Higher Density Living continues to interweave the narratives of Social, Spiritual, and Material Sciences as we move forward with the discussions in the White Sand’s Incident by Dr. Daniel Fry. The historical records show the fast pace development and stratification of material technology, astronomical leap from industrial machinery into augmented digital devices of today, all happened less than a millennium. Meanwhile, Man himself struggles to get himself with others in the course of these temporal and spatial transformations of material sciences. The immediate dialogue of Extraterrestrials was particularly blown away by the imbalanced, it seems to be, Man himself is the insult to his nature as social and the spiritual domains were as hallow as a dead casket. A Petrified crystallization of Creation.

It is in great detail of knowing that Social Science and its Spiritual sibling had incremental growth from linear progress over the course of history while the material sciences cultivate quantities and qualities of debate among brilliant minds and awaken those misguided by delusion. They are lagging behind the well develop structures of technology and material science. The enlightenment brought about by this massive tower of material science as we break through more understanding around the natural world hedge only from the frugal, feeble, and fragile pillars of the Social and Spiritual concepts of mankind. This reckons to a train wreck as incompatible knowledge conflicts with one another creating no balance and co-existence between the three branches of human knowledge.

Alex and Jason continue their discussion of Dr. Daniel Fry’s conversation with the Extraterrestrials. We try to ponder why the aliens, of all their sophisticated technological capabilities and material systems, only sent out drones that tell little about their technological civilization. Are these drones indicators of inter-species annihilation? A war against all similar to Alon’s prophetic warnings? Or is it a transformative opportunity for humans and aliens to cooperate in mutual growth? Find out in this episode of Higher Density Living. The Aliens manage to locate Earth and learned to survive here for thousands of years before modern man came into life. This begs the question, are they the missing link to Agartha and other ill-forgotten civilizations?

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss once again Alien Technology and Human Social Interactions.

Show Notes :
1:00 – The Preludes
1:20 – OdontoPhobia; Alex and Jason on Primate Aggression
2:25 – Maximum Capacity of the Spacecraft in HUMAN load
4:00 – The Science of FREE WILL as an Immutable Law of the Universe
4:41 – Free WILL is unchangeable; Alex and Jason on the Definition of Immutable
5:30 – A Scant Hope for Continued Survival; Alon on the Prospects for the Stability of Human Race in the Future
6:00 – Strategically Planning for Collective SOLUTIONS in order to Solve COLLECTIVE PROBLEMS
6:21 – Humanity as a Surviving Species in the Last Great Extinction
7:00 – Historical Remnants of an Advance Human Civilization in Eastern Europe; WE HAVE DECLINED our potential to continue the Advancement of our Race as a whole. What Happened?
7:59 – A Historical Record of the Past Greats
8:28 – Thirty Thousand Years of Technological Wealth Lost in the Forgotten Memories of our Ancestors
8:57 – Just Follow the Natural Laws as the BLUEPRINT for human-made technology. In fact, technologies are artificial construction based on NATURE herself.
9:18 – Simple Means Solve COMPLEX ENDS; so does our solutions to our problems here on Earth
9:51 – Our Failure to Realize the VALUE of Spiritual and Social Science
10:32 – The Development of Political and Social Sciences through Constant Friction between two sides of ideas like an open cliff
10:50 – Weapons of Absolute Energy were used against One Another; A dire warning against the probabilities of Strategic Nuclear War against two Superpowers. Though much more POWERFUL than existing strategic weapons.
11:11 – A Ancient Rivalry between two Civilizations; a CLASH for technological dominance
11:55 – Just Two Islands representing the World; Alex on the idea of State-centrism in International Warfare
12:40 – Absolute Energy as a Primal Energy of Creation
14:05 – Fifteen Megatons or 15 Million TNT are regular yield for Hydrogen Bombs
14:49 – Extinction Level Events; A Radioactive Hell as the Aftermath of Absolute Energy Weapons
15:45 – Reversing Evolutional Growth to Re-Learn bringing down their level of existence back to Animal Life
16:36 – A Orbital Crash in the Tibetan Plateau; The Discovery of Alien Drones held under the custody of a Council of Clerical Monks
17:38 – Possible Terraformation and Colonization of Life in Mars
18:17 – The Surviving Crew Members Remain as Observers here on Earth. A start of their Scientific Investigation for many years.
19:00 – A Dark Age after the Crash; The Fight for Survival of Alien Visitors on Pre-historic Earth
19:29 – A Possible lead for the Agartha Community?

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