alex and Jason’s attempt to disclose the alien hunting interest of the US government.
25:50 – The dangers of orbital space debris for NASA’s spacecrafts. Alex criticizes modern technology for lack of protective gears.
26:15 – False negative detection of UAP signatures with regular aircraft frequencies.
26:39 – Billy Meier remains the only person to expose the complexity of unique extraterrestrial frequencies.
27:40 – Despite sophisticated government resources, technological capabilities, and military power, some UAP signatures slip through the cracks.
27:50 – Other ‘clandestine’ government programs. Hiding secrets in the compartmentalized shroud of government processes.
28:18 – Too many questions. Very few honest answers. Come back for part 2.

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