Lessons take an entire lifetime to understand. Many have searched to tame the ultimate reality of wisdom and meaning of life, as such, man has established complex disciplines, philosophy, school of thought, and ideas to the many meanings of life. The last episode dealt with Worry, Anxiety, and Fear, now we go forward on how to clear the darkness and let the light back in. Higher Density Living reminds us once again to cherish the time we have in this world. Time is essential, and life is too precious to be wasted on false reality. The past never defines the meaning of your present. It is the present that defines the meaning of all times.

This episode talks about the metaphysics of reality. What is real? And how real is it in it itself? The truth is that “reality” is defined by one’s experience. You may or may not be open to ideas of Aliens or Extraordinary phenomena beyond wild imaginations, but the experience exists within there. The denial of openness and acceptance to experience is bounded by cultural barriers and their respective belief systems. We still apply the metaphor of Game Boards here. You can only win the game if you know how to play its pieces and navigate around the board. We have the power within ourselves, you are a complex organism with a self-correcting system.

You have the ability to create systems that are self-correcting. You are the product of Creation, you have the free will and power to do self-correction in practical and meaningful ways.

Show Notes :
0:21 – Back for Part 2; Picking up the pace where we left.
0:33 – What is Real? And What is Realness
1:13 – The glass represents a fragmentation of different perspectives capsulated in a convenient “package”.
1:15 – Looking into the world with different perspectives. Alex-Jason’s Chessboard analysis in the choices you do for reality.
1:58 – Nice job Mark Zuckerberg, Now the term “Metaphysics” is ridiculed synonymously with “Metaverse”, kind of.
2:21 – Reality comes with Understanding of things.
2:51 – Reality is what experience makes of it.
3:34 – Reality bites on Barney and Betty Hill.
4:53 – The Validation for UFO Sightings. A fighting chance for experience and acceptance of reality.
5:00 – The Golden age of UFO observation during the Cold War Missile Crisis.
5:23 – A higher-order sits above human hierarchy; Alex-Jason on the averted nuclear annihilation of the Cold War, thanks to Alien vibratory interference.
5:36 – Reluctance on Human Nature; Tolerating Self-Interest does not revoke any sense of altruism.
5:50 – Goodness can be the interest of the self. So their Self-Interest can’t be absolutely EVIL.
6:22 – For every negative orientation has its own corresponding positive balancer.
6:42 – Culture as the intervening variable in the game board.
6:57 – Jason discusses the context of Cultural Relativism.
7:20 – The Cultural Hegemony of Altruism and Belief system; Allow a non-Creational Entity to dictate your way of life.
7:49 – Culture as anti-thesis to Creational Law: A coercive formation of a world view based on its limited perspective.
8:00 – A case study for Nigeria; On the legacies of Post-Colonial Banking Institutions adapting to Digital Trends and Emerging Markets.
8:49 – The Control is still there
8:59 – The Decentralized and Unregulated Digital Cryptocurrency Market
9:23 – Support TARTLE.co if you support truly democratic advocacies.
9:50 – Money are material reflections of currency
10:05 – There is Full-Responsibility in playing games.
10:57 – Overflowing accessibility in Technology potentiates many opportunities for spiritual learning.
11:11 – You can have spiritual experience anywhere, so as long as your enlightenment is aligned to the truth.
11:35 – Spiritual experiences are inevitable. Creation is immutable.
11:44 – Creational Infinity Manifest in Nature herself.
12:25 – Clearing out everything is the First Step for Clarity. Remove the dogma, remove the fear, and remove worry.
12:37 – I can Create because I am Creation- Jason Rigby
13:00 – Self-Awareness as the tool for Self-Correction. It’s Free and Easy to Use
13:45 – You are not the Emotions you express. The Creational Narrative of “You” is your authentic identity.
14:04 – There is a dark side of Spiritual Practices – Jason Rigby
14:14 – Alex and Jason warn us about charlatans and false channelers who use their energy to exploit others.
14:52 – It is the context of “how” in understanding.
15:33 – Creation is the Bridge to Everything.
16:11 – If I don’t want to create self-harm then I don’t want to create harm for others. Because harming others is self-harm to myself.
16:23 – Everything boomerangs back into self-inflicting harm.
17:11 – You are a self-correcting system internalized.
17:21 – It is about conformity, not mere absorption. Jason’s verdict in Creational Law as binding and effective.
17:58 – You must work yourself with Nature. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T FIGHT IT. You are nature in its purest form.
18:00 – Everything is designed to make you learn. This very substantial footing we have right now
18:44 – Have reverence in Life. Be in YOUR LIFE.
19:00 – The three tools of life; Mindfulness, Contemplation, and Oneness.
19:29 – Take the time to think about it. Contemplate your experience in MEANING.
19:57 – You need to afford time for thinking about life! Make an effort to live your time.
20:33 – There is only one law and that is the Law of One.
20:40 – You are Part and Parcel of Creation. You are bound by every creational law and it is the natural unity across every existence.
21:10 – The path to Higher Density is all about making your moves. Use these tools for a higher evolutive path.
21:41 – We are constantly bombarded by information-communication overload.
21:52 – We have distracted cognition.
22:00 – Creation is all about a shared cognition – Jason Rigby
22:34 – We all have the ability to appreciate and embrace the simplicity of Creation.
23:08 – Take time to recognize and feel Creation. Only when the experience hits you, everything else will follow after.
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