As we navigate through the complexities of life, it’s only natural to encounter challenges and experience setbacks. However, it’s important to recognize that our Ego can often lead us down a path of victim mentality, one that is not based on the truth of our reality.

The ego is a powerful force that drives our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. It can create a false sense of entitlement or victimhood, causing us to blame our circumstances instead of taking responsibility for our actions. When we fall into the trap of victimhood, we relinquish control over our lives and sabotage our own success.

To free ourselves from this self-imposed trap, we must begin by acknowledging the role of the ego in our thoughts and behaviors. By recognizing when our ego is taking over, we can counteract its influence and bring ourselves back to a place of clarity.

One way to combat the ego’s influence is by taking responsibility for our choices and actions. Rather than blaming external circumstances or other people, we must take ownership of our lives and make the necessary changes to move forward.

Another effective strategy is to focus on gratitude and positivity. When we shift our perspective to one of gratitude and abundance, we invite more positivity and prosperity into our lives. This helps us to break free from victimhood and embrace a more empowered mindset.

In conclusion, our ego can fabricate a victim mentality that is not based on reality. To overcome this self-defeating mindset, we must become aware of our ego’s influence and take responsibility for our actions. By focusing on gratitude and positivity, we can break free from victimhood and create a life of abundance and success.

This episode is a full-length response to one of our email inquiries. Wonderful couple of wanderers shared an insightful newsletter. We ask the question, what are regrets? Why do we feel the pain of the past that keeps us coming back? Can we ever go back in reverse and manifest our destiny according to our desire? At first glance, it may seem like something out of self-help. But there is a much deeper meaning underneath it. Dealing with the problems of regret is a completely spiritual thing. As a complex subject, the generous people behind the inquiry share a wonderful pool of knowledge in dealing with regrets. You have to ask yourself, how could I change the way I think?

The thing is it is out of our control, out of time and space. We identify and play victim with the hurt. You can’t stop the waves, but you can grab a surfboard and see how you go with the flow. You just need to look inside of yourselves because the answer is in there. Jason simply asks to find the answers within ourselves. Remind yourself that you are loved.

Show Notes:

0:52- Jason is riding solo for the first time.
1:10- Jason will discuss the topic for today’s episode; A discussion on Regrets
1:29- What are regrets? Why do we still feel them?
1:55- The questions worth pondering if regret can be possibly reversed within human power.
2:11- The list just goes on and on. We are full of regrets.
2:35- Number one: You can’t lose what you never had. You can’t keep what’s not yours. You can’t hold on to something that does not want to stay
2:55- At its true core, the eternal entity of the sol/soul CAN never lose anything. We can never hold on to something.
3:00- Everything is one and all connected.
3:20- It is the Ego that fills us with the guilt of regret.
3:30- You can’t own anyone. Literally. Even the one you love the most.
3:50 – ANYTHING that is within a material matter can never be possessed or absorbed as an extension or part of you. It is the material people who like to hide in the lavish skin of material possession.
4:16 – Nothing is truly yours. As Jesus would put in words, it is “Rust and Moths” away from being sucked into oblivion.
4:46- The fear of the unknown is the unfathomable demon of all convenience.
5:38- Self pity is not something we give out of gratitude. Have some sense of respect to yourself and others.
5:52- I have to suffer and sacrifice, because I am not good enough to have nice things.
6:18- You are a fractal being of God in presence.
6:47- Why do we think about those things or obsess with the things that hurt us? Jason discusses the ubiquity of fear and uncertainty in human emotions.
7:19- The ego is always the main driver of everything self-destructive against the universe.
7:42- The ego, in it of itself, is not rational. You might think it knows better, but it does not.
8:13- The only thing stopping you from having a positive life is your clinginess to pain, hurt, and stubborn persistence to doing the right thing.
8:47- We identify and play victim with the hurt.
9:09- Stop it. Stop making yourself assume you can control things BEYOND your control. Things that are outside your power to change are none of your worries and concerns.
9:25- You can’t stop the waves, but you can grab a surfboard and see how you go with the flow.
10:37- Take up your cross and carry on. Make your sufferings as a moment of joy, a moment of learning instead of making all go through waste of agony.
11:27- You can be whatever you want to be.
11:44- Two: Say goodbye to what didn’t work out and say hello to what might.
11:55- Forgive, again, is about your acceptance and embrace to peace, not about them or your perceived ego towards them.
12:56- When people, or things, get out of your life it gives you an opportunity for growth. A lot of things in your life are like quicksand, the more cumbersome and harder for you to move forward.
13:32- Let it be. Don’t stop people from leaving you because you are hindering the process of your own life to grow for the better.
14:11- The story of life plays out! The show must go down. Don’t let yourself be stuck in that one chapter. Let the pages of your life tell the whole story.
14:23- The past is just our imagination. People get the past wrong all the time. We know this, the past is an illusion.
14:46- Spiritual growth requires something different.
15:16- It is in those moments of discomfort that you’ll feel the most satisfying feeling of life. To actually feel ALIVE. All eyes and ears.
16:00- You have the power to give birth to a new you. For you to truly live, you must get up and take the risk that comes with living a life.
17:00- Just enjoy. Enjoy life in the most simple concept. Take up the courage to make sense of it.
17:29- Choose to love yourself but for your own sake, but for love.
18:21- To love you is to love god.
18:51- Forget about impressing people. If you are continuing evolving you will move. These things at the present do not dictate your destiny to the future.
19:20- Be real. You are the only YOU in this entire universe. There is nothing and no one that can ever be you. Don’t be something else.
20:38- It’s always a choice between the Ego (Material) and the Spirit (Non-Material).
22:13- Your mind is your battleground. Literally, you fight for the thoughts that count, not for those that’ll endanger the world.
22:46- Have some sense of joy. LIVE THE ULTIMATE LIFE. Remember to spend your life living it with love.
23:25- Produce the self aware moments. It is in that process of realization that you find the essence of learning.
24:19- Everything that is in you is a unique problem that requires a unique solution from your individual perspective.
25:37- Affirm to change.
26:25- Be in-love with living. Enjoy your life, again, Jason reminds us that we are part and parcel of Creation itself.

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