In this second episode, Alexander and Jason will continue to guide us through understanding love and wisdom between third to fourth densities in the Law of One Ra Material, which is now entirely available online through an open-source website. The episode continues our impactful discussion on love and wisdom as Alexander and Jason contextualize the topic in further readings of the Ra Material. In contrast to the previous episode of ‘stupid spirituality’, this episode features lengthy anecdotal discussions. 

As a brief overview, the Law of One teaches that all beings are part of the same infinite consciousness, experiencing itself in various forms and dimensions. Each density emphasizes our evolution as individuals within. This is manifested in Service to Self (STS) and Service to Others (STO). Across densities, it emphasizes the fundamental unity and interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Like the spectrum of light, each density highlights a specific vibratory frequency that resonates with the truth and spiritual awakening in the Oneness of the universe. Let your thoughts and refine the energy of a thought. 

For Service to Self, it involves questioning oneself through introspection, rather than self-doubt. We ask in order to seek understanding. The problem lies in our tendency as humans to take it personally, assuming that self-questioning carries a negative connotation of doubting and undermining our own abilities and power from our higher self to uplift and assist us. We often perceive it as a treacherous path leading to a precipice. However, the act of examining and knowing oneself better does not sow doubt and fear, but rather enables us to realize our fullest potential.

Additionally, it is essential to shed our insecurities. Patience and finding joy in the process are virtues. By fostering growth and setting priorities, we establish a solid foundation. There is an internal wisdom that we must learn and possess. Once acquired, it equips us with the knowledge needed to take action. This is wisdom – the merging and harmonization of our higher self with our own being. In the pursuit of perfecting wisdom, questioning is necessary, as it is a natural and

intrinsic process of refining wisdom itself. Doubt is merely a pseudo-thought that arises from a lack of understanding and self-awareness.

As Alexander and Jason have taught us, it is crucial to remember how to communicate with our higher self. Before seeking answers, we should conduct research. Asking without making an effort to know or find the answer is lazy. Our higher self encourages critical thinking and does not spoon-feed us, as it would foster laziness. Therefore, when we feel stagnant, we must question how to transcend this intoxicating trance. By directing our energy and focus towards our higher self, we can ignite the thoughts and actions of our lower self. Externalizing our fears obstructs the blossoming of our internal wisdom. Always keep the internal question in mind.

To truly serve others, we must also serve ourselves by embracing love and wisdom. This brings us closer to intelligent infinity—an eternal and boundless source. Tapping into our higher self helps us transform knowledge into wisdom, and receiving guidance from our higher self is an act of love. Service to others knows no boundaries or limitations as we strive to reach out and create a better world. Love is an unlimited force.

As the harvest progresses in each iterative reincarnation and path towards evolution itself we need to be more self-aware than we think. It is important to take responsibility for EVERYTHING we do. The current state of affairs—the global events and controversies we face as a civilization—is the effect of our thoughts and actions, or lack thereof. Every energy exhibited by a thing, whether it possesses second, third, or higher density sentience, interacts within the spectrum of universal vibration. The Law of Cause and Effect permeates all of us. We must reclaim control of our Free Will and take responsibility. Let us harmonize with nature, viewing technology as a means rather than an end, and strive to find the perfect balance in everything.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe. Thank you for joining us on this cosmic journey, and we look forward to sharing more fascinating topics with you in the future. Let us join Alexander and Jason as they discuss love and wisdom.

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