The topic of beliefs has been a major centre point of discussions for Higher Density Living. Belief has a similar calcification effect towards people who abide by it. Just like the medical jargon, it slowly hardens the mind, stubbornness becomes more frequent that slowly impregnates formation of individual thoughts, your consciousness, and belief system.

Higher Density Living revisits a long time segment of topics regarding belief systems. It is always a continuous exploration of discourse and constant learning interaction to amend the cadre of episodes. Belief has always been a central concept and concern in Philosophy, Religion, and Spiritual Teachings all working for the common of cause neutralize dogma, naturalize laws, or advance enlightenment through expansion of narrow-mindedness systems that dictates every action, word, and the way you live in this universe.

Depression comes into the picture when Ends becomes the Ends, and not meeting Means and Ends. The pure objective of zero-sum logic further reinforces impregnation of stagnation in YOUR LIFE. This creates a double down effect that enables removal of individual autonomy to be decisive and firm to control life. Your ticket to enter Dogmatic Gatekeeping becomes inevitable when you accept association of values institutions or organizations imposing upon your FREE WILL! As with the previous episode Alex and Jason join human anatomy to the discussion of belief. FREE YOURSELF from the calcified reality, never be trapped in silence or agony. Reach out and get help but always remember to take full responsibility for yourself.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss the transcendence of Self-Awareness, expanded discussions on Human Philosophy, and Empathy.

Show Notes :

0:55 – Jason on Calcification of People through BELIEF
1:38 – Alex and Jason on Contextualizing Calcification
2:28 – Calcifying your CONSCIOUSNESS AND THOUGHTS; the metaphor of limiting your potential and trapping your Evolution
2:47 – “A lot of Depression Comes when you have an End Goal”
4:03 – “ I Only want to do things that don’t have an End.”
4:19 – Enhancing Physical Endurance at Old Age
4:47 – The Marriage of Physical Endurance and Spiritual Strength to overcome Calcification; Alex on increasing human mobility and flexibility
5:03 – We are looking it at growth; A Two way approach on Belief
5:21 – Cognition of Identity through mimicry of Social Inter-Action
5:55 – Fitness, Health and Wealth in Old Age; Jason’s admiration for Jim Collins
6:26 – The end is not the goal. The end is always the start of a new BEGINNING!
7:27 – Dopamine is not just a mere FEEL GOOD Catalyst
7:58 – Dopamine as a feeling of Doing a Good Job
9:29 – Fulfillment of myself comes through learning; Alexander McCaig’s Goal in every action
10:13 – Always remember to honor your past and take pride to your responsible growth! Embrace your EVOLUTION and how you change yourself throughout time
10:25 – People forget changes that happen – Alexander McCaig
11:26 – Most thoughts are NOVEL. You are unique and beautifully different in every way.
11:31 – Thoughts makes YOU SELF AWARE
12:00 – WHY WOULD YOU DROWN YOURSELF WITH NEGATIVE THOUGHTS??? It plainly does not help in any bit
12:44 – Suffering yourself with dangerous hormones lets you LIVE IN A CALCIFIED REALITY
12:51 – Take the Evolutionary Approach to be SELF AWARE
13:10 – Alex and Jason On Being-ness
13:20 – Navigating the Heroes Journey
14:35 – Anger Blinds Your Intuition; Moreover it creates an compounding mess that further enhances DELUSION
15:13 – He judges only people that he thinks he is only being judge – Alexander McCaig
15:50 – The Objective Observations and Analogy; Alex on Value Neutrality and Dogma Free Thinking towards other People
16:41 – “Being Critical is not Judging Other People”; Alexander McCaig on Critical Empiricism and Rational Ethical Discourse
17:22 – Plastic Perfectionism; A new term for Nonsense in Material Reality
17:47 – Subverting the Ego against Artificial Objectives of Perfection
17:58 – Revisiting the Genius of Classical Stoicism
18:07 – Alex and Jason on the Ignorant Bliss of False Stoicism
18:22 – Stoicism as the Adept Agent of Behavior Towards Life
19:08 – Neoclassical Stoics as Stewards of Modern Virtues of Life
19:19 – To Me Stoicism is the Complete Acceptance of Reality” – Jason Rigby
19:42 – A Fabricated Bootleg Matrix; Jason against the issues of False Acceptance
20:10 – A Responsible Decision Maker drives desirable probabilities in the right path, what you want to ACHIEVE, you are ALWAYS IN CONTROL OF FREE WILL
22:03 – The Solution is Adaptation to Nature
23:47 – The Pervasive Tendencies for Attachments to Judgements
26:12 – Stop Hurting YOURSELF!!! You can deny, conquer, or CONTROL NATURE. Nature is Immutable in her mighty power.
27:14 – “The Universe Does not Revolve Around you”
27:51 – “The Greatest Desire to all men is to be seen and understood” – Jason Rigby
29:09 – The Reason why you don’t TRUST yourself is because you don’t trust your relationship with CREATION itself.
29:13 – Existence Precedes Essence; You are understood because you are alive!
29:31 – once you understand Creation of ONENESS, there is nothing else to understood.

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