The resurgence of neofascism has been a big enough problem in contemporary American politics. The recent January 6th Capitol attack ignites a literal “renaissance” of far-right extremists. America holds a rich history and story to tell about such radical political groups.

This episode is a walkthrough of nuances regarding American identity of neofascism; its historical roots in Europe, the founding figures, and legacy on American orthodox politics. We introduce James H. Madole, the former leader and founder of the National Renaissance Party in the US. This was the political party that introduced neofascist occultism in the American political system and culture.

This episode also features how deep one rabbit hole can go. The influence of conspiracy news organizations embedded in the political, news, and show business in an effort to establish a new “rhineland” for aryan germanic races.
Highlighting the issue of Victoria Secret’s Roy Raymond, we can analyze the consequences of proliferating fake news propaganda that leads to feeding the fires of far-right extremist organizations. This machinery is a premier reason to direct controversies and mobilize domestic attacks, just like the January 6th insurrection, which can deal enough damage to political integrity as well as basic human decency. It should be commonsensical that perpetuation of division and hate will hinder our ascendancy from third density to fourth density living. We should abandon divisiveness among ourselves and start recognizing we are all ONE together in evolution and creation.

Regardless, we go back to the essence of understanding and love. This way we can see beyond petty grievances and move forward for the better. Your choice, your Free will can help us make this world a better place. Belief is always a choice and we should all promote a community of oneness.

Let us join Alex and Jason as they discuss Hate and Bigotry.

Show Notes:

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1:35- We take a brief background profiling of notable different “occultist” secret societies.
2:16- Jason introduces James H. Madole, the former leader and founder of National Renaissance Party (AKA the “Animist Party”) in the US. This was the political party that introduced neofascist occultism in the American political system and culture.
2:38- Alex talks about the revival of neofascist, conspiracy movements in recent memory.
3:20- Alex makes the context right on the spot. Most people misconstrue “fascism” as a homogenized western concept. But fascism originally came from Europe. It’s more of a European thing than an American culture.
3:54- Sci-Fi sprung into prominence in the late 1920’s-early 1930’s.
4:15- Any conspiracy theory has a singular purpose. Conspiracies are meant to condition, influence, and bend public perception towards truth.
5:11- Politics as usual is a cycle of deceit, struggle, and competition of power.
6:14- Neofascist itself has an occultist agenda. There is so much going on around occultist gatekeeping communities.
7:00- Jason talks about the infamous Roy Raymond suicide. This incident was connected to some of Epstein’s estate assets.
7:48- Most mainstream news outlets are controlled, and funded, by big pharmaceutical companies. A whopping 80% of televised commercials are related to medicine and private healthcare.
8:15- The type of news doesn’t really matter. Network support is non-partisan to any political values. All apples came from the same tree.
8:57- Women were not “represented” in Victoria Secret.
9:40- Radicalized news is a catalyst for emboldenment. Getting scammed by false and dangerous information is enough to create havoc.
10:00- Sowing more hate only harvests more hate. Alex and Jason talks about the contemporary hate and bigotry pervading in American societies.
10:23- We should all promote a community of oneness.
10:36- Abandon hate and embrace the unity of love and light.
10:57- We all basically experience an episode of hyper polarization of conflicts among people.
11:18- Alex on the hyper polarization of hate and hierarchy within societies. Pure anguish creates more hate and breeds animosity in each person. These elements can make love and care impossible for human “progress” and forward thinking.
11:33- Delusion has no ideological alignment. Whether you are right or left, both sides have a shred of false information.
12:05- The Animist Party is originally conceived by infiltration of legitimate neo-nazi organizers.
12:28- Alex explains the historical origins of NRP. It was mostly formed by german-americano races in Yorktown, New York.
12:47- The NRP was an attempt as a backup plan for german seeding “neonazi” fortresses in the New World. This was a hope to finish what Adolf Hitler started.
13:00- Alex explains the revisionist narrative of far-right extremism. These groups have totalitarian glorifications of American industrial power.
13:11- Madole claims to support ultra-nationalist centrality. He says that the garden of Eden was located in the United States.
13:40- An unborn future of a new “Rhineland” in the United States.
14:13- We got a bulk of future political episodes from Right wing ideology to Leftist political movements and political systems.
14:30- What does it take to escalate from third to fourth density living.
15:06- Love and Understanding are core tenants of Fourth density transition.
15:29- Unitary mindset will set apart from mere “self-conscious” and self-aware individuality towards positive altruism.
15:36- All extreme forms of ideology inhibit ourselves from positive transition to higher densities of human civility. These things inhibit ourselves as a whole as it slows down truth from reaching those people who need it most.
15:59- Extremist political organizations will only preach hate and breed negative pressure. It is an ill-logical endeavor to spread division among harmonious individuals.
16:15- People of hate refuse to be part of a collective, holistic narrative of oneness. That’s the reason for their revisionist attitudes, changing the story to their advantage.
16:34- Polarization of “beliefs” only gets worse over time. Belief is always a choice.
16:56- Evolution is a matter of Free Will. Whether or not we choose to move forward in the choices we made will always be a catalyst of change. Alex and Jason do not proclaim hate to these organizations, no matter how violent they can be in their own right, but only expose the consequences of their illogical and ill-guided ideologies to the human race.
17:17- Beyond the polarization we must understand that Free Will and its respective responsibility is for EVERYONE.
17:35- Regardless, we go back to the essence of understanding and love. This way we can see beyond petty grievances and move forward for the better.
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