In this episode, Alexander and Jason delve into the dangers of self-serving ideology by exploring the example of extremist Nazi ideology. The Nazi ideology and its grand Germanic ascendancy drew from a multitude of fringe political, esoteric, and unorthodox European upbringings. The myth of Vril – an infinite source of power claimed to be harnessed by Aryans – embodies the dangers of ideology that has been co-opted into specific purposes and interests.

The Vril society, a secluded elite group famously imagined in “The Coming Race” novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, published anonymously in 1871, served as a service-to-self device that delivered its purpose to formalize Nazi ideology on race, culture, and its occultist upbringing to center stage. These fringe and esoteric beliefs led to the cult-like following of Nazi ideology, which excluded the vast majority outside its banal dictation.

However, whether it is possible to avoid falling into the traps of such ideology. Ideology cannot be universal if it serves a specific purpose, a particular interest, or group thinking that excludes the vast majority of people. To avoid such pitfalls, we should strive to be like the sun, which shines on all forms of life. We should embrace love and life for all, rather than being exclusive.

It is essential to question and critically evaluate any ideology we come across, regardless of its source, intention, or popularity. Blindly following a rigid ideology that excludes individuals or groups of people can only lead to harm. We must learn to embrace the nuances of different viewpoints and perspectives, without falling into the trap of dogmatic ideology.

In conclusion, we encourage us to question any extremist ideology we encounter, to critically evaluate it, and to embrace a more inclusive worldview. By striving towards universal love and acceptance, we may help to create a world without the dangers of a self-serving ideology.

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