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What are the values of Spiritual and Social Science? From time immemorial we can trace the inequities of appreciation against the dichotomy of the social phenomena compared to material logos. The Aliens had opened up a major discursive arena for Dr. Daniel Fry. They represent much compelling analogy of Social and Spiritual Scientific bombardments against Fry’s Materialistic-Oriented Sciences. As we’ve seen, this goes in line with the great divide and scholarly debates among intellectuals and free thinkers of this planet. We are torn apart by dogmatic hegemony from those in power, rather than uplift actual enlightenment, bestowing submissiveness to their followers.

In this episode, Alex and Jason traverse several insights in Social and Spiritual Sciences with a spice of sociological and anthropological anecdotes. They build upon continuing with the last episode, making a clear case for the distinction of fundamental differences among cultures. Alex and Jason refer to cultural relativism as the primary force of division against Humanity for achieving total understanding and service to others. The mere fact that we propagate phenomenological hierarchy in the material sense hinders basic sensory capabilities for conditions of mutual understanding to be possible.

We always delight Material Wealth tampering with our Free Will, both as a collective whole and as preserved individuals, divided under cultural identity, religious denominations, and political tribes. It is only with adamant courage, an initiative of self-responsibility, and the use of Free Will can we truly kick-start the journey for a Higher Density of Living. This episode will discuss Alon’s farewell to Dr. Fry. The conclusive passage of their dialogue until Alon returns to our world in a better future.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they discuss Globalization, Socialization, and importantly Understanding in this episode.

Show Notes :
0:47 – Jason’s preponderance for the possibility of Globalist Governance
1:10 – Politics of Deliberate Control; Alex and Jason on the Controversies of Governance as Gatekeeping system on the Public
1:29 – Alex on the problematic balance between Environmental Sustainability and Overpopulation
2:10 – The Desire for Procreate in the current state of Evolution
2:47 – Alex and Jason on the “Imperialistic Desires” of America to Spread Liberal Hegemony across the Globe
3:15 – Social Understanding is the CURE for all human conflict
3:33 – Plugging in tartle.co help build a better world. Share your data to help others.
4:08 – Understanding dissolves the barriers of Hate and Disorder across cultures of humanity
4:34 – Social Gatherings are great ways to unmasked hate and lack of understanding towards other
5:09 – We need to understand and respect others’ intolerance. Some people just don’t want to do it, showing no interest in Understanding. You recognizing those Free Will is a step forward to participate in a wider understanding.
5:30 – The coming decentralization of man-made dogmas, norms, and institutive rules. A level up into higher density living.
5:50 – Going against Science to Approve Agenda; Alex and Jason unmasking the cruelty of blind ideologies.
6:00 – Alienation, not Inclusivity. The Church makings of an ideological crusade.
6:20 – The cure is attacking the illness. Not sugarcoating with band-aids.
7:25 – The Correlation between population blooms and religious expansionism
7:51 – Inevitability of Material Growth; More People, More Waste
8:00 – UNDERSTANDING is a major concern, not technological development
8:39 – Is there hope after 7 to 10 years? Jason on reversing Climate Change through Environmental Stability
9:19 – You can’t deny the optical superiority of Human Eyes to observe the world around us.
9:44 – With Freedom from want, Comes Freedom from fear
10:00 – Alex’s Rhetoric on Fear; A delusional Blindfold
10:50 – Living under the Universe of Truth. DON’T EVER EXIST OUTSIDE TRUTH.
11:22 – Reaching Understanding to Achieve Utopia. Wants, desires, and delusional pleasures will go away.
11:50 – Alex and Jason on Dismantling Hedonistic Impurity. Wants corrupt the pureness of the Soul.
12:50 – The present generation drowning in Material Indulgence. They think that material science will save them.
13:06 – Material Science is temporal in this Physical Universe. MATERIALS COME AND GO. They rust and are impermanent features of Creation
13:18 – The Self and its relations to others are the PERMANENT characters of Creation
13:41 – We still have time to change. The Golden Age is just right ahead if we take the right path.
14:42 – Alon remains in a shroud, hiding until the world is ready to move forward to higher density living.
15:02 – Alon’s return requires a law of doubling. We need to have a collective calling to summon ourselves in Understanding
15:22 – Examine all things, and cling to that which is good
15:39 – The Farewell, until we meet again.

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