For this episode, Alexander and Jason return to their main turf, a revisit to the many previous discussions about 3rd and 4th density self through conscious evolution, particularly to the Ra Material, as they discuss beyond chapter thirty of the book where Ra exchanges dialogues with the human channels discussing the idea of higher self in 6th density. In order to understand a nuanced approach of the higher self, Alexander and Jason strongly suggest to backtrack the Ra Materials and Billy Meier cases from previous episodes (or research about them) to supplement a helpful learning experience. This established body of knowledge has been an integral part of the podcast.

Just imagine how much potential we have within our own energies. The universe is 98% empty space that means all sentient and living organisms make up less than 2% of the universes’ totality. You possess unimaginable energy that is imbued by the universe because you are part and parcel of Creation. We are entirely made up of energy and cosmic molecules.

Every stage of development, every density of evolution has a learning catalyst that can help you change, grow, and move into a better state of evolution. Evolution does not skip steps. It is always a step by step process. Where are we now and how this evolution leads us towards Higher Density Living? The higher self is simply having the full understanding of the relations of experience of the “entity” in which mainstream canons refer to the entity as the “6th density” form of mind, body, and spirit. The mind, body, and spirit complex is responsible for transformational changes in-between evolution of densities as it helps grow an evolved mind that can comprehend realities beyond material senses. An evolved mind holds many positive values. It cannot directly communicate to its older form due to having the lack of true wisdom and tacit cognition. It is, as Alexander and Jason would teach, the known and unknowns.

This celebrated podcast series will deal with a nuanced understanding of conscious evolution through vibratory signals and resonance happening outside and inside the human dimension of Creation. We intend to deliver this experience to anyone, not only as service to others but as natural a process as Creation itself.

The whole point of Creation is about thriving and growing, it is to expand beyond your current state of evolution. There is great appreciation for seeking a greater understanding of higher wisdom. As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. Let us join Alexander and Jason as they discuss the Law of One Material.

The concept of the higher self has long been a topic of interest among spiritual seekers and those interested in personal growth. But what exactly is the higher self? According to the Law of One RA material, the higher self is the aspect of ourselves that exists on a higher plane of consciousness beyond our physical, mental, and emotional selves.

When we tap into our higher self, we are accessing a higher wisdom and guidance that goes beyond our limited human perspective. Our higher self is connected to the universe and to all that is, and it has access to information, guidance, and knowledge that we cannot access from our limited human perspective.

But how can we access our higher self? The Law of One RA material suggests that it requires a shift in consciousness and a willingness to let go of the ego and the illusion of separateness. When we open ourselves up to the idea that we are all connected, and that we are part of a greater whole, we begin to tap into our higher self and the wisdom that it holds.

One way to access our higher self is through meditation and quiet contemplation. By quieting the mind and focusing on our true nature, we can begin to recognize the presence of our higher self and tap into its guidance and wisdom. Other methods of accessing the higher self can include journaling, creative expression, and spending time in nature.

Ultimately, the concept of the higher self is a reminder that we are more than just our physical, mental, and emotional selves. We are part of a greater whole, and by tapping into our higher self, we can access a deeper wisdom and guidance that can help us navigate our lives with greater clarity and purpose.


0:42- Welcome back for part 2 on the Ra contact session 36.
1:00- Get around over a million noises and nonsense self-help teachings. There is only one truth in the universe. Everything has a process.
2:12- Having a macrocosm view of Creation cannot help you see the real truths of learning.
1:59- 3rd density is all about separation and the illusion parts making up a whole. Higher wisdom teaches us that we are not separate from the rest of the universe.
2:35- Having a pitiful point of view removes you from the image of creation.
3:40- The function is to actually align with creation.
3:56- Lower densities would dictate direct contact with others to feel the connection of Oneness.
4:01- You have knowledge of the self and you have knowledge of Oneness.
4:19- Oneness is more cerebral than having partners.
4:47- Just imagine how much potential we have within our own energies. The universe is 98% empty space that means ALL sentient and living organisms make up less than 2% of the universes’ totality. You possess unimaginable energy that is imbued by the universe.
5:03- The power of techno music dismantles any ideological barriers.
6:45- The mind, body, and spirit complexes are in parallel developments of the entities.
8:49- Past energy of a person is forever stored in the “blockchain” of the universe.
10:26- Ready information can be made available to the higher self through aspects of probability, possibility, and courtesy to have a “future life program”.
11:00- How can you harness multiple evolutive catalysts to guide your path towards your higher density self?
11:33- Thermodynamics is a function of Creation.
11:52- As a part of Creation, each and everyone of us produces individual cause and effect that affects everything in the universe. It is a swirling vortex of change.
12:22- Your Free Will interacts with other peoples’ Free Will.
12:55- Every choice, decision you make is an individual tunnel of futures. The probabilities and possibilities are endless in parallel reality.
14:11- Jason paints a scenario where Free Will is controlled by smart algorithms.
14:22- It’s not too far-fetched that an artificial intelligence can function and run a public office, soon.
15:03- The higher self directs the best pathways among the possibilities and probabilities.
16:02- Progress is always a choice. Either we work as a collective or die together in natural extinction or annihilation.
16:25- Your future becomes pre-determined by the choices you make at the present.
17:33- In sixth density awareness, true simultaneity occurs when all things happen at the same time.
17:51- Life is circular. It never was linear.
18:14- The higher self can program the entire parallel version of the self.
18:20- Alexander and Jason discuss the crux.
18:30- A universe to universe scenario is a case to case basis of existence.
18:55- Each universe presents a different catalyst of change.
19:02- Revisit the “Clone” episode of HDL. It provides a nuanced context for the identities of different “you”.
20:10- Every stage of development, every density of evolution has a learning catalyst that can help you change, grow, and move into a better state of evolution.
21:24- You are learning in the process of density.
21:36- Evolution does not skip steps. It is always a step by step process in the work of evolution.
23:06- Everything that happens in the background, or in other words, all the mundane details of creation serves a “stepless” function of evolution as you simultaneously evolve.
24:22- A lot of people have a hard time understanding that everything changes. Everyone, at this very moment, is evolving to a higher level of life and density.
25:36- Time is a function of movement.
26:38- At the end of the day you should stop worrying about things out of your control. Take everything as a learning experience.
27:11- The reality resides in the now. In such a limited perspective of the higher self, there is a future, but right now is all reality.
28:34- Ra negates that the higher self is omnipotent and omniscient. It does not, simply because your higher self would understand the respect and understanding for Free Will.
28:48- The road to evolution is designed by Creation.
30:35- All that will remain is the free choice of an entity, to craft its destiny in evolution.
31:09- Your consciousness unites the known and the unknown. But, this process will only happen when it is ready. You’ll only take the path when you are ready.
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