Higher Density Living approaches to end the White Sand Incident podcast series, a significant content for Higher Density Living as Alex and Jason ventured throughout 20+ episodes. Previous episodes delved with the discussions of Dr. Daniel Fry’s Extraterrestrial Encounters with Alon. The later episodes of this podcast series will tackle a Post-Alon perspective of Understanding and Awareness. This episode will tackle a final note on the logical existence of extraterrestrials. Higher Density Living centered itself around discussions concerning disclosure to Extraterrestrial activities. The White Sands Incident saga ends with a promising future for human openness in the vast eternities of space, infinity itself in pure vacuum. The wonders of Space are a recurring theme in Higher Density Living, a long line of a tradition stretching from understanding to alternative life forces on planets. Space has no beginning and no end, just as Creation itself. Keep moving forward.

Alex and Jason make a conclusive remark of this podcast series by furnishing ideas on Unidentified Flying Objects. Revoking popular culture and material realism, the Extraterrestrials were staunch by the human civilizational understanding of Alien Life on Earth. This episode cast a mirrored reflection on the logic of Alien phenomena here on Earth. As Aliens attempt to enlighten Dr. Daniel Fry, we crunch pages to pages as Alex and Jason nears to end of the book. A delightful ending provides an extensive understanding of human knowledge and perception. Oneness in Creation, Oneness in Nature. Humans inherit the same fatalistic design of social division and debauchery we perceived as nature, a war against all others, postulating hierarchy as supreme and the actual material reality.

Demystifying common misconceptions against Alien Life had been masked of “discrimination” and “othering” to other people. A correlation to our individualistic desires to manipulate self-destiny. This brings us to a bridging topic with previous episodes, perception, the essential dynamics of information, and communication as a social catalyst. Alex and Jason impeccably incorporate political psychology and Kantian philosophy in accessible design for viewers, like you, to understand complex social/spiritual realities. Concise yet substantial, as every ending should be.

Let us join Alex-Jason to discuss Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Alien Life in this episode of Higher Density Living.

Show Notes :
0:39 – The Preludes
1:02 – Sell your data by sharing and earning with tartle.co
1:42 – A monopoly of conspiracies against Alien existence
2:02 – A Semantic Analogy by Alex and Jason; On taking first principles as extractive knowledge
2:10 – Bottom-Up approaches to Information Processing.
2:51 – On Cathartic Skeptics vs Self-Righteous Wokes; the modern warfare of Mass Media Information.
3:15 – Politics as “Means to an End”; Alex and Jason on basic Skeptical Sentiment amidst the bipartisan mayhem of US Politics
4:00 – The Negation of Truth; On deterioration of authentic honesty and truth in it of itself.
4:20 – On Science vs Religion; The Reductionist Machination of Science and the Silver-lining of Religion
5:03 – Connecting the Puzzles of Truth in the Material and Immaterial Planes
5:23 – The Unexplained Mysteries of the World and Creation
5:40 – Data Manipulation corrupts the TRUTH. These are the monopoly of power that controls what is the TRUTH we know.
6:49 – Dismantling Human Exceptionalism. WE ARE NOT THE SUPREME CREATION OF EVERYTHING. Learn how to be humble in the Universe. Restrain Ego.
7:22 – Endless possibilities of Similar Earthlings. A Scientific Voyage into Astronomy and Space Travel. Billions of Earth-Like Planet.
8:36 – The Ring Makers of Saturn, an exclusive NASA Publication
8:47 – Alex on the Technological Marvel of Saturn Rings; Making a scientific case for the Ring Makers of Saturn. A structural and cosmological theory on the origins of celestial rings.
9:47 – The paradox of Alien logic; Alex and Jason on the strong possibility of Extraterrestrial Life! Why would science negate its own facts?
10:18 – It is more likely that there is a life form than there isn’t.
10:35 – There is Extraterrestrial Life; the presence of radio-sound frequencies in outer space just adamantly proves.
11:12 – Foolish Assumptions against random noises received from Satellite sensors. STOP PROMULGATING WACKY CONSPIRACY THEORIES.
11:59 – Jason’s stimulative scenarios should Humans make contact with alien life.
12:09 – Human beings will be forever one with Nature
13:13 – The primal human urge to CONQUER and DOMINATE others are the main causes of Conflict.
13:37 – A feature of Iridescent Alien Exceptionalism in The Day the Earth Still Stood. We are on the path of our own destruction if we don’t corroborate with peace.
13:56 – Relative Influence of Philosophy in Liberal Arts back in the Day.
14:20 – The stand against redemption or salvation. When will we learn to be humble?
14:29 – Rational Nihilism? On the questions of Life and Death in hinges of Cosmic Enlightenment
15:42 – Where are the Origins of Unidentified Flying Objects?
16:03 – Alex on the Efficacy of isolated space travel, Why do we send the most unimpressive symbol of mankind out there?
16:26 – One evolutionary change make a huge difference
16:65 – Alex’s intuitive explanation on Temporal Drive Engine in Spacecraft Design
17:14 – Having competence and absolute certainty on your goals are key to successful future outcomes
17:36 – Understanding Worm-Holes as legitimate objects of MATTER
18:38 – Obvious Questions can only be answered to specific information obtained by space travelers
19:03 – Telepathy, Anti-Gravity, and other non-material forces are normal… only if we take enough care to understand.
19:25 – A Fertile and Young Celestial Solar System. We have a long way to go.
20:08 – The point of Economic Exchanges between different Races? Finding the use of human technology on other species is a desperate act of Power.
20:59 – Chasing fools Gold because of Petty Pursuits of material wealth
21:39 – Turns out Hammers won’t knock down every nail; Alex and Jason on the utility of violence to solve all forms of insecurity
21:50 – Spreading Colonial Power through superficial hierarchies and a false sense of superiority against others.
21:56 – Do not disturb secluded societies in their violation. Respect Tradition and stop spreading colonial control against them. Stopping their process of Evolution.
22:30 – Let us not repeat the perils of other higher races. Their own path to destruction is a blatant WAKE-UP CALL for Humanity to start cooperating with positive Evolution.
23:32 – An Inquiry for Hegemonic Conquest; Why do advanced civilizations carry out weapons of destruction for preservation and protection of their lives? Weapons are only used strictly for the Greatest Defense of Life.
25:01 – The Fear of Unknowns; A assault on Cartesian Empiricism, not all tangibilities are valid data for Reality.
26:03 – If they can’t have understanding then why would I come down and destroy their Evolution; On Jason’s staunch commentary against Imperialism.
26:22 – Leave your Ego and Emotions out to free yourself in the path of Higher Enlightenment.
26:37 – No study of UFO phenomena will have value or significance unless this leaves ego and emotions in the cloakroom before entering the study hall.
27:03 – OBJECTIVITY LEADS TO NO PERMISSIVENESS IN KNOWLEDGE. Shed your ego and biases to reach an open-minded space.
27:21 – No firm conclusion can possibly be valid in an area where the possibilities are as infinite as the universe itself.
27:54 – Everything is possible

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