Welcome back to Higher Density Living! We are joined by HDL co-host, Jason Rigby, and a special guest Dimitri Moraitis, co-founder and spiritual co-director of the Spiritual Arts Institute. Dimitri has established the Institute as a premier destination for metaphysical learning. His insightful co-authorship in books like “Change Your Aura, Change Your Life” and “Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution”  making significant contributions to spiritual literature.

A gifted speaker and teacher, he has shared his profound insights across the country, enriching lives through workshops, radio shows, and training classes. His journey from a promising filmmaking career, redirected by a profound spiritual awakening, to becoming a luminary in metaphysical teachings, exemplifies a deep commitment to spiritual growth and enlightenment. For this episode, we tackle the essence metaphysics in Spiritual evolution as best practice in life.

To better grasp the metaphysical sense, understanding the soul’s development, and the practice of meditation, education plays a key role. By practicing meditation it helps individuals connect with their inner selves, fostering a deeper understanding beyond external influences. In addition to spiritual growth, we encourage trust in oneself, embracing the belief that fortune favors the bold. Taking calculated risks, not necessarily radical ones, is essential for personal and intellectual development. We advocate for breaking routines, even in simple activities like driving to work, to keep the mind flexible. This adaptability is crucial as repeated actions can create neural pathways, a concept known as neuroplasticity. By staying open to new experiences, we enable the creation of new neural pathways, paving the way for fresh opportunities.

Meditation is particularly beneficial in this regard, serving as a tool to attune oneself to the inner self. Unlike external actions, true meditation involves physical stillness, allowing individuals to tap into a deeper, more profound part of themselves and connect with a greater life force.

Additionally, we address the common tendency to fall into “bubble thinking,” where individuals become entrenched in a particular mindset. By promoting flexibility in thought and embracing new perspectives through diverse experiences, we empower our students to break free from limiting mental bubbles and foster a continuous journey of growth and inspiration.

Our tendency to remain within a fixed mindset limits our perspectives, leading us to seek validation from people or situations that align with our existing beliefs. This closed-minded approach prevents us from exploring alternative viewpoints. The art of living, often overlooked in our current emphasis on intellect and narrow scientific definitions, requires a balance between a strong intellect and an inspirational mind.

Consider individuals who excel academically, earning top grades from a young age but struggle when tasked with thinking creatively, such as writing a Ph.D. thesis. This imbalance arises from an educational focus on test success and analytical thinking rather than nurturing creative thought. Strengthening both intellect and inspiration is crucial for a holistic approach to life.

Metaphysics, often misunderstood as something esoteric, actually means “after physics.” It suggests looking beyond the physical world to comprehend the deeper reality of life. According to Indian metaphysical philosophy, particularly in Hinduism, Upanishads, and Vedanta, the physical world is not the origin but a creation born of the spiritual. You are not merely your body; you inhabit it. Liberating ourselves from the illusion of interpreting the physical world as the only reality allows us to recognize our spiritual essence.

Metaphysical teachings propose that our identification with the physical world creates an illusion known as Maya. To break free from this illusion, we must drop false principles and perceive life as it truly is. This realization involves understanding ourselves as immortal sparks of life, part of a vast ocean of life called Brahman. Achieving enlightenment allows us to rejoin this ocean and experience a state of bliss.

Buddhist philosophy aligns with these ideas, emphasizing the importance of waking up from false perceptions that cause suffering. The story of Buddha, witnessing old age, sickness, and death for the first time, prompts his quest for a deeper meaning to life. Upon discovering the truth, he dedicates himself to teaching others how to liberate themselves from suffering.

In essence, life is a school, and part of our journey involves evolving the spark of life within us, our soul. As we grow, our awareness expands, allowing us to perceive the richness of life more fully. Phenomena like seeing auras, often attributed to special gifts, are seen as latent abilities present in everyone, requiring individuals to follow their hearts and resonate with their own truths.

Discover more about Dimitri Moraitis’s spiritual teachings by visiting of his co-founding Spiritual Arts Institute’s official website and connecting on social media:LinkedIn and Facebook Page.  Find out more on her exclusive online courses on metaphysical training.  

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