The concept of deep state had been the prevailing narrative in Higher Density Living. It has become a social, cultural, as well as political zeitgeist of contemporary politics. Past episodes ranging from White Sands incident to the Lonnie Zamora incident, there is colossal evidence of government projects and hinting at many related activities serving the national security interest of the US government to exploit technology and power. For instance the spacecraft, as described by past documentations of Dr. Daniel Fry, creates an entirely new propulsion mechanism where flight signature does not go against the force of gravity and speed of sound. It blends through the environment, you can imagine what crazy stuff we can do and create using efficient aerodynamics. Feel the scale and brevity of the subject matter.

Despite these grand schemes of things, Higher Density Living aspires to expose, disclose and spread awareness of the legitimate extraterrestrial phenomenon. Many isolated individuals like Lonnie Zamora and Dr. Daniel Fry had tried and failed, but their works are remembered and celebrated today. Declassified alien information remains consistently accurate through space and time. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause.

This episode continues the scientific methodology for determining immaterial thoughts. The human mind is an infinitely powerful tool, and we can bet on government officials using all of their ingenuity, unlimited access to data, and bottomless well of national resources to analyze UAP incidents around the world. We later delve into the different bureaucratic offices of the United States Department of Defense and its oriented programs committed to tracking down, analyzing, and processing data of UAP flight signatures in US territorial airspace.

This episode details the five findings and threat assessments of UATP reports; (1) Airborne Clutter, (2) Natural Atmospheric Phenomena, (3) USG or Industry Developmental Programs, (4) Foreign Adversary Systems, and (5) Catch all bin. It is infuriating how much tax money is kept from public transparency and how much additional funding is needed for in-depth research and development outputs. Later discoveries will serve as a springboard for future podcast episodes.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss inter-governmental operations, paranormal activities, and extraterrestrial encounters.

Show Notes :
0:10 – High time for HDL to get the recognition it deserves.
0:57 – The known ‘unknown’; Alex and Jason on the existence of UFOs.
2:00 – Alex’s anecdote on “near-hit” phenomena of asteroid impacts.
3:29 – Pentagon’s dirty secret. Are they classified government projects out there? Dive-in for more fact bites with Jason Rigby.
3:38 – Misconceptualization of UFO phenomena as regular human experience.
3:45 – The public database for UFO sightings; Alex and Jason discuss the US Military public domains for UAPs.
4:20 – Sign up for TARTLE
5:00 – Jason explains the “Arizona” situation. A mass public exposure for extraterrestrial contact. You can check out the Phoenix Light incident.
6:00 – The bloated investigative process of solving unknown phenomena.
6:18 – You need an apple to apple comparison for fair comparative analysis of data.
6:42 – The collection of data has to be uniform. Alex questions the credibility of using personal belief for objective verification.Find consistency of the truth because you cannot go around and tell people soft evidence.
7:36 – Alexander McCaig on the scientific challenges against relative empiricism. How can you analyze data without basis on universal agreements?
7:50 – How do we define something we don’t understand?
8:02 – Jason Rigby on inductive methodology. Spreading data based on aggregation of different perspectives.
8:33 – Data is sometimes used for personal intent.
9:34 – The astral projection of sleepless thoughts.
10:31 – The stereotypes of people when thinking of haunting phenomenons.
10:45 – Emitting anxieties from the subconscious thought processes. There are material consequences for transmitting immaterial objects in physical space.
11:13 – The thought transmission from the brain into the physical world.
11:33 – Alex discusses the consequences of having radioactive absorption in material-physical objects. A catalyst for action and force.
11:50 – You think you’re a ghost but you only see yourself; Alex and Jason on the aberration of thought and illusions.
12:19 – Jason shares his paranormal misadventures of his past.
12:40 – There is no such thing as exorcist possession. The subconsciousness is manifested in the mind of a person. There is no control of intellect and free will.
12:52 – What happens when you train your subconscious mind to dream? There are unlimited possibilities for anything to come out of the mind. Alex discusses the tendencies to think of evil stuff and bad thoughts.
13:15 – Paranormal possession are radioactive triggers. These phenomena are self-creating negative energies.
14:20 – There are no transcendental origins of negative subconsciousness. It is emitted from a person, like a radio tower, where signals come and go across patterns of thinking.
14:56 – There are very few legitimate individuals that can do a channel from actual consciousness to consciousness, a telepathic entity.The telepathic permutations of consciousness to actual consciousness.
17:00 – The existence of peer competitors among great power rivalries.
17:37 – Has China or Russia acquired drone warfighting capabilities?
18:02 – UATP report is the first government intervention on UFO phenomenon since project bluebook/Condon Report in 1960s.
19:29 – The government loves to put things in buckets and categories.
19:31 – Alex and Jason discuss the five findings; (1) Airborne Clutter, (2) Natural Atmospheric Phenomena, (3) USG or Industry Developmental Programs, (4) Foreign Adversary Systems, and (5) Catch All Other Bin.
21:10 – The Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG); Alex and Jason discuss the ambiguous national security strategy for aerospace defense.
22:29 – The marvelous travel system of the American airlines industry. Other sectors and industries can apply the efficient airline system for ease of travel.
23:23 – Sic parvis magna or Great achievements in small beginnings. We can start by collecting and learning data in order to build great things.
24:35 – The implementing guidance for tracking unusual aerial phenomena in US airspace.
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