Lessons take an entire lifetime to understand. Many have searched to tame the ultimate reality of wisdom and meaning of life, as such, man has established complex disciplines, philosophy, school of thought, and ideas to the many meanings of life. The last episode dealt with Worry, Anxiety, and Fear, now we go forward on how to clear the darkness and let the light back in. Higher Density Living reminds us once again to cherish the time we have in this world. Time is essential, and life is too precious to be wasted on false reality. The past never defines the meaning of your present. It is the present that defines the meaning of all times.

This episode revisits several themes from past episodes. Contrary to the negative orientation of the previous episode. This episode deals with the philosophical inquiry on the meaning of life. Albeit unorthodox, Higher Density Living removes the complexities of contemporary philosophy and renders their own, accessible understanding of the meaning of life. Clarity is less complex and more elegant for listeners to enlighten their path in a good life. There is more than the eyes can see. The material prison has an entrance and exit, a way out, and a way in.

The seen and unseen. Your journey into the unknown is always a balance between the physical and non-physical realm is systematically put into a place like a game-board. Filling up that balance means you taking up love and service to others. Every action, word, and existence committed affect the board state. Start opening your mind and spirit for you to define the meaning of life. It’s us putting attachment to the meaning of Life.

Show Notes :
0:21 – The Beautiful Wit and Wisdom of Mr. Robin Williams
0:58 – On Robert De Niro; the American Mob King.
1:24 – The Suicidal Mess behind Comedic Geniuses; Alex and Jason set the topic of life under the hood of Depression and Negative Perception
1:42 – The existential satire of real-life crisis; Do they really know you for who you are?
2:20 – On Insecurities; It’s not really a mistake, it’s just a lesson that needs to be learned.
3:09 – Alex and Jason On David Wilcock- “Just because something is negatively polarized doesn’t mean it’s bad.”
3:58 – David Wilcock as the Precursor of QAnon
4:47 – You do not have to paint your own insecurities. The key to solving isolation is opening up as a COLLECTIVE.
5:10 – Alex on the definition of Kabbalism
6:24 – Jason warns us of the dangers of Mob Rule in Society
6:57 – Jason deconstructs Altruism by presenting a moral dilemma on Equity and Utility. How equal are men based on their personal sacrifices?
7:05 – A Metaphor for Trickled Down Economics
8:49 – Balancing the Equilibrium of Material and Non-Material Energy
10:00 – What is “the” meaning of life?
10:15 – Meaning of Life and “the” Meaning of Life are different things; Alex distinguish the nuance of these two similar phrases
10:24 – People always like to find meaning.
11:19 – What is it mean to live?. Alex and Jason on the Meaning of Life.
11:42 – Alex on the determinism of Universal Laws; Like it or Not there are unwritten laws that govern the universe.
11:57 – The Metaverse is here; Alex and Jason illustrate how you experience life just like Augmented Reality. YOUR EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING
12:09 – Thoughts are the structure of human experiences. It is the agent for constructing action and making life valuable.
13:08 – The Law of Cause and Effect Manifest within the Board. Every force exerted, Every Action taken, and Everything else is taken into account by cause and effect.
14:24 – Jason on the ontology of the Physical Universe. Does it Serve a Purpose other than Existence? Alex-Jason Explains.
14:58 – Creation is not perfect, it has to learn.
15:05 – The full cycle of life and death is the steady progression of an expanding universe.
15:42 – Chaos makes people uncomfortable; The problem is we can’t appreciate Chaos and its negative balance
15:54 – All Celestial and Biological Matter exist within the maximum vacuum of Space.
16:38 – The harboring natural hostilities of Earth against advanced extraterrestrial species.
17:08 – Nature designed humans to navigate within her own Creation.
18:00 – Existence is a Function of Creation. You are the Creation of Creation itself. Make the most out of it.
19:08 – A Dog eat Dog in the Game Board. There is always a struggle because Evolution is Constant.
19:33 – Creational Laws help us back in alignment.
19:42 – The Fatalism of Human-made Laws.
19:59 – We do not truly understand other people. That is the problem we face.
20:12 – There is no reason to create more chaos. Only. If we understand how to love one another and make peace.
21:32 – Your attachment to your own identity generates the meaning of life.
21:44 – You need to choose for yourself who you want to self-identify.
22:05 – Letting others decide and you not taking responsibility is NEGATING YOUR OWN FREE WILL AGAINST YOU.
22:33 – Meaning and Purpose are two different things to consider in addressing Life.
22:45 – the Western Misconceptions in Way of Life; Mixing up Purpose and Meaning all the time.
23:06 – Do not let Dogma Define your Life! Live Free and Happy being You.
23:57 – The next leap forward in the digital age. The Virtual Reality World of Metaverse
24:31 – The Candle Light of Metaphysical Promise; Jason shares an anecdote from a neuroscience expert.
25:15 – Profound Realization changes life.
25:41 – It’s all about the Human Agency to will Change. Experience is the catalyst but not the agent itself. A drug does not heal you, but your choice to heal will do so.
27:00 – The realm of the spirit is the guiding principle of life. It is the strongest thing out there.
27:06 – Nothing on the outside changes you. It all happens internally.
27:59 – Your Actions magnify the thought of your decision.
28:26 – They exist, even if you don’t believe. The Realism of Extraterrestrial Phenomena.
28:58 – Come back for more. Stay tuned for Part 2

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