Look within and live your life on the edge of two worlds. A reality where you find true understanding of who you are through new age thinking, new age living and new age practices. Take the step into the unknown with Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby as they explore the thinly veiled world of spiritual awakening, consciousness, spirit, and the human condition. Join them in embodying the oneness of all. Walk the cliffs edge between the seen and the unseen realities with spiritual awakening experiences and enlightenment. Get yourself prepared for a spiritual evolution and a whole new world to discover. More strength and power to you.

Modern society problems feature a bipolar struggle between differences. The politics of difference ranges a wide spectrum of social issues from politics to family scandals. For this podcast episode Alex-Jason discusses “Toxic Masculinity” its effect on gender inequality and how it fares with Creational Law. We are all one regardless of Gender or Sexual Orientation. There is no existence of any hierarchal ladder that tops one over another.

Higher Density Living starts a new mini-series focusing on anthropological and cultural relevance of Masculine Energy, taking into account a sober and Creational bounded discussion with Law of One. The dogmatic smear of religious conservative coupled with negative Orion energy have had to compromise and antagonize masculine identity, is just outright wrong. Masculinity, just like Feminism, is equally substantial to all humans regardless of gender. However, anthropocentric views of Masculinity transfer human domination in things around us, which in turn makes for highly negative polarity. The Cosmic Egg encapsulates Creational Energy that is both Feminine in Nature and Masculine in Character.

Let’s join Alex-Jason as they discuss Technology Revolution, Artificial Intelligence, Urbanization and Cosmic Egg in this podcast series on Toxic Masculinity on Higher Density Living.

Show Notes:

1:26 – On Pilgrims and Native American Influence in Technology
2:00 – Jason on the Free Way Society and infrastructural Boom in 30’s
2:26 – Suburbia Traveling
3:21 – Tunneling Machine Technology to Eliminate Urban Traffic
4:42 – On People and Breaking Traffic Congestion
5:16 – The Mass Transit Failure in USA
6:10 – The Beauty of Night Trains
7:11 – Excessive American Lifestyle
7:40 – The Evolution of Aviation from Propeller to Jet Engine
8:50 – Static Air Fuel
9:00 – On Decentralization of New Currencies
12:43 – Alex and Jason on British Comedy
11:51 – On Cosmic Eggs
15:00 – Moving the Non-Material into Material Yolk
15:26 – Shaping the Universe as an Egg
15:59 – Two Dimensional Egg; The White Mass and the inner Yolk
16:53 – Eggs Everywhere; From Astrophysics to Pop-culture Film
17:22 – The Mythological Connection and Origins of the Cosmic Egg
18:13 – Incorporating the “Egg” Design beyond Scientific Application
19:20 – Getting Away with Toxic Masculinity; Veering Away from Nihil Domination and Will to Power
21:00 – The Unnatural Design of Man-made Irrigation; the inept storage of Water and Pipe line engineering
22:05 – Modeling the Cosmic Egg and processing incubation in our tools
24:19 – Adding Negative Cost for VALUE
25:03 – Inter-Stellar Utopia doesn’t Work
25:40 – Harnessing the Creative Thought of the Cosmic Egg to Save Humanity from himself
28:04 – Toxic Masculinity ALWAYS elucidate Fear and Domination
28:50 – Cosmic Egg in Modern Astrology and Cosmology; the Origin of the Universe
29:19 – Expanding and Hatching Cosmos
30:25 – Things that you CAN DO

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