Higher Density Living starts a new mini-series of podcasts focusing on the famed “White Sands Incident” of Dr. Daniel Fry. For much of the span of this entire series, Alex and Jason leap from topic to topic to cover relevant contextual strategies to investigate and intellectually digest the light of Creational language written in the book. The story moves on as we go further deep into the meaning behind mere human contact on Extraterrestrials. Now is the battle for Survival to test the Alien’s highly advanced evolutionary civility on planet Earth.

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It is in great detail of knowing that Social Science and its Spiritual sibling had incremental growth from linear progress over the course of history while the material sciences cultivate quantities and qualities of debate among brilliant minds and awaken those misguided by delusion. They are lagging behind the well develop structures of technology and material science. The enlightenment brought about by this massive tower of material science as we break through more understanding around the natural world hedge only from the frugal, feeble, and fragile pillars of the Social and Spiritual concepts of mankind.

This reckons to a train wreck as incompatible knowledge conflicts with one another creating no balance and co-existence between the three branches of human knowledge. The point of discussion takes off with Sam Harris, a Buddhist advocate against Free Will, to put into words, a struggle for Survival to maintain Evolutionary preservation or be at the ranks of following the collective herd. Of course, this has its merits, too much individual emboldenment can lead to a disastrous self-fulling prophecy of hubris, a major factor for the downfall of greatness, hence we need to have some sense of balancing control on our Free Will and Collective Unity.

Just like Jungian Psycho-Social Analytics, we examine and repetitively inspect the confluence of wisdom in the social and the spiritual realm. Join Alex and Jason as they discuss Alien Technology, Social Psychology, and International Relations once more.

Show Notes :
2:04 – Dropping some sneak peeks at the Oregon Incident
2:53 – The Suppressive State Control Against Scientific Liberalization
3:00 – A story of Good Quality Coffee and American Heroes; Jason’s Anecdotes on Black Rifle Coffee and the people behind the brand
5:39 – Getting back into the White Sands Incident
6:11 – For Fun: A Parody Version of White Sands brought to you by Dr. Jason Rigby
6:48 – The Battle of Entities; The Collective vs The Individual
7:00 – Alex and Jason on Sam Harris’s argumentum against Free Will
7:11 – The Power of the Collective Unconscious Against Free Will; On Rationalizing Oppression over individual pluralities
8:00 – Alex on the Question between Ends and Means of Survival
8:31 – Material Creation as the Exceptional basis of Man
8:52 – The Historical Materialism of Man as stages towards dialectical progression; Jason giving some Material Philosophy insights
9:43 – The Division of Industrial Labour through Incorporation of Machineries; Six Different Tools for one process
10:41 – Preserving Territorial Supremacy to maintain its status as the Apex Predator
11:27 – We need to Mitigate the Mindless Exceptionalism of Apex Predation
11:38 – The Extreme Civilizational Scars of World War 2
12:00 – The Short-Lived Success of International Institutions to Reconstruct the Global Village Post-WW2
12:31 – Jason’s Laymen synthesis of International Political Economy and International Politics
12:51 – The Attritional Interest of Growth; On the Competition in Relative Wealth Among Nations
13:17 – Hot Peace? On the Conditions of Cooperation for Pacification
14:19 – The Aesthetics of Modern Music Videos
14:26 – Jason’s Anecdotes towards interpersonal relationship and bonding
15:00 – Alex and Jason celebrating Neoclassical Aesthetics and Visual Arts in Pop-Culture Music
16:28 – Alex and Jason on Mel Brooks masterpiece, the Spaceballs; an understanding for Satirical Art and Cinematic Parodies
17:44 – The Living Legend of Comedy, Mel Brooks (aged 95)
18:00 – Resuming to White sands; The Ships and Spaceflights beyond Earth
18:20 – The length for most Cargo Container Vessels exceeds USN Aircraft Carriers
18:44 – Jason on LHD-Wasp Class “mini” carriers
20:19 – Size does not matter in SPACE; no matter the mass occupied by an object it is limited to its own atomic structure, SPACE IS UNLIMITED!
20:35 – “If you can solve the problem of Energy, Size won’t matter too much”. Alex and Jason on the ergonomics of structural design
21:12 – Holding thoughts accountable for energy utilization
21:21 – Figuring out how to commit technology towards Service to Others will solve the Energy problem
21:28 – All we have to do is help. The secondaries are all the big picture in human suffering, but all these are second if the problem of treatment and lack of care eradicates with Love.
22:09 – Overcoming Material Desires to Focus the Love and Learning for Serving Others
23:49 – The portability of culturing pathogenic agents in Improvised Laboratories for waging Biological Warfare; Jason on the problems of WMD Proliferation through DIY technology
23:56 – Alex on the Dual-Use Dilemma of Technology
24:08 – Viruses as poor man’s Hydrogen Bomb
24:15 – A Searing Cauldron of Hot Zones spreading from a Biological Release
24:39 – Your own of the Past and the Present have given to your people ample instructions, ample wisdom to enable them to chart the proper course they will only realize the absolute necessity of following you. The key to understanding “complete” wisdom is through reflexive cognition of thoughts through open mindfulness in intersubjectivity.
25:21 – The Synarchy of Spiritual and Social science as both ONTOLOGICAL and EPISTEMIC sources of human understanding and knowing.
27:05 – What are the things we need to accomplish? Alex and Jason asking us WHAT is the determined course of action.
27:37 – Know the answers on the next episode

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