Higher Density Living approaches to end the White Sand Incident podcast series, a significant content for Higher Density Living as Alex and Jason ventured throughout 20+ episodes. Previous episodes delved with the discussions of Dr. Daniel Fry’s Extraterrestrial Encounters with Alon. The later episodes of this podcast series will tackle a Post-Alon perspective of Understanding and Awareness.

This episode introduces HDL’s take on telepathy. Defining telepathy is simply the power to project non-physical sensory capabilities colloquially referred to as the Sixth-Sense commonly framed as pseudoscientific and unorthodox empirical sciences. For most material-oriented sciences, objectively nullify any credibility for telepathic studies to be accepted. As with Dr. Russell Targ’s work, the scientific community boasts adamant arrogance for telepathic studies’ institutionalization. Arrogance and Ignorance create a poverty of understanding and undermine human progress.

Alex-Jason started with some topics concerning former Clinton controversies, Bill Gate Insanities, and other logical disorders of modern absurdity for this episode. This goes in line with HDL’s central theme of learning and understanding, opening up and exposing many doors to the inhumane insanity of some materialist propagating disorder and mayhem on the natural world. The ultimate fear of Alon has arrived. We live in the Extraterrestrial’s nightmare scenario of unbalanced material power where even the very air we breathe is intoxicated with chemical substances. A dystopian material world. The Information Age constantly overloads traditional human senses to the point of non-functional awareness. We value untruthful things to the Universe and material dullness of existence, a wasteful and regretful energy to satisfy pleasure.

The Techno-polar moment has come, where tech companies and Social Media Giants exert sovereignty in their digital spaces, augmenting itself with the Fourth Industrial Revolution where mass industries feast on every human vice. A grim future ahead if material sciences continue to progress with zero-sum capitalism. All these radio activities send artificial impulses across the globe, affecting the physical interaction and the extrasensory frequencies emitted by the mind, which ultimately deceives, corrupts, and mislead consciousness in all fundamental ways.

Join Alex and Jason as they talk about human telepathy in the material world.

Show Notes :
0:25 – New modes of Communication, A Fresh Start for Higher Density Living
1:00 – Alex and Jason on widespread suicide cases in American Elite; From pop-culture music icons to mass media vassals
2:36 – Clintonite Associates to Suicide Cases; A peculiar identity politics
3:27 – Public Scandals and Mass Suicide clean up jobs of the past under Clinton Administrations
5:22 – The Twelve Body Guards Controversy
6:54 – Stratosphere Control Perturbation Experiment; A Joint Scientific Ventures of Harvard Geniuses to expand influence and Power of the Atmosphere. A Toxic Deluge of Metallic Elements of Calcium Carbonates and Aluminum.
8:18 – Alex and Jason on the Self Interest of Global Elites and Population Control
8:44 – The Margin of Errors in Vaccine Control translates to direct Human Loss. IT DOES NOT MEAN VACCINES DON’T WORK. The numbers are on a case-to-case basis.
10:11 – Delicious Cooking or Healthy Diet; Alex and Jason’s anecdotes on Fast Food eating.
12:06 – Alex and Jason on deconstructing the definitive context of Telepathy.
12:22 – Normalizing the modalities of Telepathic frequency
12:32 – The natural design of our skull allows the emission of energy frequencies from the inside and out
12:57 – Alex on explaining basic Mental Gymnastics of the Brain and fundamental concepts of Neuroscience
13:20 – Directing Radio Signals to communicate non-verbal sending and reception.
13:37 – Natural Instincts and Echolocation of Animal as solid evidence for telepathy.
13:49 – A Compelling case study from Dr. Bell Drake on
“Dog pattern” experiments in relation to their Masters
15:48 – Our understanding of Telepathy is only the “tip” of an Iceberg
16:07 – The bottomless well of intransitive knowledge about EVERYTHING
16:11 – All of the human knowledge will be randomly generated through AI technology
16:25 – We could only give the inputs that we see. Alex’s insertion of deductive empiricism
17:25 – Alex and Jason on the promise of Biological Evolution towards a higher state of Nature; A case for Multi-Cellular Organisms
18:00 – Radio Services as Beacon of Social Information dissemination; On Jason’s special anecdote during the early days of Radio Electronics
19:20 – The AM radio Craze of the ’80s and the emerging contemporary mass media phenomena.
19:52 – Alex and Jason talk about the technological evolution of radio devices. Fun times.
20:30 – Attuned with the same frequencies of Creation! Be self-aware and manifest telepathy internally for yourself.
20:57 – Be in presence of MOMENT. Complete Spatial and Temporal Awareness of the Mind and Body are key conditions for communicating with the frequencies.
21:27 – A Dr. Russell Targ reference. The Practical Application of ESP capabilities. A maximizing potential to revolutionize Outer Space Communications.
23:12 – Finding a way to fix the Incompatibility of Telepathic Transmission in Data Technology. Is Telepathy a design possible for Material Science?
23:21 – A Side-note: The Ontological Location of Telepathy in Conventional Physics? Alex and Jason hint at the material correlation of Telepathy in Space-Time Continuum.
24:15 – Enhancing Military Capabilities through Augmentation of ESP among Army, Navy, and Airforce Personnel.
24:36 – The Nervous System. A body of cells made up of different bio-kinetic structures covering every inch of our internal organs basically verifies empirical claim for ESP.
25:29 – The Elasticity of the Human Brain ONLY requires a delicious meal to work. Quantum leaps faster than any Super-Computers.
26:08 – Our Brain has no cooling mechanism. Why would our computational devices be designed to require one?
26:42 – Mental Overload? Alex and Jason on de-mystifying limitations in Human Thinking.
26:58 – One food to rule them all. The stomach rumbling cravings for Cheese Burgers to juice up the Brain.
27:58 – Our Cooling mechanism BARELY heats up within half of a degree. Alex explains the natural efficiency of the human brain.
28:17 – A Mass of Electro-Circuitry; An imagined image of all human brains stringed all together across the globe.
29:12 – Forty-five miles of nerves lay down across the road just to scale how long our frequencies travel within our bodies.
29:33 – The Brain and the Human Nervous System is the Ultimate Computer.

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