The resurgence of neofascism has been a big enough problem in contemporary American politics. The recent January 6th Capitol attack ignites a literal “renaissance” of far-right extremists. America holds a rich history and story to tell about such radical political groups.

This two part episode is a walkthrough of nuances regarding American identity of neofascism; its historical roots in Europe, the founding figures, and legacy on American orthodox politics. We explore more on James H. Madole, the former leader and founder of National Renaissance Party in the US, and his ideological progenitors, origins, and intellectual foundations for influencing neoclassical variants of facism to America.

This episode tackles James Madole’s later years and his ideological legacy to various political developments in fascists, far-right movements in the United States. The American version of fascism is heavily grounded on its older European counterparts. It directs the economic system to mercantilist capitalism while shutting down any signs of free market activities. Among more refined versions of this political system is reliance on isolationist and racist culture. This machinery is a premier reason to direct controversies and mobilize domestic attacks, just like the January 6th insurrection, which can deal enough damage to political integrity as well as basic human decency. Alternative iterations of Fascists political economies bear resemblance to State Corporatism under the Non-Aligned (Third Wave) movements. These alternatives, together with the polar extremities of left-wing communism will be compared side by side.

It should be commonsensical that perpetuation of division and hate will hinder our ascendancy from third density to fourth density living. We should abandon divisiveness among ourselves and start recognizing we are all ONE together in evolution and creation. The truth will remain forever in this universe. Nothing else will. That is something you must focus on. That you should always remember. More than any form of belief.

Regardless, we go back to the essence of understanding and love. This way we can see beyond petty grievances and move forward for the better. Your choice, your Free will can help us make this world a better place. Belief is always a choice and we should all promote a community of oneness.

Let us join Alex and Jason as they discuss Hate and Bigotry.

Show Notes:

1:00- Welcome back for Part 2 of the Far-Right extremism episode.
1:12- The second segment will discuss further about the formal creation of neo-nazi political ideology and its economic systems.
1:33- Recapping main points from the previous episode.
2:10- Neofascist America heavily relies on the old European framework of fascism.
2:19- Jason recasts the Cold War international system (First world countries or Capitalist democracies, Second World or the Communist Soviets, and the Non-Aligned Movement)
2:36- Alex and Jason talk about the poisons of Capitalism, Communism, and Third Way. These are the three totalitarian economic systems.
2:41- Alex on Communist systems. In contrast to “Free Market” capitalism, communism DOES NOT allow competition of business against the state. The state has a monopoly of all modes in material production.
3:10- The other end, Alex explains the “Corporate State” economy to non-totalitarian systems of Neoliberal capitalism and Free Market systems.
3:28- Alex on the totalitarian hierarchy of fascist bureaucratic systems.
3:45- Totalitarian regimes offer diminutive incentives for workers.
4:15- There is little distinction between the NRP and Hitler’s Third Reich. The NRP is a direct successor to Nazi socialist party.
4:24- The rejection of Capitalist and Communism models will have the consequence of automatic alignment to Corporate Fascism. The Third Way is not really neutral.
4:44- Jason shares his primary sourced, independent biographical research findings on Benito Mussolini.
5:22- James Madole infuses Nazi economic ideas, personal hate, and ideological spins to a wider philosophical, and pseudoscientific propaganda.
5:39- Religion is a strong polarizer. Certain dogmatic-religious ideas can be catalysts for mass movements.
6:10- Madole is a master of deception and manipulation. He radicalized non-political ideas into an abomination of fascist, occultist design.
6:37- Brandishing a pseudo political management and a totalitarian economy gives the NRP unprecedented elitism and prestige among right wing radicals.
6:45- Fascist Corporatism is a highly competitive and potentially dangerous economic model that breeds hate, anger to non-white/ multi-racial workers.
7:30 – This negatively oriented false narrative can lead many people falling to a cliff.
7:44- If you tell a lie long enough it could eventually pass off as truth.
8:15- Jason on the racial supremacist theories of white people. This is a twisted belief that white, Anglo-Saxon races, are the purest human species on planet Earth.
8:45- The “just cause” argument of white people. The facial and skin textures are solely based on Anglo-Saxon eugenics.
9:13- There is no way highly advanced civilizations would embrace and hang-out with a delusional group of people.
9:29- James Madole has his people engaging in dialogue and extraterrestrial contact with higher alien species. This was a occult strategy to mystify and enforce the narrative of superiority
9:52- Unified consciousness can be negatively oriented.
10:04- The evil of fascism transcends beyond any moral dilemma. It is pure evil.
10:16- Neofascist like James H. Madole had learned about the theosophical society through Robert E. Howard’s “Conan the Barbarian”. A fictionalized serial meant for the ubermensch mentality.
10:59- The immortalized mythology of chauvinistic human ego was based on theosophical teachings.
11:34- The rise of Neo-nazi populism in the United States. Madole basically popularized these ideas through amalgamation of different occultist beliefs.
12:21- We got a bunch of broken nerds (sci-fi fantasy fanatics) and delusional political radicals married under a fascist umbrella.
12:36- A lot of disenfranchised people can be easily radicalized because they see a political ideology as a scapegoat from their own miserable lifestyles.
13:00- Madole reinforces his deluded fantasies by publishing black propaganda to his followers.
13:10- There is STILL enough rational skepticism to the Bible’s “Creation Story” simply because it is a purely “White” story. Common westernized depictions of Adam and Eve are inaccurate.
13:40- Madole visioned a new breed of “super-human” races with ESP capabilities.
14:08- In a way, many of these occult fascist have miserable, disappointing lives and they are using a broken ideological belief system and eugenics to satisfy their sense of inferiority complex.
14:24- Occult Fascism is a false sense of dominance.
15:22- Alex and Jason describe the decorum of NRP fascists.
15:35- The NRP has a tight security force called the SE. These security forces are responsible for the survival and political integrity of the party, targeting any potential saboteurs.
15:54- The SE can be easily traced back and modeled after the former Nazi “SS” security guards.
16:28- Alex and Jason on the highest special forces of Germany, KSK Germany, was a brigade level regular armed forces with specialized operational skills in unconventional warfare.
16:40- The fascist downfall of the KSK. It was an ill-gotten strategic culture within the armed forces organization.
17:00- A lot of corrupted and hateful ideologies can creep up into the professional military and brought many negative effects.
17:23- Alex on the radicalization of ideologies in weak people.
18:00- Things would get nasty if you put a reason, an ideology, to pull the trigger.
18:25- Radicalized individuals can be so untrue but it is their perceived reality.
18:34- The death of James Madole and the collapse of the NRP.
18:57- When one thing is based on one person there are Free Will issues here. Simply because other people will give their full power on that one individual.
19:24- The truth will remain forever in this universe. Nothing else will.
19:42- Do not attach yourselves in any individual pontification.
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