Alien hunting and extraterrestrial contact had been Higher Density Living focal points of discussion as well as its central theme for podcast topics. The vastness of planet Earth and thousands of formal complaints, civil cases, and government programs dedicated to unmasking our alien affairs. It is evident enough to point-out that the US government cares about UAP. We can recall how they can even take further steps to espouse and discover alien life through the Project Bluebook. All the while across the US and some parts of Europe host a myriad of Alien abductions of crash landing spacecraft in highly remote areas.

The home state of Alex and Jason, New Mexico, had been infamous for its strategic telecommunication facilities, both government and military installations in White Sand Air-force Missile Range and NRAO-NASA’s Karl G. Jansky Land Satellite for high quality data sharing and image collection for intense government intelligence operations. This apparent realization sprung our hosts to assess alien activities in specific areas.

In this episode, Alex and Jason will discuss the GISP, which stands for the Global Invasive Species Program, is a risk assessment for alien abductions which is also tasked to monitor potential foreign invasive species to threaten native life on Earth. It is based on highly scientific studies and findings to help and provide you precautionary steps. It is also a map that indicates places of frequent alien abductions. Alex and Jason will over skim, cover to cover , the entire 18,000 cases of UFO abduction of GISP in their discussion.

This summarized tactic can help us better understand what the GISP data is trying to convey, it largely falls under some false pretexts and understanding of legitimate incidents of alien abduction. Alex and Jason also debunk the excessive, overhyped, and fear inflated concerns about alien abduction as they actually established a nuanced approach to these types of discussion.

Join Alex and Jason as they talk about advanced species and alien abductions.

Show Notes :

0:54- Alex explains HDL’s remote podcast setup.
1:50- Let us discuss the GISP, a risk assessment for alien abductions. It is based on highly scientific studies and findings to help and provide you precautionary steps. It is also a map that indicates places of frequent alien abductions.
2:34- What is the GISP? This is the Global Invasive Species Program task to monitor potential foreign invasive species to threaten native life on Earth.
3:17- On further clarification. What is Alien Abduction? Alex gives us a vivid definition for alien abduction.
3:51- GISP indicates special hotspots for alien abductions worldwide.
4:15- Most of these alien hotspots are located in the Southwest USA. A long territorial, desert wasteland from Phoenix, Arizona to the West Coast of California. We can also expect isolated incidents of Alien abductions in the desolated, frozen citadels of the Northern regions (Seattle and Alaska near the Russian- US border.)
4:39- There were well over EIGHTEEN THOUSAND UFO hotspots in order to classify different scenarios and phenomenons for the GISP risk assessment catalog.
4:55- Alex and Jason try to skim and cover the 18,000 cases of UFO abduction in their discussion. This summarized tactic can help us better understand what the GISP data is trying to convey.
5:15- Theoretically the more densely populated area in a city the more chances of UFO sightings. However, we can take the case for New York city or any other highly urbanized centers. Frequent sighting does not mean frequent abductions.
5:53- There are narrowly defined elements for an abduction.
6:14- A lot of these “incidental” major sightings are located in critical military Air Force bases.
6:43- Jason share his close encounter with a B-52 spirit bomber. The unconventional wingspan elucidates something of a “batwing” like design. That instant, giant and black hovering object can be mistakenly perceived as an UFO encounter.
7:31- The GISP covers most of the Western Hemisphere and the Trans-Atlantic part of the world.
8:10- Alex surveys the geotagging preferences in the GISP risk assessment. Why are the hotspots mostly centered within the United States of America? It turns out that Aliens devout their methodology research by targeting the relatively developed civilization of America.
9:29- Pointing out America’s prowess for military-strategic affairs and technological prowess the Aliens, based off of the risk assessment, are installed under Pentagon’s jurisdiction and US national security apparatus.
9:48- The business of War never ceases. Hawkish American policies kept alive the military industrial complex.
10:10- The renewed Russian aggression. Alex and Jason on Putin’s sinking strategic policy on Ukraine.
10:26- Russia’s great power politics aims to trample American economic hegemony in the Petrodollar oil industries.
10:57- America is highly committed to offshore military backing and effectively wage proxy wars against their adversaries at the expense of their smaller, and weaker allies.
11:25- Narrowing the gap of fact and fiction; Alex and Jason on top-profile experimental military aircrafts and its correlation to conspiring Alien technology. UFO sightings, as evident as it seemed, have increased dramatically within proximity of high tech military facilities.
12:26- We need to hesitate before coming down to hasty conclusions. Why would Aliens just morbidly abduction random people? There should be some rationality behind it.
13:16- Jason talks about an “Elysium” like medical technology that pre-determines future human ailments.
13:46 – On irrationality of abduction abuses. It just doesn’t add up for a highly advanced civilization to take up random people in their miseries.
14:19- More importantly, we can safely presume that these aliens already possess sophisticated and established interstellar catalogs of biological species. Safely stored in their computer centers.
14:26-Through advanced genetic engineering and superhuman augmentation through nanotechnology, the prospects for synthetic humans are not far-fetched. We are getting to the point of understanding genetic algorithms.
15:10- The distant future holds a bright and glorious future for human evolution and healthcare.
15:46- Imagine what we must smell like to another advanced species. Alex contemplates how everything about us is miles behind advanced species.
16:38- If extraterrestrials want a state of fear they’ll just laser the earth to death.
16:49- Don’t assume things will go on just because of some faulty, and fear conflated infographics. Aliens of higher and advanced state of consciousness are better off than the morbid imaginations of humanity.
17:22- Comeback for part 2. We will discuss how to discern and prevent legitimate alien abduction.
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