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In 2009 Gay Hendricks, a renowned American psychologist, wrote a seminal article that concerns with a pattern of feelings and cycle of mood swings, he describes this phenomena as the Upper Limit Dilemma, where there is maximum tolerance to blissful happiness usually precipitated and undermined by four hidden barriers that blocks and negates full potential and positive energy. In this episode, Jason and Alex tackle a hot take on Gay Hendricks idea and how the Upper Limit-Problem can be incorporated into CREATIONAL Laws.

In this second segment, Jason and Alex continue on Hendricks’ passages as they explore impediments on individualism and personal growths by liberating from the “false” barriers and illusive obstructions that we mentally, physically, and spiritually created in the material world we live in, explore unlimited potential and freedom from self-sabotage. We pick up the pace for the third and fourth hidden barriers in the Upper Limit Dilemma.

Show Notes
0: 59- Introduction; A Special Case Of Self-Sabotage
3:08 – Self- Victimization
3:36 – Third Barrier; The Burden of Success and Self- Deprecation
4:08 – On Belief and Success
5:12 – Examining the Hendrick Siblings Case
7:29 – Emancipation from Maternal Gatekeeping
8:41 – The Parental suppression against CREATIONAL development
10:17 – Fourth Barrier; The Crime of Outshining
12:30 – The Gift of Unrestricted Intelligence
14:00 – The Association of Death
14:57 – Success Through The State Of Expectations
15:33 – The Pivot Towards Evolutionary Path
17:38 – On The Duality of Complements
19:05 – “Worry” ; The Costly Signal of Upper Limiting
21:06 – The Quagmire of Recycling Worries
25:56 – Deflection
27:20 – Upper-Limit Ceiling
28:09- Nitpicking Success; the futility of a zero-sum life
28:56 – On Ego and Irrational Impulse
29:00- Rebuilding Respect through Humility
31:02 – On Logic and its Intervening Presence
31:49 – Condescending Ego
33:32 – Balanced and Healthy Roles in Communication
35: 44- Thinking Through the Thoughts
35:54 – “What Else”
37:20 – The Cause of Self-Affection
38:09 – The Modern Sensitive Culture
39:21 – Rectification of the Past; a constant refinement towards future perfection

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Direct Link to Gay Hendricks Web Article: https://experiencelife.com/article/overcome-your-upper-limits/
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