In this episode, Higher Density Living tackles a meditative glance into the bodily works of humankind. We are reminded of Alex and Jason instilling a refreshing mindset based on proper attitude, spiritual rigor, and healthy physique as the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected to each part of the whole complex. The body can only do so much as we use to live with it while maintaining a pursuit towards higher density living. We must recognize that you, as a human being, are vulnerable to all flaws of mankind.

This explains the open embrace of moral relativity, or finding your convenient truth that works for yourself. You must know the version of truth that really stands out for your individual welfare and autonomy. We must recognize this objective reality in order to achieve internalized peace and order.

Peace and order to the self can be organized within the body. The body has to catch up so to speak, striking a balance between material and non-material evolution. Alex and Jason explain the organic reaction of human bodies in energy repulsion and absorption. Creational evolution is not limited to the grand stage towards collective path to higher density; it can also cascade down to the cellular and organic levels, too.

Alex and Jason re-orient their audiences from the perilous bewilderment of metaphysical delusions offered by conventional dogma and mainstream philosophy. This is known as toxic positivity, where in our material world the fantasy of fatigue and sickness We can trace the defiance against negative forces as purely a clash of manichean “good” and “evil”. Alex-Jason says otherwise, the vulnerabilities of that meat suit is a natural vehicle for material evolution and learning to this present universe. This telling reinforces potent open-minded values, there is no absolute truth. “Truth comes in many different ways” Aiming for higher vibratory senses helps you elucidate better reflexive abilities and possibilities for the human body, and this way we can let out toxic positivity that is inhibiting our freedom.

You have an effect in this universe. Let’s join Alex and Jason as they give us tips to enhance our self power and vibratory senses.

Show Notes:

0:17 – Welcome back to Higher Density Living!
0:30 – Just a brief recap of the previous episode. Alex and Jason revisits the “Son of Man” episode.
0:56 – A steady transition to discuss other relevant channeling groups.
1:10- Jason kicks the topic for today’s episode. This podcast episode will tackle meditative defenses to combat negative siphoning of the mind, body, and spirit complex.
1:49- There will be times where you see that the energy body is ill. Let you be ill, in essence Jason explains a leeway to embrace illness, not immortalizing material and physical organic life as a higher form of existence.
2:20- We need to remind ourselves of the concept of self love.
2:28- You need to remind yourself that what you see in the mirror is not a positive affirmation.
2:42- Jason gravely warns us of the false destiny of “Fake Affirmation” and “Toxic Positivity” akin of two nails in the coffin that pins your spiritual excellence and greater appreciation of life.
2:59- Find your own style and comfort to meditate. Alex shares his personal flavor towards a healthy meditative engagement.
3:37- Knowing yourself brings you closer to the Truth.
4:14- Alex reminds us to also accept the self.
4:20- The person has the power to fix the mind, to fix the body, and to feel into the focus of the spirit.
4:56- Alex and Jason explain their pessimistic rebuttal against metaphysical idealism. There are simply no shortcuts in evolution. Everything has a logical path towards the development of consciousness, growth of body, and higher density of the spirit.
5:02- We all have errors! Alex reiterates the balance of positive and negative orientation of the self. You must scoop the balance in order to maintain yourself.
5:47- Help yourself to find better versions of your own truth.
5:54- Truth comes in many different ways.
6:11- Alex explains moral relativity in a nutshell. What might be best for you can not be good for everybody else.
6:38- No such thing as one size fits all. Alex on removing toxic idealism. There is no universal agreement to know yourself and find your own truth that reflects your honest reality. This is your way to step up and escape the false guru mindset.
7:00- There is no self help format that can save you from the weight of negative effects of depression, fear, and nauseating anxiety. Only you and you alone can resolve your indifference.
7:22-Alex and Jason reiterate the gatekeeping influence of dogma. There is no need to institutionalize truth for everyone. Because everyone has their own version of themselves, uniquely and wonderfully embraced. Variance of truth is EVERYWHERE and belongs to EVERYONE.
7:47- Having a bad life does not mean the end of your spiritual world.
8:18- Patience is a virtue. A mountain does not form overnight.
8:39- We have to understand that there are things to be learned in life. Life is a journey. Alex espouses that there are two sides in learning. Learning is a reciprocal process.
9:00- Understanding is always the key towards a cooperative society.
9:14- Be a witness to your own truth.
9:31- Jason discusses the causal takeover of emotions over rational thinking.
9:40- You have an effect in this universe. Your monkey mind does not have full appreciation and understanding of your contributions for existing in this universe.
10:15- There is always a learning lesson for every human experience.
10:32- You are part and parcel of creation.
10:49- Free Will requires patience, diligence, and work.
10:56- There is no rush to learning but as already imposed it requires full dedication, patience, trust, and even focus to identify the truths scattered around the world.
11:00- Take the time to learn how to recover from the challenges and hardships of life.
11:18- And it’s far better to allow yourself to heal. To move that huge amount of catalyst that has somehow got stuck into your system. If the catalyst is there don’t scoop it away.
11:44- Work the catalyst. It is a gift because it is a gift. Every moment, experience, word, every emotion is a gift.
11:51- Material energy is your fuel for your growth.
12:06- Jason shares his “frozen” anecdotes. He tells the frozen water hose.
13:00- Once you’ve defrosted the hose the water will spur like a fountain. Just like in learning and creation. Cut the negative forces
13:11- Maximize the utility of your catalyst. The full cycle of catalytic learning is inhibited from your mind.
13:40- Jason explains the optimal flow to release the energy body that goes out through your system.
14:27- Your body will relinquish excess energy in an instant. Alex explains how instantaneous is body reaction in volatile interaction to raw energies.
14:33- Residues are dangerous things that can start disasters all over.
14:52- Jason clarifies the horrific maternal treatment and practices of western medicine. The body, both mother and her offspring, will take care of itself after giving birth.
15:56- Do not rush Creation. Let things happen naturally.
16:23- Alex criticizes the hierarchy of human diet. There are far more important positive effects of having a proper diet, not just for the sake of nutritional value. We must ask ourselves how to reduce the constant inflammation of the human body due to stress and the burden of over-stretching work.
17:17- Alex and Jason talk about All of your feelings have gifts in their hand. Even the most crushing and cruel, there is for the brave persistence of the lesson.
17:45- Alex on the humble humility of learning with creation.
19:01- Finding the balance is the right place to go. Bring together all means to achieve a meaningful end.
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