What are the values of Spiritual and Social Science? From time immemorial we can trace the inequities of appreciation against the dichotomy of the social phenomena compared to material logos. The Aliens had opened up a major discursive arena for Dr. Daniel Fry. They represent much compelling analogy of Social and Spiritual Scientific bombardments against Fry’s Materialistic-Oriented Sciences. As we’ve seen, this goes in line with the great divide and scholarly debates among intellectuals and free thinkers of this planet. We are torn apart by dogmatic hegemony from those in power, rather than uplift actual enlightenment, bestowing submissiveness to their followers.

Alex and Jason traverse several insights in Social and Spiritual Sciences with a spice of historical anecdotes. They build upon the metaphor of the Cliff where they illustrate a picture of our status quo collective thinking. We are once again warned by the upbringing of material science, reigning triumphant, over the under-appreciated spiritual and social sciences. How many people will start to analyze what is universally valid and what are untruthful material foundations of reality? We deliberately blur the lines of moral objectives by basing off Nature on material machinations. This machine controls all of us, we all follow the same herd mentality that all is leading us to the cliff.

The mission is to achieve understanding where true relationships flourish, but achieving these creational phenomena requires rigorous openness of the mind. Understanding is about building bridges to meet other people in the middle. It is an essential foundation for Creation to be conditional in the material realm.
Mass media, material capital, and other man-made technology have tampered with our Free Will. As a collective, we must reclaim our power and Free Will to change our lives and make this world a better place. It is only with adamant courage, an initiative of self responsibilities, and the use of Free Will we can truly kick-start the path for a Higher Density of Living.
Let’s join Alex and Jason together as they discuss once again Alien/Human Technology, Social Science, and Spiritual Science.

