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The Cold War Missile Defense establishment was a massive industry of military business outsourcing, political profiteering, and leaked Alien Technology. Dr. Daniel Fry and Rolf Telano wrote a book back in originally entitled “White Sands Incident” back in 1954, which he testifies anecdotal accounts of Extraterrestrial contact. The Aliens spoke of great scientific wisdom and applauded many prominent physicists during the 1950s and 1960s. The Aliens however, warned of a future plight with man-made armageddon and total annihilation in Nuclear War.

Higher Density Living starts a new mini-series of Podcast focusing on the famed “White Sands Incident” that took place in Las Cruces, New Mexico a top :20 military and USAF facility where reported cutting edge military weapon systems were tested during the Cold War. The shrouded myth of Advanced US Military Weapon Systems and Clandestine Alien Technology were partly exhumed by Dr. Daniel Fry and Co. during the early 90’s, which for a brief time in publication, suddenly shunned in public attention. But as we revisit the text and analyze its content, Alex-Jason unraveled more than just misunderstood Extraterrestrial Phenomena.

In this episode, Alex and Jason tackle the Accumulation and Differential as the Parallelism of Direction and Interaction in Quantum Mechanics. Energy is the most powerful tool for CREATION. Imagine what could have been the technological grace of our human civilization should man take up to his reins of common senses to use nuclear technology for productive growth and not perpetuating hostilities.

Let’s join them as they discuss the right path of technological utility and energy sourcing of Aliens in the White Sands Incident of Dr. Daniel Fry.

Show Notes:

1:10 – The Gypsy People
1:28 – The Town Complexes of the Trinity Test Site
2:42 – The Madness of Mutually Assured Destruction
2:57 – The Pre-emptive Overmatch Nuclear Superiority of STAR WARS
3:08 – Alex on Space Weapons and ASAT
3:54 – The Reality of International Politics
5:16 – Prospects for Global Cooperation
5:44 – On the Tacit Understanding of Structural Military Defense
6:35 – Interceptors and Defensive Ballistic Weapons
6:57 – The Cherenkov Radiation and Nuclear Stealth Technology
7:13 – National Surveillance Program of the US State Department
8:09 – The Ride from New York to New Mexico
9:52 – A Slave to Time as a mere function of Immortality
10:41 – The Differential Sources of Spacecraft Energy
11:50 – No need for Excess Acceleration of Speed; Moving through the flow of Creation and fabrication of the Universe
13:20 – No need for Distinction of differences; THOUGHTS ARE 100% HOLISTIC
14:11 – The Perfect Appreciation of Silence comes with Cognitive Understanding of Non-Verbal Gestures
15:26 – The Extraterrestrial Logical Problems against Human Empiricism and Materialism
16:05 – The Differential Accumulator Inside the Engine of the Ship
17:00- The Technology of Energy Differentials in Space; the SR-71 and the promise of Cold War Technological Prowess
17:45 – The Context of Charge
18:42 – Free Electrons Capture Different Energies
18:58 – A Natural Electromagnetic Field
19:27 – The peripheral “Force Rings” in an Electromagnetic Field
20:34 – A Segmented Architecture of Rings
21:22 – The Three Finger Analogy of Directional Force
22:41 – Replicating Earth’s Gravitational Mass through Artificial Replica of “Cores”
23:42 – The Field is Generated Outside the Craft: Alex-Jason on the Explanation of Aerodynamic Engineering and the Physics of the Propulsion Mechanism of the Spacecraft
24:12 – Increasing the Mass to project into Time-Space Vacuum Travel
25:06 – The Inertia is CENTRALIZED; Alex on debunking the debate of Gravitational Dilemma
25:37 – Abandoning the Thrust Models of Projection
25:54 – Pull forward on Pull towards against the Direction: You will never overtake the maximum point of Inertia
27:54 – The Clarity of Extraterrestrial Understanding of Physics
27:30 – Approaching to the inside Compartments of the Ship

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