Mankind has a long way to go. In this episode we delve into the various forms that mankind may evolve into in the future. In its most fundamental sense, we can see and analyze the essence of universal designs among living, sentient organisms. Each existing species of nature has distinct features, indicating nature’s relentless and constant state of equilibrium.

By design, Mankind is likely created by higher life forms, colloquially referred to as extraterrestrials or ‘Gods’ in some culturally and socially acceptable terms. We have previously discussed the imposing and oppressive nature of religion. Alexander and Jason revisit the core themes in understanding evolution, highlighting how we have always been led to falsely believe in the concept of evolutionary Darwinism. The propaganda behind conventional scientific ideas of evolution fails to present a logical argument.

Moreover, Mankind is a probable offshoot of another humanoid species more civilized and advanced than us. It is a likeness to them, not vice versa. Our DNA structure, at its base, is genetically modified from the ground up. The linear progression of Darwinian evolution simply doesn’t add up. 

The anti-progressive movements against scientific innovation have gravely hindered our advancement and development to push further in enhancing our lives. We have been kept in the gates, the government hiding the benefits to let science and technology flourish.  We should not take technology for granted. Let us make technology beneficial for us. We should focus on our evolutionary path as all-encompassing to all features of our existence. 

Now, what is the way forward for us as a species? We need to evolve with what we have, we need to simply EVOLVE. We were born to evolve, and we were born to create. We follow the steps of Creation, not material evolution. Similar to the previous episode on Exo-Biospheric-Organisms (EXO) that were genetically designed to seek perfection. Even genetically or perceivably artificially modified organisms are allowed by Creation to evolve. As humans, we have the power of life and Free Will to control our thoughts and actions through the intelligent infinity of Creation.

We are part and parcel of Oneness in Creation. Creation ALLOWS us to exist. Hence, we should strive for our own evolution. Alexander and Jason remind us that there is beauty in imperfection. The bias against the inconvenience of aesthetics, perfection, and standards of beauty is riddled with many untrue ideologies. We made our own problems, the knee-jerk responses of deliberate sterilization and discriminatory policies that pursue the false sense of beauty and perfection. These problems had come from racism, eugenics, and other such forms of hierarchies that are bound to crumble in our proper ascendance to higher enlightenment. 

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe. Thank you for joining us on this cosmic journey, and we look forward to sharing more fascinating topics with you in the future. Let us join Alexander and Jason as they discuss the future evolution of mankind. Stay tuned for more episodes where we delve into the profound principles that shape our existence.

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