The Cold War Missile Defense establishment was a massive industry of military business outsourcing, political profiteering, and leaked Alien Technology. Dr. Daniel Fry and Rolf Telano wrote a book back in originally entitled “White Sands Incident” back in 1954, which he testifies anecdotal accounts of Extraterrestrial contact. The Aliens spoke of great scientific wisdom and applauded many prominent physicists during the 1950s and 1960s. The Aliens however, warned of a future plight with man-made armageddon and total annihilation in Nuclear War.

Higher Density Living starts a new mini-series of Podcast focusing on the famed “White Sands Incident” that took place in Las Cruces, New Mexico a top :20 military and USAF facility where reported cutting edge military weapon systems were tested during the Cold War. The shrouded myth of Advanced US Military Weapon Systems and Clandestine Alien Technology were partly exhumed by Dr. Daniel Fry and Co. during the early 90’s, which for a brief time in publication, suddenly shunned in public attention. But as we revisit the text and analyze its content, Alex-Jason unraveled more than just misunderstood Extraterrestrial Phenomena.

The long thread of discussions regarding social science and its spiritual successor takes into a discursive account between Dr. Daniel Fry and the Extraterrestrials as they trench deeper to the topics of human (Earth) based Sociology and Psychology to compare it with Wisdom and Knowledge. The episode makes a deep cut through the normative wisdom of Man in his Religion and relation to his culture. It goes to show how backward and offsetting our established ideas of Evolution set us back into a delusional growth and illusional intellectuality.

Show Notes:

0:24 – How Do Extraterrestrials Define God?
1:00 – Picking up to the topic where we last stop; The Hubris of Anthropocentrism
1:31 – The Spirit Knows that there is A Intelligent Supreme Infinite Energy– Alexander McCaig
1:50 – The Land of Ur; Jason on the Correlation of Bible Legend and Creation
2:35 – The Changing Attitudes of Mankind
3:00- On the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
3:47 – A God does not Kill ANY CREATION!; On the Case of Sodom and Gomorrah
4:45- When Nature Strikes It does not SELECT anything it wishes to Destroy.
6:10 – Nature is What it is!; Stop Sensationalizing any form of Humaneness in Animals
6:35- The Tragedy of the Moose.
6:50- Mass Media Caricatures of Animal Cartoons
7:00- The Infinite Intelligence in the Ra Material
7:23 – Eighth Density as the Maximum Octave of CREATION
8:01 – Our perspective goes back to Love.
8:19 – Alex and Jason on the Constant negligence of Instinctive Desires to achieve Creational Knowledge and Universal Truth
9:11 – The Divisive Polarization of Different Political Ideology
10:00 – Creation of Programs limits the possibilities of Learning
10:19- Child-Like Perspective of Creativity
11:23 – Understand WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU
12:29 – Be aware to the World Around You
13:17 – The Heart as the Centre of Being
14:42- Different Perspectives of Reality All Around
15:10- People Can be Gods because they’re evolved spiritually and intellectually – Alexander McCaig
15:58 – The Physical Stereotypes of God
16:50 – God Keeps Creating Fear Across the Board; The False conceptualization of Human “Gods” in their Worship and Culture
17:02- “If You are not being Creative then you are not ONE with CREATION.” – Alexander McCaig
17:29v- The Dependency of Spiritual Science to Human Intelligence
18:16 – Everything is a Catalyst for Change; Alex on the Technological Philosophy of Extraterrestrials
18:48- The Cooperation of Man in the Spiritual Level always look up to a God to Solve his problems in Life; The Extraterrestrial Critique of Human Faith
19:11 – Breaking down a Analysis between Religion and Universal Laws
19:28 – Alex and Jason on the Definition of then Mind
20:05 – Understanding the Workings of this World
20:47 – Higher Densities of Creation can be near to Perfection
20:59 – Achieving Collective Consciousness and Complete Cooperation on Sixth Density; The Bridge between Man and Spiritual Creation
22:18- “It May take a Thousand Years” to normalize the principles of Universal Creation and Law of Oneness Across the Whole World of Mankind
22:45- “ Getting Out of the Religious Mindset, Not a quick process; Finding Love and Understanding Amongst Ourselves, Not a quick Process” – Alexander McCaig
23:56 – The Solution to All Our Problems is to Evolve and learn to Cooperate to One Another
25:00- Become Aware of Creation and Evolve; DON’T EVER SUFFER IN STAGNATION
25:21 – Be Aware of ALL SCIENCES
25:54- The Progressive Growth; WELCOME TO HIGHER DENSITY LIVING!

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