This is the fourth episode of the You2 podcast series. Quantum Leaps can come without any strong efforts. It is a string of high velocity actions and concerted patterns that helps you maximize your performance. Invariably, Quantum Leaps are not complex and intricate maneuvers. It tends to be simple, energy efficient, and time saving.

You got to shift gears. Discipline and Persistence have staying power in the long term development of your personal growth. Remember this, trying harder only produces incremental leaps not quantum leaps.

Your personal effectiveness to achieve maximum performance in life. Your level of performance, the physical and material, is based on these built-in biases and belief systems. Breaking free from these dogmatic, belief-based systems will accelerate your growth in exponential rates. Jason strongly encourages us to literally “squaring yourself”, it will only take less effort than you ever did in the past. If you wanna make a quantum leap, quit trying harder.

The key to making exponential progress lies within you. Tap into that eternal source of power within yourself, and let it guide your thoughts and actions. By doing so, you can catapult your endeavors towards positive and transformative results, without the need to constantly try harder or face diminishing returns. Never be afraid to try new things. Avoid complacency, as it can lead to stagnation in your personal growth journey. Strive to continuously explore uncharted territories and challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone.

As a leader, recognize the importance of delegation and empowerment. By sharing duties and responsibilities with your team, you avoid the trap of overexerting yourself and encourage others to take ownership of their roles. Remember, instilling a strong work ethic in your followers will ultimately lead to a more productive and successful team.

Sometimes, working harder isn’t the solution to every problem. Instead of putting in more effort without a clear purpose, take a step back and assess the situation. Intensifying your efforts aimlessly may lead to bigger challenges without achieving the desired outcomes.

The answers to your challenges lie within you. Avoid seeking external solutions when you can tap into your inner creativity and resourcefulness. Becoming self-aware opens up the possibility of shifting from a “trying harder” mentality to one that values creative problem-solving.

Each day presents new horizons for your personal growth and expansion. Recognize the boundless choices and opportunities available to you. Approach each decision with creativity and a forward-looking mindset.

Self-awareness is a powerful tool for personal development. When you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, you can make informed decisions that lead to quantum leaps in your life. Meditation can help you deepen your understanding of your inner self and enhance self-awareness. Practice introspective conversations with your consciousness to gain valuable insights and clarity.

The path to unlocking your full potential is not about trying harder; it’s about embracing change, self-awareness, and creative problem-solving. By taking risks and challenging yourself, you can achieve quantum leaps in personal growth and success. Remember, the key to meaningful progress lies within you, and with the right mindset, the possibilities are endless. So, let go of the “trying harder” attitude and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

As a leader, recognize the importance of delegation and empowerment. By sharing duties and responsibilities with your team, you avoid the trap of overexerting yourself and encourage others to take

We are carbon based beings that are made out of universal matter. Think of it, if we are entirely made out of universal particles how come we don’t charge ourselves into the maximum limit? It should be imperative to you, as an entity of Creation capable of giving love, that we should take care of ourselves. Try new things and be the best version of you.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. Let us join Jason as he talks about Quantum in this episode.

Show Notes:

0:45- Welcome back to the fourth part of YouSquared. For this episode we will examine strategies and specific tactics for you to quit trying harder and taking up risk to maximize your full potential.
1:10- Quantum leaps cannot be achieved through incremental steps or through more of the same.
1:15- You have to follow new patterns of thought and action.
1:21- Always change when you are trying to make a move from normal to YouSquared.
2:02- Rely on that eternal source within you. All the power within you, these thoughts and actions, will catapult its way to exponential positive results.
2:24- You don’t have to try harder, you don’t need to hassle your way into work. You could come up to the point of diminishing returns.
3:07- Never quit trying new things.
3:28- Sooner or later you could reach a point where you cannot try any harder.
4:13- Having a limited worldview means having limited common senses.
4:43- The answer is always inside of you. You don’t have to look for anything external.
5:16- Grinding your life by working harder will not produce any meaningful impact to your creational value.
5:55- As a leader you should delegate your followers in the division of duties and responsibilities. Do not teach them to be lazy by you, as the leader, doing all the work.
6:46- Sometimes intensifying your efforts produces nothing but bigger problems.
7:02- Jason re-illustrates the story of the fly. Just 10 seconds of effortless flytime would have produced total success and freedom for the insect.
7:36- It’s not about the fight or flight. It’s just evolution.
8:29- Discipline and Persistence have staying power in the long term development of your personal growth. Remember this, trying harder only produces incremental leaps not quantum leaps.
9:09- When you’re gonna face a problem, you’ll have to put in more effort to solve it.
9:22- Becoming self-awareness opens up the “trying harder” attitude.
9:47- You don’t need to try harder, you gotta be creative in every action and decision you make for yourself.
10:19- Every single day there is a new horizon for the infinite expansion of our choices. You have literally endless possibilities.
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13:37- Quit trying harder because your Ego won’t launch you into a quantum leap. The quicker you become self-aware the more you can take the leap.
14:35 Know yourself better. Jason gives advice on self-awareness.
15:02- Assumptions are nothing more than just assumptions because it’s not the reality.
15:41- We are all one. There is a god in you as much as there is a god in me.
16:35- Take a leap into meditation. Jason guides us how to understand our inner selves.
17:46- Have a conversation with yourself and practice introspective conservations with your consciousness.
19:20- Do whatever you can do to achieve enlightened self-awareness.
20:31- Always see a problem as an opportunity for learning.
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