As we drift off to sleep, our minds take us on a journey through our dreams. This special episode features an expert in comparative symbolism and dream interpretations, Kari Hohne. She has an intensive professional background in astrology and is an expert in the comparative symbolism of Western and Eastern archetypes. She is the author of several best-selling books including Tao Te Ching: The Poetry of Nature, her seminal translation of timeless Chinese philosophy to modern teachings of self-development, and The Mythology of Sleep, her groundbreaking work on constructing dream archetypes and where do we go when we sleep. She has a dedicated official website where you can research more about her advocacy and available programs.

Working with dreams brought her to study archetypes and symbols. These are the universal patterns of knowing. These motifs draw a common pattern of ancient wisdom tangibly universal when viewed with proper perspective and knowledge. Hohne teaches readers worldwide about the laws of success and helps people unlock their full potential. As a meditation-based self-help technology pioneer, her apps and books are best sellers at iTunes and Amazon. She is passionate about keeping ancient wisdom relevant to modern times, as we dive deep into this episode the importance of past wisdom to imbue success for the future.  

Kari was emancipated from the hollowness of traditional belief systems: long-standing human norms and religious dogma. She later discovered higher conscious awareness and a hermetic expansion of the mind, body, and spirit as a being and an artist. She encourages us to feel more and think more, as our minds hold unparalleled power in the universe. Our minds delve into the journey of the unfathomable. Not knowing is the only way to wander.

In this episode, Kari Hohne discusses the historical context of her journey in discovering her work on “dreams”. The sanctuary of ancient Chinese thinking helps her navigate different cultural, spiritual, and conceptual archetypes of dreaming. Kari maximizes her discovery through various mediums to channel her artistic impression of consciousness in the dream state. Her translation of encrypted ancient knowledge from the I Ching and Tarot sheds light on technological and social evolution. The archetypal mythologies of the East and West, and the transitive relationship of many ancient traditions, practices, and ways of life, are exponentially helpful in the modern human journey.

As a start-up, you have some control and sense of your mind and body, it is within nature. It is beyond the mind and body where things get more complex. Kari offers some beginners guides on her website where you can become a member of the dream community. 

But have you ever wondered where we go when we sleep? Dreams are repositories of our collective wisdom, regardless of Eastern or Western perspective. However, it is understated that Eastern metaphysics, mainly Chinese thinkers, possess unparalleled wisdom compared to their Western counterparts. Kari Hohne guides us through many Oriental perspectives and explains how these ancient pearls of wisdom influence the craft of her work. It is a rich narrative of shared mythologies, but seeing beyond the larger picture, all the shamans and ancient practitioners of higher awareness/spirituality are astronomers of knowledge. Studying all relics of divine channeling from a modern lens of spiritual technology application helps us better understand ancient wisdom. Ancient wisdom is symbolic, not literal, as dreams would make us feel. 

According to Hohne, while our physical bodies may be stationary as we sleep, the material occupancy of time and space remains in its natural stasis. Kari espouses that our minds travel to different places and dimensions. She teaches that our dreams can take us to explore our subconscious minds and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. Interpreting dreams reveals more than emotional impressions; it taps into ancient power. The transit of the mind is connected to the ancient wisdom present in historical values, teachings, and laws. We spent at least half of our lives dreaming, the origins of this well of thoughts must come from a divine source. The origins of dreams come from the core memory within our minds, which holds the unfathomable depths of reality and wisdom.

The mind is a whole entity on its own. There is no daytime awareness or nighttime awareness. No separate binaries can capture the vivid inner workings of the mind, especially in its dreams. Sleeping makes us wander into the unfathomable, the infinite void of possibilities. It is beyond our understanding, beyond our judgments.

Moreover, certain patterns of our thoughts are dominated by fear. The complexities of our thoughts and emotions shift and change in various forms, and these manifestations are evident in our dreams. However, we can bring clarity to these phenomena by analyzing the symbols within them. Often, we take the meaning of our dreams for granted, but Kari and Jason help us make sense of them. Dreams have the ability to interpret certain symbols, which are derived from ancient wisdom. There is a tendency for us to associate symbols more deeply with ourselves, without necessarily being aligned with a higher conscious understanding of the self. We must train our minds to make the correct associations with these symbols, and one effective approach is to attune ourselves to nature and connect with our higher selves.

Hohne also discusses the potential for lucid dreaming, where individuals are aware that they are dreaming and can even control the outcome of their dreams. Such dreams have deep-seated subterranean foundations abundant with meaning and value. These dreams provide a sense of empowerment and allow individuals to face fears or overcome challenges in a safe and controlled environment. Dreams help us construct reality and better understand the true nature of reality, more so than relying solely on our own devices. By interpreting dreams, we can see how people organize themselves emotionally, behaviorally, personally, and spiritually.

However, Hohne emphasizes the importance of quality sleep to achieve these benefits. She encourages individuals to create a peaceful and comfortable sleep environment, as well as establish a regular sleep routine. Adopting best practices and good habits generates a net positive outcome. In addition, Hohne acknowledges the impact of technology on our sleep patterns. 

Sleeping is more than just physically rejuvenating the body; it transcends the mind from a material-mental condition to the non-physical “dream state” where it holds unlimited power. The body and mind heal during sleep, allowing our minds to develop intelligently and our bodies to perform better in adaptation.

Finally, Kari leaves us a final note. When we dream we should have a sense of firm consciousness. Right before you wake up, have a glimpse of what your dreams are about, a symbol that best represents the whole experience. Don’t try to overanalyze because it destroys the awareness of the dream. To keep a better track record of your sleep and dreams you can check out Kari’s website which offers an online cloud storage journal for your dreams. 

For more source material on Kari Hohne’s work check out her book The Mind’s Mirror: Dream Dictionary and Translation Guide, a dream dictionary for those seeking interpretation and meaning, and The Mythology of Sleep, for those embarking on a quest of the Hero’s Journey, the deeper connection and meaning of dreams hardwired in ancient archetypes. 

Conventional psychology and science have criminally underestimated the power of dreams. We learn that there is more to dreams than its meaning. It delivers a more expansive and immersive learning experience. As we continue to explore the mysteries of sleep, it is important to prioritize getting quality rest for both our physical and mental health. Dreams are truly symbols of powerful ancient wisdom. Jason and Kari delve deep into this episode as they further dissect several dream cases for open interpretation. Let us join Jason Rigby as we welcome our special guest, writer, and dream analyst, Kari Hohne, sharing her exclusive insights on this special episode.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe. Thank you for joining us on this cosmic journey, and we look forward to sharing more fascinating topics with you in the future. Stay tuned for more episodes where we delve into the profound principles that shape our existence.

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