Higher Density Living starts a new mini-series of podcasts focusing on the famed “White Sands Incident” that took place in Las Cruces, New Mexico a top military and USAF facility where reported cutting edge military weapon systems were tested during the Cold War. The shrouded myth of Advanced US Military Weapon Systems and Clandestine Alien Technology were partly exhumed by Dr. Daniel Fry and Co. during the early ’90s, which for a brief time in publication, suddenly shunned in public attention. But as we revisit the text and analyze its content, Alex-Jason unraveled more than just misunderstood Extraterrestrial Phenomena.

It is in great detail of knowing that Social Science and its Spiritual sibling had incremental growth from linear progress over the course of history while the material sciences cultivate quantities and qualities of debate among brilliant minds and awaken those misguided by delusion. They are lagging behind the well develop structures of technology and material science. The enlightenment brought about by this massive tower of material science as we break through more understanding around the natural world hedge only from the frugal, feeble, and fragile pillars of the Social and Spiritual concepts of mankind. This reckons to a train wreck as incompatible knowledge conflicts with one another creating no balance and co-existence between the three branches of human knowledge.

The discussion in this episode continues to focus on the political and technological hierarchy that exists between various alien races. The concept of race and hierarchy is rooted deep in technological supremacy as means to achieve a political end to dominate other alien species. We learn we have a lot in common with these alien folks than our indifference to their technological progress.

Let us join Alex and Jason as they talk about Alien Technology and Human Social Interactions once more.

Show Notes:
0:28 – Getting into the Part 19 of White Sands Incident Series
1:44 – Recapping the Extraterrestrial Tales of Doctor Daniel Fry; The history of their Alien Travels and the Surviving Crew Members
2:38 – A Different Meaning of Racial Hierarchy; The Technological and Civilizational Racism between different Alien Life, not the conventional skin color racism
2:43 – They have a racial issue of technology
3:05 – There is no escape from the inevitability of competition
3:13 – A Technological Struggle for Hierarchy
3:43 – Nobody is perfect, everybody screws up even if you are highly evolved- Alexander McCaig
4:00 – Having mistakes and errors are always a process of learning
4:25 – Society is so unforgiving – Jason Rigby
4:28 – The Flawed and Corrupted Justice System brings no Equitable Justice for Everyone. Where is the Justice?
4:51 – The past is not you anymore
5:06 – Disparaging the dogmatic prison of Religion
6:24 – There is no public law that governs our Free Will, but there is power through policy implemented by corporate and political entities around us
6:37 – There is no LAW OF CONTROL only POLICY OF CONTROL
7:43 – The problem of ignorance for ONENESS of ALL
8:00 – Idealistic thoughts and the bleak reality are always inseparable
8:38 – Jason on inequities of Mankind in Material Wealth
8:58 – Community as Co-Unity
9:42 – The Objective Law of Nature to use your Free Will to CREATE and exist for yourself in order to help others whenever possible
10:41 – Everything is as equally as important as ONE
10:45 – Looking at seedlings as metaphors for Creational Views of EQUALITY
11:06 – You cannot have a judgment against PURE CREATIONAL ENERGY
11:36 – The Judicial Negation of Justice under the influence of Policies and Control
12:24 – There Separation, Segregation, and other mundane manifestations of Hierarchy; Jason on describing the problems of Societal Decay
12:34 – Removal of Autonomy and Free Will under the illusion
12:59 – Jason on Institutionalized Racism under the roof of Religion
13:27 – The Delusion of Freedom and Equity in the Shining Prairie of American Democracy.
14:05 – Alex and Jason dismantling the toxic delusion of Racist Ideology; Revitalizing the role of Biological Science to combat Social Enlightenment
14:22 – the Creational Power of Green; All is one color under CREATION
16:29 – Nature restores balance to maintain order
17:08 – If someone thinks negatively should we just lock them up? ; Alex on the metaphor of Contemporary Cancel Culture and Ethical Tolerance
18:06 – Nature Integrates with Negative Polarities to create ONENESS
18:59 – Unmasking the Ethical Judgement of Soldiers during times of War
21:52 – A Utilitarian analysis of Human Defense against Mass Shooters. Rationalizing the necessary defense in order to save more lives.
22:18 – The Utilitarian Virtue to justify common good and systemic integrity
22:42 – Reserving the Use of Force to handle the differences of values. Be Strategically sound to deal with conflicting interest
23:00 – Finding the Creational Awareness to Seek Creation
24:47 – Alex and Jason on the debate against Speciesism
25:50 – The Ridiculous Notion of Indifference and Hierarchy
27:18 – The Restoration of Peace and Stability after the War
27:28 – Having constant LESSONS for learning will remind us to get back on the right path of life
28:14 – We make mistakes and it’s ONLY NATURAL, that’s what we do. We try to learn better and move on as we evolve.
28:54 – Making mistakes are not intentionally negative. It can be a catalyst for learning.
29:21 – I can’t remove the scars here on Earth as they are meant to be learned from.
29:21 – The FREE WILL of the learning as a means to have a visual learning
30:19 – The Great Lessons points ahead for more future content; Come back for the next episode

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