Welcome back to Higher Density Living! Joining us today is Greg Schmaus, CEO of Healing 4D and a versatile wellness expert. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Shamanic Energy Healer, and Licensed Massage Therapist, Greg has developed “Healing the Mind,” a holistic 21-day mental health program. Greg’s unique approach blends physical and mental health, guiding individuals globally towards empowerment and self-awareness through authentic lifestyle practices. He has been featured in numerous podcast channels. 

Greg’s journey in wellness began at the CHEK Institute, followed by his licensure in Massage Therapy and Bodywork, and culminated in his studies in Shamanic Energy Medicine at The Four Winds Light Body School. His personal experiences with health challenges are the foundation of his empathetic and effective coaching style. Prepare to be inspired by Greg Schmaus, a guiding light in the realm of holistic healing and personal growth.

Archetypes serve as the language of the psyche, encapsulating the roles, patterns, and vehicles we employ for self-expression and understanding ourselves in relationships. Whether it’s the dynamic interplay of a student and teacher or the intricate dance between a victim and a rescuer, archetypes permeate our stories, movies, and myths, resonating deeply within us.

For Greg, a profound desire to comprehend myself on a deeper level arose, questioning the motives behind my words, actions, and passions. As we embarked on a healing journey, we can notice a subtle self-sabotage, manifested in archetypal behaviors like neglecting nourishing foods. Seeking to grasp the essence of self-sabotage and acknowledging a part of you holding onto pain and illness, encountering roadblocks along the way.

Archetypes became a powerful tool to unravel these complexities, providing a framework to make sense of the challenges. They offered a tangible means to understand the deeper layers of my psyche, shedding light on the aspects that contributed to self-sabotage and resistance to healing.

In the realm of the ego, there is a tendency to seek confirmation of existing beliefs, even if they are limited or detached from reality. This habitual search for evidence perpetuates a cycle of reinforcing narratives, often obscuring the genuine nature of oneself. On a deeper level, these beliefs may not even be authentic to the individual, urging us to delve into the profound insights that archetypes can offer as a more genuine and comprehensive language for self-discovery.

In my course, I delve into the exploration of four fundamental survival archetypes that are universally present in every individual. These archetypes—child, victim, saboteur, and prostitute—serve as our ingrained survival mechanisms, developed in response to moments of feeling unsafe, threatened, or disconnected, primarily during childhood.

The child archetype embodies our inner child and is the initial archetype we encounter, representing our dependence on caregivers for survival needs. It prompts the question: “Who do I need to become to fulfill my physical, survival, and emotional needs?”

Moving through our childhood experiences, the victim archetype emerges when we perceive a threat to our safety or feel attacked. Survival strategies may range from setting healthy boundaries (empowered victim) to disempowered behaviors, seeking emotional validation through victimhood.

The saboteur archetype is often associated with self-sabotage, acting as a defense mechanism against truths that may challenge our ego or bring about uncomfortable changes. Stepping into one’s power and truth can disrupt the familiar, leading the saboteur to resist such transformations.

Lastly, the prostitute archetype involves making survival contracts as a response to wounds like judgment, rejection, or abandonment. These contracts dictate adaptive behaviors that may involve self-judgment, self-rejection, or self-abandonment as a means of preventing the reopening of these wounds.

Through the course, participants engage in inner work, guided meditations, and energetic clearing practices to explore and understand the roots of these archetypes. By systematically addressing each archetype, the course aims to clear not only mental patterns but also residual energetic imprints within the body and nervous system, facilitating a holistic healing journey. The practices are not just theoretical; they are presented in real-time, providing participants with a tangible and experiential understanding of the healing process. Ultimately, the course seeks to unlock profound healing by addressing core blockages associated with these archetypes and guiding individuals toward transformative self-discovery.

Discover more about Greg Schmaus a versatile wellness expertise and services by visiting the official website of Healing 4D, and connecting on his official Instagram.  You can also avail his exclusive online courses on Healing of the Mind and Core Meditations via this email .

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