Show Notes :
0:52 – A Mini Discussion Regarding Socio-Economic Stratification in the US Economy.
1:01 – Balancing the Transaction of Cost; Inflation as a direct agent for competitive standards of living
1:17 – Minding the Gap; Jason’s spotlight of the Middle-Classes as the primary generators of Wealth
1:35 – The Aristocratic and Oligarchic Gate-Keeping Nature of Educational Institutions during the 1900s. Jason’s shedding light on Privilege Wealth and Access to Information as major Inequities of Material Enlightenment
2:45 – The Elevated Standards of Passing Scores
3:18 – Jason Rigby’s Breakdown of Dichotomy in a WORLD full of Social Science
3:36 – The Confluence of Left-Wing Political Dogmas in the Lacunae of Social Science Literature
4:05 – Locating the Creational Laws within Social Science Realm
4:21 – Jason Rigby’s Discourse on the Flawed Educational- Pedagogical System in America. WE LACK PROPER GUIDANCE FOR OUR STUDENTS. Lack of profound realization and actual enlightenment needs to be solved.
5:20 – The lack of appreciation for Social and Spiritual Sciences makes more people less and lesser appealed to learn how to be HUMAN, a petrified crystallization of material progress.
5:38 – The Unequal distribution of balance among Material Sciences over Spiritual and Social Science
5:47 – Combating Herd Mentality for the preservation of Free Will and Intellectual-Rational Autonomy
6:03 – There is Redemption for Normalizing Social Sciences, our best chance to restore authentic human engagement and help us understand deeper human complexity
6:31 – Conceptualizing and Contextualizing Herd Mentality through the lenses of Social Scientific Purview
6:51 – Jason on providing the meanings of Fear in Herd Mentality
7:15 – The Philosophy of Herd Mentality in Cultural Groups
7:31 – The Conjuring Bauble of Positivist Knowing in Social Science. We have become accustomed to the concentration of the Material Sciences over meaningful evidence to be humane
7:53 – The hubris of Exceptionalism in Material Sciences.
8:12 – Alexander’s prophetic metaphor of control and subversion of Free Will under Dogma
8:50 – Remove the Blindfold; A metaphor of Delusional Enlightenment. We need more Spiritual and Social Science
9:20 – When we become so machine-like we create a hallow internalized heart and mind to understand Creational Knowledge. How do we start appreciating liberal arts?
10:08 – Stipulating Dogmatic Values creates legitimate limitations for your understanding of Reflexive Knowledge
10:20 – Learning is not severely limited to the walls of Academia
10:43 – Learning the Sobriety of Teaching Philosophy. DO NOT impose personal bias or ideological elements in the pedagogy
11:24 – At the end of the Day, the BEST teacher is YOU.
11:32 – YOU NEED TO DECIDE FOR YOURSELF the learning you’ll need for Creational Enlightenment
12:07 -The Jurisprudence of a Good Lawyer brings professionalism at the front and all non-legal matters at the back. Do the best representation to your clients in court.
12:38 – the Fundamental Legal Doctrine and Judicial Systems of the US Constitution
13:00 – The Quagmires of Military Tribunal; Alex and Jason on Dirty Justice of the State and Military Institutions
13:21 -On the Definition of Social Science; A mainstream approach to deductive thinking of minimalism. Less is more.
13:50 – Futility of Mathematical Abstraction hinders the real value of progressive growth in Material Science. In other words, cut the chase and learn how to explain things in simplicity.
14:19 – Intellectual Horse*h*t makes less meaningful generation of knowledge. EXTRACT DATA DIRECTLY IN A SIMPLE FASHION
14:37 – On the Definition of Spiritual Science; Man’s relationship between the seen and the unseen. The bridge from the Material to the Immaterial Realm of Existence.
14:53 – Check out Episode 76 “Why Many have the Wrong Idea of God”
15:25 – Clustering the diaspora of Religion into different ecumenical denominations; A case for the multiple versions of Bible in different Languages
15:48 – Deconstructing the Language Game of the Bible
16:10 – Redefining Charity in the Old English Dialect
17:29 – The Supreme “Golden Rule” of the Bible aligns with Creational Law
17:47 – STRIVE FOR EVOLUTION. The natural motion of Creation always moves forward. Strive and work out your life.
18:24 – Fundamental Understanding Removes the Blindfold
18:39 – If you don’t have a grasping understanding of “Know”ledge then you are making NOISES. It’s a resounding noise.
19:36 – The Institutional Power of Trust in Myth-Making; Alex on the Modernist Condition of Human Understanding towards knowledge
20:05 – Making Foundations for Understanding
20:21 – Mutual Understanding of Human Nature will profoundly create enlightenment on both sides. Understand thy neighbor.
21:14 – Again, Understanding Human Problems need HUMAN UNDERSTANDING! Build up relationships
21:33 – The Self and Others as the composition of Understanding
21:41 – What is going on with you are also experienced by others – Alexander McCaig
21:50 – Understanding is a Relationship Mindset. Because it takes two people to have a relationship and mutual recognition to build an understanding.
22:00 – Commandments are not PRESCRIPTIVE for Understanding. Building up understanding negates conflict, disorder, and chaos.
22:20 – Constructing Positive Transcultural Understanding; Alex and Jason on the Case for North Korean Oppression
23:22 – Alex and Jason on the Problem of Social Contract in Public Governance; WE NEED TO HAVE STRONG UNDERSTANDING FOR ONE ANOTHER.
23:44 – Remove the Blindfold then remove the walls of Gatekeeping
24:00 – Alex on Securitization of Threats; Defining Security through Discourse Action both political and cultural
24:18 – Deterministic Barbarism under Neoliberal Dogma
25:01 – Knowledge comes from the Head, but Understanding Comes from the Heart; A Dichotomy of Truth
25:24 – Pragmatic Knowledge works with Love and Understanding. USE YOUR WISDOM FOR GOOD.
25:44 – Exploitation of Vulnerabilities; The lack of Free Will and Introvert Nature enables Hierarchy
26:12 – ABYSMAL Recognition for SOCIAL SCIENCE!! The lack of Credibility poisons the power of social constructive enlightenment
26:39 – Material Science Overload! We are missing the point of understanding the complexities of social phenomena. We need a reality where both inter-subjectivity and objectivity join.
27:09 – Mass Communication Technology should CONNECT understanding and bridge OVER differences among people.
27:24 – The Corrupted Mass Media and Communication System; A PROPAGANDA MACHINERY for Ideology.
27:55 – Selling information, but none for Understanding or processing information. Just pure Economic motivation without actual human value.
28:27 – The Shifting Audience from Mass Media bombardments into more intimacy of actual social reference. Newscasters should learn how to augment the audience with the discussion. Do not sell them information.
28:56 – Understanding the fundamental differences

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