For this episode, Alex and Jason return to their main turf, a revisit to the many previous discussions about 3rd and 4th density self through conscious evolution, particularly to the Ra Material, as they discuss beyond chapter thirty of the book. In order to understand a nuanced approach of the higher self, Alex and Jason strongly suggest its viewers to backtrack the Ra Materials and Billy Meier cases from previous episodes (or research about them) to supplement a helpful learning experience. This established body of knowledge has been an integral part of the podcast.

“What Is Your Higher Self?| The Law of One RA Material”

The concept of the higher self has long been a topic of interest among spiritual seekers and those interested in personal growth. But what exactly is the higher self? According to the Law of One RA material, the higher self is the aspect of ourselves that exists on a higher plane of consciousness beyond our physical, mental, and emotional selves.

When we tap into our higher self, we are accessing a higher wisdom and guidance that goes beyond our limited human perspective. Our higher self is connected to the universe and to all that is, and it has access to information, guidance, and knowledge that we cannot access from our limited human perspective.

But how can we access our higher self? The Law of One RA material suggests that it requires a shift in consciousness and a willingness to let go of the ego and the illusion of separateness. When we open ourselves up to the idea that we are all connected, and that we are part of a greater whole, we begin to tap into our higher self and the wisdom that it holds.

One way to access our higher self is through meditation and quiet contemplation. By quieting the mind and focusing on our true nature, we can begin to recognize the presence of our higher self and tap into its guidance and wisdom. Other methods of accessing the higher self can include journaling, creative expression, and spending time in nature.

Ultimately, the concept of the higher self is a reminder that we are more than just our physical, mental, and emotional selves. We are part of a greater whole, and by tapping into our higher self, we can access a deeper wisdom and guidance that can help us navigate our lives with greater clarity and purpose.


1:31- This podcast channel offers densely, well thought out contents for its audience. Alex and Jason encourage us to replay all episodes for deeper understanding of their context.
1:37- Jason discusses the higher self.
2:37- The thing about 3rd density humans is we wanna take something physical all the time.
3:44- Alex gives us a definition of the mind, body, and spirit complex model.
4:11- It is all about taking care of the mind and management of the body. Once you’ve mastered both the mind and body you can start to workout your spirit.
4:34- Each mind, body, and spirit complexes makes up the greater social memory complex.
5:39- The trifecta catches all your spiritual energy.
6:32- Alex and Jason illustrate the symbols of energy. The veil symbolizes the image of femininity. It is the cover of energy while masculinity is actual movement and penetration of that energy flowing within you.
7:50- Despite its significance, why do people always forget about the veil?
8:27- There is a transition of thought from “timelessness” to “space-time” which are two distinct realms.
8:56- Reincarnation means carrying forward the information of your past memory while the spirit is just an energy that allows you to connect with Creation itself.
9:27- Alex discusses the subject of a “higher self”. What is the higher self?
10:00- 6th density is about the clarity and guidance of your conscious Free Will.
10:29- Your higher self is your 6th density form conversing to your current state of evolution.
11:06- Just like how higher self provides guidance to your lower density echelons, actual signages can be a helpful way to direct your actions and thoughts in proper actuality. You cannot always be on your own way. Follow and obey the signs.
13:42- Truth is relative in the normative social interactions.
14:00- An evolved mind holds many positive values. It cannot directly communicate to its older form due to having the lack of true wisdom and tacit cognition.
15:17- The mind, body, and spirit complex is responsible for transformational changes in-between evolution of densities.
15:54- The higher self is simply having the full understanding on the relations of experience of the “entity”. Source materials refer to the entity as the “6th density” form of a being.
16:55- Alex and Jason scrutinize the nuance understanding of how people, and practitioners of channeling, interpret the thought process of their understanding.
18:07- Humanity has gotten so involved in having to get the meaning of now. We often do so in the fashion of hostilities and aggression which is anathema to the essence of Creation itself.
19:02- The Ra Material has stated the existence of social memory complexes among abiotic organisms, particularly trees. Should such simple lifeforms hold vital, fundamental characteristics of Creation then humanity should not be regressing on its deluded material reality.
19:56- Symbiotic connection between sentient and non-sentient lifeforms proves that conscious evolution is directly related to biological evolution.
21:00- The accumulation of experiences helps the entity bear proper guidance to growth and development in order to achieve the healing of experiences that didn’t learned properly.
22:12- Once you go through that healing process there happens the alignment of the universe and your evolution coalesce for growth. Letting the pain and all negative impacts can let you see the light/ learning process.
23:37- To achieve consistency and change you must first identify the catalyst that causes your bad experiences.
24:05- The key to proper learning is to make mistakes and learn. Learning means keeping it at mind and heart.
24:38- Healing is an advanced method of learning because it emancipates you from the pain of failure.
26:03- Everything has cause and effect. Every action has its corresponding reaction.
26:45- The consequence of your Free Will is your future. Everything you do right now affects your future.
26:54- The molecular chain of reactions surrounds your physical world. These are the things outside your control.
27:49- 6th density is not bound by space and time.
28:37- Energy changes as you become closer to Creation.
29:47- There are many unseen realities around us. We just don’t have the senses to feel, see, and realize due to our limited awareness.
30:39- Stay tuned for part 2.
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