As humans, we often strive to live lives filled with love and wisdom. We want to make the most of our time on this earth and seek out ways to find happiness and fulfillment. In this episode, Alexander and Jason will guide us through understanding love and wisdom between third to fourth densities in the Law of One Ra Material, which is now entirely available online through open-source website

At its core, the Law of One teaches that all beings are part of the same infinite consciousness, experiencing itself in various forms and dimensions. Each density emphasizes our evolution as individuals within. This is manifested in Service to Self (STS) and Service to Others (STO). Across densities, it emphasizes the fundamental unity and interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Like the spectrum of light, each density highlights a specific vibratory frequency that resonates with the truth and spiritual awakening in the Oneness of the universe.

For this episode, we will discuss the alignment of third density, which is the current density we are at, towards bridging the gap to fourth density consciousness through complex interactions of love and wisdom. We need to understand these two lessons in order to have a sense of unity and oneness, which is a more sophisticated and refined version of our current perception of reality, in order to evolve into the fourth density.

Alexander and Jason will also discuss the “Harvest”, which is the widespread learnings happened in multiple lifetimes throughout our current state of third density consciousness. The Harvest takes multiple stages in third density through various improvements of service to others. According to Ra, wisdom is gained through experience, learning, and seeking the truth.  Tapping in our higher selves can ability to discern the highest good in any given situation, make choices aligned with this higher understanding, and contribute to the evolution of consciousness. This also mean, that love and wisdom through Service to Self (STS) incorporates all positive attraction in energy. 

Collective understanding in third density is ill-represented to in our collective inner biases and prejudices that generates a sense of falseness that separate us in unity. People are so caught up in looking at life as  complex machinations, but life is not a complex binaries of ones and zeros. You don’t need to seek other answers, because

you have the total control and power to answer the questions within you. If the universe is a computer, you are the hard drive. You are PART and PARCEL of Creation.  

One of the key teachings of the Law of One is the importance of love. According to Ra, love is the foundation of existence and the ultimate path to spiritual evolution. Love, in this context, is not merely an emotion or attachment to specific individuals, in cases such as Buddha or Jesus, attaining a universal force that permeates all aspects of Creation. It is the energy that binds all beings together and sustains the cosmos. The mastery of love and light is the KEY to transcend life after we completed the act of service to self in third density evolution.

In order to understand wisdom, we need to know how to harness the wisdom of our higher selves. The higher self is the guiding force that corrects our lower self. Think of the higher self as a stronger, more authoritative version of our current selves. We can better understand this dynamic by thinking of ourselves as a rider who tends to his horse. While the concept is simple, it is also powerful. By choosing to make our higher selves the director of our lower selves, we can direct ourselves towards the proper path. 

Ra said, “The service is infinite.” Giving love and understanding to others is boundless. You are in service to others if you understand yourself. You are closer to intelligent infinity. Love and light, in its perfect form, are unlimited. Moreover, we need to have a practical understanding of Service To Others (STO) on a daily basis. This requires developing empathy, compassion, and forgiveness towards oneself and others in accordance with a unified social memory complex, building oneness in all through universal understanding of love. By practicing love in every interaction and situation, individuals can transcend the limitations of ego and enter into a state of unified consciousness. But right now humanity faces a massive regression towards the inclination to use combat and violence to solve problems. 

We need to relearn in our higher selves, learn the fundamentals of love and wisdom to ascend in higher density living.

 As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe. Let us join Alexander and Jason as they discuss Love and Wisdom. Stay tuned for more episodes where we delve into the profound principles that shape our existence.

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