Alex and Jason talks about how social media and digital algorithms transform social interaction. We are literally living in controlled behavior of Artificial Intelligence, essentially making our thoughts, feelings, and emotions look more cyborg than human. But are we considered cyborgs? Are we more than human?

This episode continues some of the themes and topics from the previous episode. Alex and Jason will expound their ideas on artificial intelligence and its application on mind and body augmentation.

Can AI eventually develop some form of digital consciousness? When we think of AI it instantly remembers Elon Musk’s overblown claim about takeover. Artificial Intelligence has always been designed to supplement human lives, not an augmentation of it.

Recent developments in machine learning technology is not a “terminator” scenario. Artificial Intelligence simply does not have the capacity to have emotions or any rational output of its own. Sentience cannot be directed under the command and control of someone. It is known that artificial signals can inhibit human thinking, which begs the question, what does it take for something to be considered as a cyborg? Both the natural thought process and electronic signals operate in the same vibratory frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum.

Hence, Artificial Intelligence is a separate subject matter from evolution in a Creational sense. It may resemble elements from the latter but it does not have any “creational” aspects as seen in natural form of the former. Alex and Jason also discusses the fundamental weaknesses of Artificial Intelligence. It is vulnerable on its own design without the use of human intervention to control, direct, and command its program.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. Let us join Alex and Jason as they discuss Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


1:31- Jason discusses the diminishing norms of social activities. Everything we do to others is based on hate and insecurity.
3:27- We are living in the brinkmanship of nuclear annihilation.
3:48- The United States still continues to pursue strategic hegemony over Russia to preserve it’s status quo in the international system, all for the benefit of the military industrial complex.
4:15- On the flip-side, War unfortunately gives us a new breed of available technologies.
4:24- As humans we tend to learn the hard way. It’s ridiculous how we need to experience hard, painful consequences before we finally give up ourselves for positive learning.
5:00- We need to settle down for peace.
5:51- Alex and Jason remind us that we only have one livable planet in the whole wide universe. Let’s do our best not to waste or destroy it.
6:04- Alex and Jason will tackle gray aliens and artificial intelligence.
6:34- Grey aliens became a cultural icon in the late 1950’s.
7:19- We are living in an extraordinary time of great upheavals and social breakdown. The effects of COVID-19 pandemic will reverberate throughout future generations.
7:46- The horsemen of de-globalization: Quarantine Lockdowns, Widespread mental health disorders, Global socio-economic recessions, and Climate Change.
8:41- We have come to the point of total dystopia. The vision of a future world where man is a slave of its own devices became a reality in the age of social media and information technology.
9:02- We are being controlled by computer algorithms. Externalities control the narrative.
9:29- External forces further exacerbate the error of humanity. We multiply our own problems instead of actually solving them.
10:44- True power does not coerce something under its control or influence. Everything has a will on its own.
12:00- The greatest human catastrophe will be coming from the transformation of mankind into cybernetic beings.
12:33- We are already in the early stages of human-cyborg hybridity.
12:50- AI can only be a threat if we allow the software full sovereignty over our artificial systems.
13:01- Can the invention of neuralinks fundamentally transform mankind?
13:40- Artificial signals can inhibit human thinking. Both the natural thought process and electronic signals operate in the same vibratory frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum.
14:13- Anything can add storage and dump your neuralink. In a more realistic point of view, we are constantly bombarded by information through mass media and social media digital marketing.
14:25- Regardless, neuralinks cannot change the format of our being. It can only enhance (or exacerbate) existing human devices such as smart communication or algorithm expansion beyond traditional domains. No artificial contraption can change our natural course of evolution, at least from the inside, the things that make us sentient and beings of Creation.
15:13- Alex and Jason discuss the efficiency of AI generated images. It’s all about maximum profit through strategic marketing.
16:57- Self help books are half measures. There are no shortcuts to great success.
17:14- Life requires work. We should stop being so lazy.Take the catalyst of life. Let yourself evolve and grow as a better person.
18:00- We can do a lot of work efficiently in a colony of ants. See how each member helps each other to survive.
18:57- People don’t realize how complex Creation could be.
19:40- The human eye cannot see different types of light within the spectrum. We can’t see X-rays, UV rays, or even infrared. We are basically blind and it tells so much that we have a long evolutionary path to go.
20:34- If your eyes cannot see well do not look at the external, instead, look at the inside. Your mind can help you see anything.
21:52- Your free will is still intact. But you need to understand there are things that can influence it and alter your decision making process.
22:46- We should understand that the power of the universe belongs to us.
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